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Aura Color Meanings Part 1

Below is a list of most of the aura colors that are able to be seen.

Red- A clear, bright red, scarlet, or rich ruby indicates a vibrant life, an ability to overcome obstacles, and a desire to initiate positive change. Red auras are related to the root chakra. While on the other hand, a metallic red means a short temper, a bullying nature, and someone who is easy to explode. When a red is harsh or dull, to reveals suppressed fury, an irritable nature, and the ability to hold resentment towards others. Flashing scarlet suggests inappropriate passion.

Orange- Warm rich orange indicates the ability to integrate different aspects of life; sociability, self-motivation, originality, and creative abilities. Bright orange is good for anyone wanting children. Orange is a sign of the ability to be happy. An orange aura is also related to the sacral chakra. Some negative qualities of an orange auras can be seen in a pale orange. Pale orange means low self-esteem, someone who cares about what other people think, or someone being bullied. Murky orange may indicate an oversensitive ego. Harsh orange represents excess and obsessions relating to food and self-image.

Yellow-Clear lemon yellow is the color of a focused mind and a sharp memory. Bright yellow is the color of joy and clear communication and a brilliant canary yellow suggests a potential actor or entertainer. Clear, yellowy-brown means you have a mathematical mind. A yellow aura is related to the solar plexus chakra. Some negative qualities related to a yellow aura include hyperactivity if irregular yellow streaks are seen. Mustard yellow may mask jealousy or resentment. A metallic yellow haze conceals less-than honest intent. Sharp lemon yellow may be logical, but  may also represent a sharp, sarcastic tine Mustard yellow can also hold spite. Grey-ish yellow may be a sign of underlying fear.

Green- Rich, clear green reveals a trustworthy, loving heart, who is generous with their time, love, and money. A green aura is commonly found in a person dedicated to love and their loved ones. Emerald green shows that you are a natural healer. Your heart chakra is related to a green aura, and the shade of green can depend on the emotions behind it. Pale green suggests emotional dependency. A dull, muddy green can reveal conflicting emotions. A yellowy-green can be a sign of possessiveness and possible emotional blackmail. Lime green may imply stress in relationships, and a grey-green suggests envy.

Blue- A bright blue means that you are creative and altruistic. Pale blue is the color of the idealist with a global vision. Clear blue represents objectivity, and the possessor is often a gifted teacher. A blue aura is related to the throat chakra and communication. Healers, authors, teachers, and musicians often have a blue aura. Some negative qualities of a blue aura include, rigid rule keeping and a need for control of you have a dull, dense blue. A harsh blue is a sign of someone who is intolerant of others.

Now you may wonder why I have stopped here, and it is because you’ll just have to come back to sunshinereadings.com next week for a part 2!

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