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Unlock Your Magickal Psychic Healing Gifts…even if you’re not sure that you have any!

Designed for those who are ready to connect with your natural psychic intuition, to develop CONFIDENCE in your magickal abilities, and to start using your psychic skills right away to improve your life in all ways—from your finances to your relationships, to finding a sense of purpose, and inner peace.

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Hey there, I’m Sunshine - The Pink-Haired Psychic Medium!

I have devoted the past 25 years to cultivating my skills as a gifted psychic medium and mentor so that I may use them to help others. The entire team at Sunshine Readings is blessed to be able to open up a wonderful world of insight, transformation and magick with each and every one of our clients! As spiritual advisors, we provide personalized readings that offer much-needed clarity and guidance so that you can feel empowered to embrace the beauty of life and heal in ways you may not have otherwise known.

Each and every psychic and healer at Sunshine Readings is always striving to create lasting connections with our clients. Whether you are sinking into a transformational personal psychic reading, thriving through a private healing session, or joining us at one of our psychic gifts classes, I personally guarantee that by stepping into our magickal, spiritual world, you are part of a meaningful community.

Sunshine Readings is an invaluable resource for those seeking spiritual understanding and enlightenment – be sure to check out Sunshine and each of Sunshine Reading’s family of spiritual advisors anytime you need advice from beyond the ordinary!


Sunshine Reading’s Spiritual Advisors

Every spiritual advisor at Sunshine Readings uses their own personal psychic gifts to provide personalized love, money and career readings. Many of our psychic readers also have specialized psychic gifts like clairvoyance and clairaudience that helps add more depth to their intuitive guidance. Take a few moments to check them out and see which psychic you connect with.

Sunshine - The Pink-haired Psychic Medium

Sunshine - The Pink-haired Psychic Medium

Spiritual Advisor, High Priestess & Owner of Sunshine Readings
Ineisha - Psychic Intuitive

Ineisha - Psychic Intuitive

Spiritual Advisor, Tarot Coach & Shadow Worker

Personal One-on-One Psychic Reading

Each spiritual advisor at Sunshine Readings offers virtual psychic readings and/or healing sessions that can be scheduled at your convenience and performed from the comfort of your home. Sessions can be recorded so that you can replay them and really leverage the guidance throughout your transformational journey.

Benefits of a Personal Psychic Reading


Unlock confidence in making sound choices – no matter how complex your decisions may be, you will receive the clarity and guidance you need!


Be empowered with the assurance that you’re choosing the right path after you’ve explore where the various paths in front of you may lead.


Receive healing energy to sooth any of your spiritual ailments and compassion to completely nourish your mind and your body.


Gain an understanding of yourself during your spiritual journey through conscious and intentional exploration. of your soul’s purpose.

Take this opportunity to become enlightened by deeply understanding who you are and where it is your journey will lead – all while receiving spiritual support along the way.

Sunshine Readings is Your Psychic Collective

At Sunshine Readings, our spiritual family is dedicated to helping others reach their highest potential. Each advisor specializes in fields such as clairvoyance, tarot cards, oracle, past life, reiki, prana, medical intuition, intuitive readings and magickal ritual; offering guidance from the heart with sincere empathy for each individual’s unique path.

Leverage this compassionate collective of psychics on your own enlightening journey!

Explore Spiritual Psychic Magick Topics

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Psychic & Magickal Events

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What Our Clients Are

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Your confirmation email and reminder emails will have a link for you to reschedule. We do ask that you reschedule more than 24 hours in advance as each psychic beings preparations for clients the morning of the session.

Our refund policy does provide more details to this answer. Please send us an email to assist@sunshinereadings.com to ask any questions about this policy.

You will pay for your session first and then be provided a link to the psychic’s calendar. Psychics may often be booked two to five weeks out. If you cannot find something on the calendar please email assist@sunshinereadings.com and they will reach out to the psychic to confirm any additional spots open.

The website processes all of our payments and accepts all major credit and debit cards. We only accept payment through venmo or cashapp during in-person events.

Wanna Expand Your Psychic Tarot Skills?

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