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Hi, I'm Robert!

I’m a psychic, spiritual advisor, life path reader and a proud member of the Sunshine Readings team. I absolutely adore serving every single one of my clients. I promise to bring forth clear messages from my guides and from your loved ones if they show up. Can’t wait to see your name pop up on my calendar.

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Psychic Reader
About Robert

Robert started out reading tarot when he was in his 20s, but his real gifts emerged shortly after. When faced with life-changing decisions, Robert has always had a sense or push from Spirit as to which direction to choose. These choices never seemed to be tied to some monetary or career-based success, but rather, they turned out to be major lessons on Robert’s life path. This has led to some rewarding and challenging life experiences that have forged him into a person of compassion and hope for others. 

In time, he learned to see those decisions coming for others through the tarot. Now, he wishes to share that vision with you. As your life winds, twists, and turns, it may not be easy to see which path will contain a step closer to fulfillment and growth that spirit has in store for you. Let him share his vision and help you through the blockages that hinder your life path.

It is with boundless love and hope that Robert works with Sunshine to brighten the world, one step at a time. Please feel free to reach out to him with any questions via email to Robert (at) Sunshinereadings.com. Please no spam.

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