Chakra Warrior Challenge

This shadow work challenge will help introduce you to shadow work, divination and the chakras in order to help you integrate your shadow. In addition to this foundational knowledge, you will learn to combine the energies of the chakras with the magick of divination to explore the areas of your shadow that are poisoning your ability to create a life you are madly, deeply and oh so deliciously in love with.

Starting on Sunday, January 30th!

P.S. Did I mention it is ABSOLUTELY FREE???


Hello, from Sunshine!

I’m so glad you happened across the site. We’ve been waiting for you. Yes, that may sound silly, but we have. You see we believe the Universe sends us those that we are meant to help. That means that you are here for a reason. Now let’s stop dilly dallying and get that reading booked!

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Balance Your Chakras Journey

Tap into your divine energy and use this 7-day emailed to you journaling journey to bring balance back into your chakras and enlighten your life.

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The Whoooooole reason we do this

Client Reviews

Jen is amazing. She connects with your energies almost instantly and decodes spirit and guides messages very well. She was kind enough to give me a reading as well as read wax from a spell for me. I am grateful for all the guidance she has given which has been very very helpful to me.
Neha C - June 2020
I’ve been having a very rough time recently. Physically haven’t been feeling good and mentally it’s been so rough. Everything you said it’s 100% accurate. Thank you so much for being you and giving me guidance when I needed it most. ❤️❤️
Randi R - October 2020

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