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Hi, I'm Sunshine!

I’m a Psychic Medium, Soul Healer, Spiritual Advisor, Shadow Worker, Eclectic Witch, Practiced Magician, Recovering Alcoholic and founder of Sunshine Readings. I absolutely adore serving every single one of my clients. I promise to bring forth clear messages from my guides and from your loved ones if they show up. Can’t wait to see your name pop up on my calendar.

Psychic Medium
About Sunshine

In the early hours of Friday, October 5th, under a full moon, I was born. I’d like to think that is when my adventure started. When my little mouth opened wide and took my very first breath in this big, bright world. But if we’re referring to my spiritual adventure, that started around the age of 11. I was raised Catholic and that included 12 years of Catholic education. At that young, impressionable age, I remember being in my parish church asking our parish priest if I could become an altar girl…and he refused. It was his church and his choice. Which seemed so damn weird.

This was the start of me asking many questions regarding the church, but never getting a real, straight answer. So instead of “accepting” what I was told like a good little catholic girl, I sought out answers on my own. I began reading and researching whatever I possibly could.

Some fun facts about me…


♥ I’m pretty badass in my corporate career helping companies build software

♥ I have helped build multiple businesses over my lifetime

♥ I own 5 kitties that I adore with all of my heart

♥ I am a Grey Eclectic Ritual Witch

♥ Libra Sun, Aries Moon, Cancer Rising

And what do you know, I stumbled upon a local metaphysics store. I can still remember the smell of the store as you walked down the stairs to it. It smelled like old books and nag champa. My eyes lit up like a kid in a candy store at all the goodies available…books, crystals…incense AND there were even psychic readers. It was at that point that I finally felt like I’d found a home for my spirituality. So even though I was “told” that I wasn’t supposed to buy my first tarot deck, I threw caution to the wind and at the age of 16 I bought the same exact deck that I still read from today. 

At first, I did what all new readers did, diligently looked up all of the meanings. But eventually I started to realize that other pictures, thoughts, words would pop up during my readings. So for over 20 years I just kept reading and what I used to call, “feeling the reading.” Never really getting TOO serious. And at some point I got married to a man that was not a huge fan of my spiritual side. So I began to hide it. I felt shame around it and questioned what I really believed. 


OH and the doubt. So much doubt around my own abilities. And even after I divorced and got in began picking up my deck again, I still didn’t take it seriously. I still felt shame for being a witch and still questioned whether or not I really was special or had any gifts.

It wasn’t until my 40th birthday trip to Costa Rica when I ended up in an alcoholic shitshow of a rock bottom stupor that things started to change. After one of the most horrifically shameful events I’ve ever been through in my entire life, I found myself crying at a table full of strangers in AA. And it was through the help of AA, I got back in touch with my spiritual side and discovered that my witchy, spiritual ways were part of my road to recovery. And while in the program (which, in my opinion, is its own form of witchy shadow work) I decided that I would turn to Tarot and reading for others as a way to stay sober. 

 This was uncomfortable for me. So uncomfortable. Finally embracing who I really was and not pretending to be what everyone else wanted me to be. Slowly I began to see people show up for me. One person after another crossed my path and my heart, spirit and soul began to swell with so much happiness and self-love for just showing up as my own damn self. 

Fun facts continued…

 ♥ I love and respect all Gods (including that amazing Christian God so many of you cherish!)

♥ My ass can throw DOWN in the kitchen

♥ I’m a serial entrepreneur and have been working since I was 11

Want a Reading With Sunshine?

So, hi, I’m Sunshine.

And I’m a very fucking gratefully recovering alcoholic. I am a Psychic Medium, Soul Healer and Spiritual Advisor. I am a DIE hard lover of some deep intensive shadow work. A warrior against fear and limiting beliefs. An eternal optimist that is always able to find the light in the bleakest of moments. I am a lover of powerful emotions. I am an eclectic witch, a practiced magician, and a forever learning alchemist. And all of this is what I bring to you to help you step out of the dark and into your own bright, shining, beautiful light.

 “Only when we know our own darkness can we sit in the darkness with others.” – Pema Chodron

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