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A FREE Class to Discover 5 Ways to Awaken your Magickal Psychic Gifts…even if you’re not sure that you have any

Designed for those who are ready to connect with your natural talents, to develop CONFIDENCE in your magickal abilities, and to start using your psychic skills right away to improve your life in all ways—from your finances to your relationships, sense of purpose, and inner peace.


Hello, from Sunshine!

I’m so glad you happened across the site. We’ve been waiting for you. Yes, that may sound silly, but we have. You see we believe the Universe sends us those that we are meant to help. That means that you are here for a reason. Now let’s stop dilly dallying and get that reading booked!

The Psychic Readers at Sunshine Readings


Sunshine's Bazaar

Playground for the Spiritually Curious, Universe Gifted, Mischief Loving, Human Incarnate Souls. Come join us and play along while we all explore a bit of learning, a bit of getting to know each other, lots of time expanding upon our gifts, and any time left over just causing a little ruckus.

Step Into the Light...

Mysteries of Psychic Mediums and Forensic Psychics

Unlocking the Mysteries of Psychic Mediums and Forensic Psychics (Feb 2023) – Sunshine Readings

Have you ever wondered what makes psychic mediums and forensic psychics so intriguing? Maybe it’s their mysterious ability to delve into the most intangible corners of our minds, or perhaps it’s the way they reveal something new about ourselves in every reading. Whatever the reason may be, these spiritual experts have been helping others find clarity for centuries – from understanding past events to discovering hidden motives.

In this blog post, we’re going to take a closer look at some of the mysteries surrounding psychic mediums and forensic psychics: how do they communicate with spirits? What insight can they provide us with when solving crimes? So if you’re ready to unlock the secrets behind one of life’s greatest gifts, read on!

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Modern-Day Psychic

Think You Might Be a Psychic Medium? The Path of the Modern-Day Psychic (Feb 2023) – Sunshine Readings

Do you ever have a thought that just hits you suddenly, or find yourself in situations that you have no explanation for? Do these momentary occurrences leave you wondering if perhaps you are special after all and potentially gifted with psychic abilities?

If so, then it’s time to embrace the calling within your heart and start exploring psychic mediumship! This incredible practice can open up worlds of possibilities – both big and small – that change how we experience life.

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Why get a psychic reading?

1st Off - It's Fun!

A reading allows you to break out of the day-to-day bullshit and let go for a bit. You may find out about luck, love, your career??? Or even hear from a loved one from the other side.

It's Insightful

Psychic gifts allow us to hear, see, know and sometimes even SMELL things that you may not even realize. Those insights can help shape your decisions and next steps.

You Deserve It

Let's be real. You don't always bust out the wallet for you. Now is the PERFECT time to do that. The Universe works in mysterious ways and you are here for a reason!

The Whoooooole reason we do this

Client Reviews

Wow….I’m at a loss for words….I could have never dreamed what awaited me in my reading with sunshine…as she lifted the veil my worlds unfolded in front of me…things only I know…things I barely admit to myself…on this journey an outline of a path I must take to complete my healing revealed its….she helped me in my course of action ahead….I’m am grateful… sunshine is the real deal….all wrapped in a perky box full of honesty and understanding….I’ll be back…and you should give yourself this gift of a reading from sunshine….don't wait do it
Melissa T - may 2021
I would highly recommend a reading with Sunshine. She knows her craft, she’s easy to talk to and she’s the real deal. I came to her seeking answers/guidance, and the messages received at times moved me to tears and/or gave me goosebumps. I walked away feeling relief and gratitude.
margaret l - june 2021

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