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Aura Color Meanings (Part 2)

Listed below is the second part the Aura Color Meanings list.


Indigo- A clear indigo aura can indicate that you are spiritually sensitive. You may know about the happenings of the spirit world and you may be able to sense them. You may be a clairvoyant or a clairsentient. Indigo auras are connected to the third-eye chakra. A bright indigo aura shows a heightened imagination. But, when an indigo aura appears blurred, it may mean that its owner is spending too much time daydreaming. An overbearing indigo may mean that you absorb other’s emotions. Dark indigo represents isolation.


Violet- A violet aura is related to a connection to unconscious wisdom and is connected to the crown chakra. Violet is one of the most enlightened colors. A clear violet means that your are selfless and you care about the greater good. A bright violet may mean that you are the peacemaker; it also means that you are close to your ancestors and your guides. Pale violet may mean that you lack spirit “down in the dumps”. Harsh violet could mean that you worry too much about being perfect. A dull violet means depression.

Pink- A bright pink aura is the color of the peacemaker. Blush pink means that you’re are gentle, kind, patient, and considerate. Clear pink sees the best in everyone and may also suggest fertility. A rosy pink means that you are good with kids and animals, it is also related to the heart chakra. On the other hand, a pale pink feels lost and in need of saving. Muddy pink suggests that you crave pity or to become a martyr. Misty pink will not stand up for justice.


White- When you have a white aura, you truly make a difference in the world. You have reached a higher consciousness. White auras are related to the crown chakra and enlightenment. A misty white aura may mean that you are out of touch with the world around you. Murky white masks feelings of alienation. Overly bright white means that you may think that you are “holier than thou”.


Magenta- A magenta aura is a rare thing, it means that you are born to be a spiritual leader and you may already be one. You have worked and suffered to know what you know. A bright magenta aura may mean that could be a guru or reiki healer. This aura color is not related to any particular chakra. A harsh magenta belongs to a false guru. A dark magenta may mean that you have an inflated ego.

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