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Reclaim Your Peace

Don’t let life pass you by because your energy is out of balance—take control now with my eBook! With its nine divination spreads and daily rituals covering all six senses, this book is guaranteed to empower you on your journey toward inner peace.

The health of our energetic body impacts our experiences in life.

The chakras are believed to be connected to our experiences in life, including spirituality, relationships, decision making, and physical and mental health. Balancing the chakras is thought to lead to a more present state of mind, increased motivation, better boundaries, and improved physical and mental health.

This comprehensive guide will take you step by step through the journey of restoring your personal power through your chakras. It includes spiritual advice, energy healing tips, divination exercises and more that will help you uncover your own unique chakra balance. 

  • STOP being overwhelmed by your daily life and enjoy more comfort just living in the present moment.
  • STOP lacking the motivation to do the things that matter to you and start prioritizing what you desire.
  • STOP second guessing yourself and learn how to trust your intuition and psychic insights.
  • STOP hesitating to speak up for yourself and start finding the confidence to say how you really feel.
  • STOP suffering form unexplained ailments and start understanding how your energetic body impacts you.  

Restore harmony back into your chaotic life! This ebook is tailored specifically for women ready to take control of their energetic body and find the sweet spot between peace and chaos.

What do people say?​

Discovery Your Own Unique Energy

Learning how to bring our chakras back into alignment doesn’t need to be difficult. And as a matter of fact, I believe that us witches have the upper hand because we can use our dormant psychic abilities to explore our energetic centers so we don’t have to ‘guess’ what needs to change or how we can bring about that change!

We don’t have to follow some cookie cutter explanation of how to balance our energy.

Once you purchase BALANCE, your eBook will be delivered right to your inbox and include all of the following:

Balance eBook

The tarot spreads are both affirming and motivating and I could tell certain areas were flowing wonderfully, like my Sacral. And other areas had some loving ass-kickery in them, like my Throat and Heart. It was so wonderful, and I'm super excited to be continuing the work.
"Tabitha J"

Know With Confidence What is Going on With Your Energy

The best part about this eBook is that it includes tools that you can add into your shadow work toolbox and return to over and over again. That’s right, you never have to wonder what is going on with you (or I suppose others if ya wanted to use what you learned on them).

No way, no wondering or frustratingly guessing. You will know with confidence:

  • Which chakras are out of balance
  • What is causing those chakras to be out of balance
  • How to bring balance back into them
  • What you can add into your daily routine to keep them balanced
Balance eBook on Table


Hi, I’m Sunshine the Pink-Haired Psychic Medium

Hi, I'm Sunshine!

I am a Psychic Medium, Spiritual Advisor and mentor. I’ve been divining using tarot cards for over 24 years, and I’ve been actively doing shadow work for the past 22 years. I created my first study course in college at the age of 24 and knew from then that I wanted to keep teaching. (I helped a handful of us pass Finance because the teacher was HORRIBLE.)

In July 2019 I finally accepted that I was an alcoholic and a few months later, realized that I could not stay sober on my own. Through the help of AA, I got back in touch with my spiritual side and discovered that my witchy ways were part of my road to recovery. 

While in the program (which, in my opinion, is a form of shadow work), I undertook a deep, intensive study of the chakras and included my love of tarot in that study.  After almost 3 months of weekly work, the content for BALANCE was created.  

This work changed my entire life. I still find myself referencing the things I discovered as I wrote them, incorporating my knowledge in my readings and my spiritual advice sessions. I am so confident that this work can change your life that I will offer you a money-back guarantee.

money back guarantee

You have 30 days to try one of the spreads within the ebook and if you are not satisfied with what you’ve uncovered in your shadow, then email me a photo of that spread and I will refund you the money. It’s that simple.​

If you’re on the fence about whether or not this eBook is right for you, go ahead and click the button to grab my Chakra Tarot Tune-Up Kit which will give you a sneak peek into what you can expect.

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