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Aura Readings

What is an Aura?

An aura is a field of energy that surrounds people, animals, places, and objects. This field of energy can be many colors, from a soft pink to a murky brown, and these colors reflect the energy radiating from its host. These colors can mean many things, from physical sickness to enlightenment. Often times the colors of your aura reflect your chakras and their current alignment. Dusty violet with a bright green shine? Maybe your crown chakra needs some love, and your heart chakra may be over active.

What type of colors can you get in an aura reading?

Any color of the rainbow, black, white, pink, and magenta are common colors for an aura. You could have any combination of colors depending on many things. Your chakras, emotional state, physical state, and spiritual state all play factors in what your aura may look like.

What could impact an aura?

Your chakras, emotional state, physical state, and spiritual state all play a role in what your aura may look like. If you are sick, you may have a dark film over your aura. If you’re anxious, you may have a muddy cloud covering your aura. The other colors can be seen through the murkiness, but the film will be obvious.

How can your aura affect you?

Your aura can is an extension of yourself, and because of this, it can influence the way you feel, act, and react. A muddy aura and make you feel clouded while a shining aura can make you feel clear and brave. Knowing your aura can help you to improve its state in the long run.

What can I do now that I know what my aura looks like?

Now that you’ve had your reading done, and you know what your aura looks like, you may be wondering what you can do with that information. You can use your aura reading to assess which chakras need some healing. You can also have the realization of possible blockages, whether that may be mental or spiritual, and you can use the information of the reading to go about healing the blockages.

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