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Crown Chakra and the Universe

The Crown Chakra and the Universe

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I’m sitting here this morning trying to figure out how to write this particular article. It’s easy to stay or the crown chakra is. It’s right at the top of your head and some may even say just slightly above it. But try to truly explain what the crown chakra is, that’s not quite as easy. The title of this article states that the crown chakra is connected to the universe. Depending upon your own spiritual or religious beliefs you could understand this differently. So I’m going to try to take a look at this from a few different points of view I am familiar with. 


My own definition of the universe

This is everything outside of myself. This is all of the energy that is available to me to create magick with. This is all of the energy that is available to me to help heal myself or other people with. This is all of the concepts and the philosophies that exist in our human minds. This is everything. During my morning ritual one of the poses that I lay in is to activate the crown chakra. While I’m in this position I say out loud that I am connected to the universe and the universe is connected to me. I am one with the universe and the universe is one with me. Meaning even though my understanding of the universe is everything outside of me it’s up to me to choose to connect to it. And it is through that connection that I’m able to conduct magick and many other actions related to my own spirituality.


A Christians possible definition of the universe

I’m not quite positive if there are other Christians that would relate to this in the same fashion. But for somebody that was born and raised Catholic and chose to accept a different spirituality I think I can still speak to this. The universe’s definition for a Christian would be that of Heaven and Hell. It once again, is a place that exists outside of ourselves. It would include God, Jesus and all of the other wonderfully holy individuals that exist in that belief. And within hell would be all things that counter the good that lives within heaven. Christians believe that depending upon your actions you’re closer to one versus the other. So once again we get to this understanding that we have this ability to interact with the universe here on this plane of existence.


A scientific view of the universe

This is a very literal definition. I would imagine if we opened up some type of scientific book, maybe about astronomy we would find a definition that states all of the things that we look up into the sky and view is the universe. All the stars, the planets, comets, even the solar systems. All of these things are part of the universe. And that being said, it would also include our own planet and everything that exists within it.

Crown Chakra

I would imagine that each and every one of you that are reading this can create your own definition of the universe. And that to me is the most important thing. It is that belief that you have outside of yourself. It is what you belong to. Is what you feel truly makes you complete. All of the things that you hold true. And it’s not for somebody else to define. That is for you to define. And when we have open chakras and balance chakras we will find that our ability to define the universe and connect to the universe becomes much easier. Thus, all of the work that we do within the lower chakras directly impacts our crown.


We will also find that the answer of, what is my purpose in this world, becomes much clearer. The things that we do and the things that we think and feel have meaning. Because we finally realize our place amongst everything else that exists. And although I have never read this I would imagine that we call this the crown chakra because when we are finally in tune with this particular chakra we also realize that we are in the perfect place within our life. And we can find ways to sit and wear that crown and just live.


So, how do you define YOUR universe? Do you have a higher purpose? Share with us below!

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