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The Solar Plexus Chakra and Our Ego

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Our third chakra is our solar plexus chakra. I truly believe that this is the chakra that can make or break us. Our solar plexus chakra sits right in our abdominal area, within that stomach area. And it is here within this area that our ego sits. Now I’m sure we could look up the technical definition of the ego. But instead, I want to look at the individual within psychology that talked about the ego the most, Sigmund Freud. He states that the ego is part of the ID which is influenced by the external world. Meaning that without the external world poking its nose in, our ego may never be developed.

But this article is not to talk about the psychological breakdown of the ego. It is for me to share my understanding of the ego and the role that it plays within the solar plexus. You see the solar plexus sits right between our sacral chakra where we start to establish close intimate relationships with people and our heart chakra. And it is for that reason that I believe and feel very strongly that our solar plexus is both strengthened and weakened by the intimate or social connections we may have and the level of love that is included in them.

 I remember the first time that I had a therapist talk to me about a story. And as I have continued to talk with therapists and participate in certain programs or educational workshops I have realized that throughout our entire lives we have stories that are both told to us about ourselves as well as stories that we create. But it is my belief that it is these stories that create, as well as build and destroys, our ego.

I’m going to give you an example, a story that I have told myself. I’m good at writing, but I don’t really like it. It’s difficult for me. And because of that difficulty, I don’t really enjoy it. And so the more often that I tell myself this story the more likely it is that it’s going to be difficult for me to write and I’m not going to enjoy it. It’s a story that I fed my ego and my ego will replay that story back to me until I change that story.

Balancing the Chakras

It is the same thing for external stories that are told for us. As I grew up I was told that I was fat and I was ugly and that no one would love me. Repeatedly. By my older brother. For years. And the story has stuck through with me for many, many, many years. It’s rattled around in my brain and I have repeated it to myself. It is damaged my ego. It has impacted the way I am willing to receive love as well as connect with other people. This ego story that sits within my solar plexus chakra also touches on my heart chakra and my sacral chakra.

And this is a deep story. I’ve been afraid of love for a very long time. I’ve been afraid to truly let people in. I’ve been afraid that my brother would be right. And it is only been after many conversations with my therapist and many conversations with my own self that I have begun to rewrite that story. I’m beautiful. I am smart. I’m a fucking phenomenal catch. And many, many, many people throughout my entire life will love me truly, and deeply.

I bring the story up not for sympathy but to show how much of an impact that ego that sits within our Solar plexus chakra can have on these other chakras. You’ve heard me just mention its connection to fear. You’ve heard me mention the connection to intimacy. You’ve heard me mention the connection to my heart and love. which is why it is so incredibly important for us to recognize the stories that we tell ourselves as well as the stories that other people have created for us and make a decision as to whether or not that is a truth we want to live. 

Only when we want to face these stories and recognize these truths will we really be able to open the chakra and allow the energies to flow from that route that sacral all the way up through the heart and into our throat third eye as well as our Crown chakra. Our ego, our solar plexus chakra, can impact our abilities to reach our higher purpose in life.

So what stories are you feeding your ego?

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