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Are Mantras Necessary

So many people, including me, use mantras and affirmations to get through their day. To encourage themselves to push just a little further, and to remind themselves of things that they may forget. They can be used for almost anything! However, I also know that when times are difficult it can be hard to remember all the ways you need to be kind to yourself. Creating Mantra’s means creating habits and a schedule. Affirmations tend to be, in my mind, a spur of the moment or as needed creation. In this blog post, I hope to answer the question that has been orbiting my brain: Are Mantra’s necessary? 

In short, yes. I definitely believe that Mantras and affirmations are necessary to a person’s survival. The way we talk to ourselves in times of stress is critical. If we ensure that we have something positive to remind ourselves to say or even just a self reminder to breathe and attempt to change our perspective can have an incredible and unmistakable effect on our psyche. I firmly believe that inner strength can come from creating the ability to be able to see a situation outside of yourself- I’ll explain what that means. 

In stressful situations, we are placed into what most people like to refer to as ‘survival mode’. This means that you would do whatever it took to make sure that you, yourself, felt safe and secure. I find that most of my inner strength comes from having the ability to recognize that in most situations, I’m not the only one feeling scared or unsafe. I used the wrong word, because I, in fact, would not have the personal strength to pull myself out of my own big emotions on most occasions. I have to remind myself that more than likely, I am not the only one feeling the way I am in any situation. This is the way I remind myself to breathe and then I can use any affirmations or mantras that I feel may help me in that situation. From there, I also have the ability to help any other people that may be feeling the same. 

This is just something that I’ve noticed in my twenty something years on the planet. I hope that you find something beneficial in here. 

You can do this! 



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