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The Root Chakra and Fear

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We start our Deep dive into the chakras by exploring the root chakra. Located at the base of our spine this is the chakra that helps to keep us grounded. This chakra extends all the way from that base of our spine and down into the Earth. A well-balanced and open Root chakra means that we embrace life for what life is. And choose not to live in fear.


Because, you see when the root chakra is not aligned. When the root chakra itself is blocked. We will find that fear tends to creep up into our lives. And this can be fear in a bunch of different ways. This could be a fear of talking. This could be a fear of going outside. This could be a fear of getting up in front of a thousand people to grab the diploma that you’ve worked so hard for.

When we see fear creep up into our lives, we should recognize this as an opportunity for us to take steps towards overcoming that fear. Now, this is a very existential approach to fear. These little moments of fear that may creep up into our life. And some of you that are reading this may think that it is too simple. But every single opportunity that I can think of where we would face fear, feel fear, be paralyzed by fear, there is always going to be an opportunity to take a step through it and overcome it.

Balancing the Chakras

In psychology fear is often associated with not having our basic needs met. So let’s look at it that way. If you could not afford to keep food in your fridge, a roof over your head, or even take care of your own health, you may be afraid of what could happen next. You could sit there pondering and allow anxiety to creep in…wonder what happens if you don’t find a place to stay tonight, what happens if you don’t find a meal to feed your family, or what happens if you can’t afford the prescription that your doctor has sent to the pharmacy.

You can sit and continue thinking about these things. What will happen when you do that is that you will start to become overwhelmed anxiety. You may find that your heart races. You may find that your stomach gets queasy. You may find that you start to shake and maybe even sweat. Your anxiety may start to manifest into physical symptoms. Much of the same physical symptoms that start to appear when you have an unbalanced root chakra.

Continuing to stay in that fear means that you will continue if feel anxious. And you will continue to live a life that is affected by anxiety. Some of the examples that I just gave above are real. These are things that some people deal with and confront on a daily basis. And they will always have a choice. They can choose to continue to sit there in that fear or they can choose to take action. It is that action that will help to take them out of the fear, lessen the anxiety and in turn start to align that root chakra.

So I highly encourage you, the next time you find fear creep up into your life. No matter how big or how small that it is, take the action to move beyond it. For it is right here within our root chakra that all of our energy grounds itself. And once we find ourselves grounded, our energy is able to flow through the rest of our body and eventually every area of our life can flourish. But it all starts with being grounded in our root.

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