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A 12-Month Certification Program to Unleash Your Inner Witch and Strengthen Your Magickal Psychic Healing Gifts​

Illuminate is a membership and certification program for heretical witches –like YOU– who are ready to stop feeling like you’re crazy for seeing cosmic signs everywhere and finally own your intuitive gifts to create a life filled with connection, wealth and personal wellbeing.

Come join Sunshine, the psychics of Sunshine Readings and the Psychics-in-Training within Illuminate!

Spend 1.5 hours with us and rotate through 3 different psychics to get deep insights from each of them in a small group setting. For just $44, you'll have the chance to gain insights from 3 different psychics and then participate in group healing at the end.

A six-week course to heal your relationship with money and transmute you into a money-making machine by the start of the new year.

Everyone has innate witchy gifts. The challenge is, most folks do not know how to recognize them. Choose which statement resonates the most with you and access discover what your own dormant gifts are!

Get Super Weird With Some Like-Minded Witches

Are you ready to explore the wonderful world of magick? Join us for some enlightening and fun conversations on all things enchanting! Every month we'll take an exciting spin with our big topic wheel, diving into topics like divination, astrology & numerology, natural healing through potions/elixirs and even rituals. If spiritual curiosity is what brings out your inner witch or wizard then don't miss this chance to unleash your magical energy - come join us now!

The Witching Hour

Where Artistry Meets Alchemy in Every Brush Stroke!

Unleash your inner artist, express yourself through any medium you choose, and craft a unique piece that combines art with magic. No experience is necessary; just bring your audacity and your spirit. Expect a day filled with artistry, laughter, and captivating connections, all from the comfort of your home. Your essential kit includes any art supplies you love, and a device equipped with Zoom to share your creative journey. This isn't your everyday art party; it's a magical adventure waiting to happen!

Are you ready to embark on this wild ride?

This Grateful November, we've got something extraordinary in store for you: a chance to grab a Gift Certificate for a 1:1 session with Sunshine - the Pink-haired Psychic Medium and Ineisha the Psychic Intuitive at a mind-blowing 50% OFF!

Start Magnetizing Wealth!

A six-week course to heal your relationship with money and transmute you into a money-making machine by the start of the new year.

Interested in a psychic reading, mediumship session or past life exploration with Sunshine?

Find her live and in person at the following shows:

• July 28th in Allen Park, MI from 12 to 6PM

• August 4th in Farmington Hills, MI from 12 to 6PM

• August 11th in Utica, MI from 12 to 6PM

• August 18th in Southfield, MI from 12 to 6PM

Get a spectacular pricing on in-person sessions and a discount just by mentioning "Sunshine Squad"! 🌟

Working With Sunshine...

In the spring of 2024, Sunshine answered her calling and began focusing her efforts on supporting witches in recovery. She recognized the unique challenges that sober witches face, including reconciling their spirituality with their recovery process and finding support that respects their beliefs. By providing a supportive environment that integrates both recovery and spiritual practices, Sunshine aims to enhance the recovery journey for these individuals. 

Although she has shifted her focus, Sunshine remains available for regular psychic readings, mediumship sessions, and past life exploration at in-person fairs, expos, and private events. If previous one-on-one clients would still like to work privately with Sunshine, please reach out as she will review those opportunities with her guides to determine how to move forward. The growing interest in spirituality and witchcraft, coupled with the rise in alcohol use disorders, underscores the importance of addressing both the physical and spiritual aspects of recovery.

Sunshine’s own personal work is a testament to the power of combining spirituality with recovery to create a holistic and inclusive support system for those on their path to sobriety.

Current Product Offerings

Intrigued by the concept of an alcohol-free existence? Envision a conversation with an empowering witch on the path to recovery! I’m here to help you understand this choice better, but without any pressure. Think of me as your magical, sober friend, ready to assist you when you’re prepared to take this leap.

Don’t let addiction steal your potential for a fulfilling life! From alcohol to food, drugs to shopping, we’ve got you covered. Discover triggers, pitfalls, and warning signs with our expert guidance. Witness your spiritual growth as you journey towards recovery.

Unlock the mystery behind your life’s persistent patterns! Our product delves into your past lives, offering insights into your repeated habits, unexplained fears, or constant ‘bad choices’. Experience the profound healing of your soul and a revitalized journey towards sobriety, free from challenging energies. Feel the transformative shifts in your daily energy levels and rekindle your zest for life. Intrigued?

Overcome your addiction with our unique approach that combines spirituality and art. We believe that sobriety struggles may be tied to energetic addiction demons. Our solution? A personalized painting to contain or eradicate (or help you destroy) this energy.

Explore Spiritual Psychic Magick Topics

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What Our Clients Are

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Your confirmation email and reminder emails will have a link for you to reschedule. We do ask that you reschedule more than 24 hours in advance as each psychic beings preparations for clients the morning of the session.

Our refund policy does provide more details to this answer. Please send us an email to assist@sunshinereadings.com to ask any questions about this policy.

You will pay for your session first and then be provided a link to the psychic’s calendar. Psychics may often be booked two to five weeks out. If you cannot find something on the calendar please email assist@sunshinereadings.com and they will reach out to the psychic to confirm any additional spots open.

The website processes all of our payments and accepts all major credit and debit cards. We only accept payment through venmo or cashapp during in-person events.

Got questions? Or can't find what you’re looking for?