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An Introduction to Healing

Healing is a painful but important process, if you can’t let go of what is causing you distress, especially when it’s not in your control, you won’t feel like you’re in control. If we don’t let go of pains that no longer serve us, how can we expect to grow or learn? Sometimes, we create these Wounds ourselves, they can also be created by situations or people around us. As humans, we tend to push away our bad thoughts and memories; it’s instinct. This is the same concept as walking through a Haunted House with your eyes closed, hoping, that if you can’t see them, they can’t see you. Your job, in this situation would be to acknowledge that you are actually being seen. 

Acknowledgement in this process is going to be your greatest ally. Knowing that it happened, and that it was out of your control. What you can control, however, is your reaction to it. Will you make the choice to see the situation as it is, and find the lesson within it? Will you speak up for yourself, remove yourself, and heal yourself? Or do you choose to ignore it, let it weigh heavy in the back of your mind, and allow it to weaken you? I would hope that you would choose to be strong.  

Choosing Strength, choosing strength EVERY TIME, especially when you don’t want to or feel like you can’t, will open your path to healing present wounds. Finding Strength is the hard part. We hate to look at our past, the hard past, it’s almost a visceral reaction to leave it alone. Don’t. Our past is the reason we react the way we do today. Hardly ever, do we get a clean break, the only wound that heals with time. When our breaks are messy and hard, they linger with us. The only way to heal this is to re-break it, ask for help, you will need help. Talk about the hard things, or write about them in a journal. Acknowledge that it is no longer happening, even though it is a part of you, and in this moment you must allow forgiveness of all parties involved. I am not saying forgive the person, place, or thing that happened. I’m saying, forgive the situation, tell the situation that you have allowed it to be with you for too long, and it no longer serves you. Thank it for anything you learned after taking a look with fresh eyes and then FORGIVE YOURSELF!

I’m serious, tell yourself you’re sorry, grab a book, take a hot bath, and show yourself some love! 

You’re more than worth it. 

Find your light, I promise it’s there. 



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