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About Sunshine Readings


Sunshine Readings started out of Sunshine’s recovery from alcoholism. As she began to embrace the spiritual journey that recovery brought, she also acknowledged and accepted that being her authentic self AND sharing her beautiful gift was part of her journey. So in early 2020, before the pandemic of Covid-19 even began, Sunshine started to put herself out there.

Slowly, people started responding and expressing their gratitude for her teachings…her guidance…her spiritual wisdom! Thus – Sunshine Readings was born. 


Sunshine Readings Vision & Mission


It’s simple. Our vision is to touch the lives of as many people as we can through light, love and embracing the darkness. We do that by connecting with our clients with the intention of providing spiritual guidance. Whether this guidance is through psychic readings, healings or spiritual guidance sessions, we know that we are here to help guide those looking to step out of the dark and into the light. 


What We Hold SUPER Flipping Important 


There are five different values that we hold important. Every single thing that we do has to align to these values. From how we serve the universe to how we operate our business. 


  • Clarity and Focus – Our readings and our healings are direct and to the point. We will not tiptoe around the messages that Spirit shares with us. We will bring you the clarity that you need so that you can focus on the steps necessary to move into the light.
  • Authenticity – Each and every reader and healing with Sunshine Readings steps forward with truth and honesty. We bring our authentic selves to the table so that we set the example that you TOO can be authentic with us. 
  • We are ONE in this Universe – This means that everyone is our brother and sister. This includes our friends and our foes. We know and understand that the darkness that sits inside each of us is the same in each of us. So we do not judge, instead we embrace! 
  • Fill Our Own Cups First – Doing energy work, either through readings or healings can take a toll. This means that it is super important for us to fill our own cups first. This is something that we also encourage all of our clients to do as well.
  • CHOOSE to believe – We know that believing is a choice. Believing in ourselves, our spiritual powers – our ability to heal and to grow. Every single morning we wake up and make the choice to believe that we are here to serve the universe with our gifts. And that they are just that, gifts. That through practice and experience will only grow stronger.

Why We Are Different


Well the simple answer is – we’re all different. But we believe that as the readers and healers that are working with Sunshine Readings, it is our values that truly set us apart. Our values AND our clients are why we show up every single day. And we love, love, love….LOVE doing it. <3