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Be Honest.

Have you been actively trying to manifest better health, more money, a hotter relationship, and greater love for yourself, but feel all you get are more daydreams to eat chocolate and watch Netflix with?

Have you wondered, “Am I cursed? Because my desires seem to run FROM me, not TO me.”? Or maybe you question your magickal abilities, “Manifestation doesn’t work for me. Neither do my spells.”.

If your “wants” and “haves” are not matching up, your current energy will work against your desires, spells, and intentions.

–no matter how many times you request them.

Don't worry, it's not as ominous as
it sounds, and it happens to all of us.

You’re not cursed or messed up; your energy is just out of balance. And our energy is KEY to seeing success with our magick. Luckily, with a few simple practices, you can easily bring your energy back into balance, allowing your magick to begin manifesting your “wants” and “desires” to come together at last for your complete and total pleasure! 

That’s precisely why I wrote my ebook, BALANCE,

—to help you confidently and consistently bring yourself back into alignment so magick never fails you again.

And no, Balance isn’t a one-size-fits-all hodge-podge of yoga poses, herbal supplements, and crystal recommendations that will somehow turn you into a manifesting machine (though I do love my crystal magick). 

Instead, Balance is a personalized journey that dives deep into your energetics and straight to the core of who you are, allowing you to see the clear and simple truth of what’s in the way of your powerful magick abilities and how to move beyond it. 

Fire Your Magick Back Up

Use the power of divination to explore the energetic state of each of your chakras. With the expert guidance provided in the eBook BALANCE, your magick will be back in tip-top shape in no time.

“But… How can an ebook someone ELSE wrote give personalized information and solutions for YOU?”

That’s easy. I don’t need to know you.

I simply need to guide you towards reflecting on the right questions so you can look inward to see yourself clearly and constructively, at last. You’ll experience this incredible compassionate journey of self-knowing through.

Chakra Balancing Practices

This includes regular affirmations to easily align your body, energy, mind, and soul for your desires to FINALLY become reality and flow to you!

Deep Reflective Questions

As well as the signs and symptoms to pay attention to that indicate your energy may be outta balance or misaligned which is causing you to suffer.

Nine Divination Spreads

Created to explore, understand, and master your PERSONAL energetic state –balanced and unbalanced, it won’t be a problem for you anymore!

Sensational Daily Rituals

Covering all six senses (yes, my dear friend, six) that are simple to do and will leave you feeling present and magnetic in every moment!

All you need is your favorite Divination tool (Tarot cards, Oracle Cards, Rune Stones, etc.) and a few hours, and Balance is guaranteed to empower you on your path to inner balance and outer abundance.

I should know –I put it to the test every day with myself and hundreds of happy clients, and it always gets results for the sincerely desirous person.

Grab this ebook today and you’ll unlock the magick enhancing power of your chakras by:

  • Analyzing your current energetic state,
  • Exploring each chakra through divination,
  • Discovering how to bring it back into balance it, and
  • Maintaining alignment through simple daily rituals.
Balance book and e-book icon or logo

You don’t have to be a tarot master, psychic, or have any special abilities to benefit from Balance. You simply need to get curious, willing, and receptive to the wisdom you’ve held within all along.

So what do you say, are you ready to get your magick back?