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Third Eye Chakra and Intuition

Third Eye Chakra and Intuition

I believe that every single one of us has the gift of intuition. For some of us, it is strong. For others, it is not. Which begs the question – why is it that some of us are so in tune with our own intuition? Why is it that some of us are so unaware of our intuition? The third eye chakra is where our intuition lies. And a strong, aligned third eye chakra is the key to welcoming solid intuition into our lives.


So let’s start with recognizing if that third eye chakra is closed or out of balance. One major indication is headaches or fogginess in our thoughts. Do you have a difficult time concentrating? Or maybe you even are experiencing ringing in your ears. These are all physical symptoms to show that our third eye chakra is not allowing the necessary energy to flow through it. Mentally speaking, if you find that you are ever saying, “I knew I should have…” or experience frequent thoughts of regret, you are also not allowing your energy to flow through your third eye chakra and may very well be downright blocking it.


In order to strengthen our third eye we have to know first, what things are weakening it. Most often those things extend from our lower misaligned chakras, but more specifically these are our biggest culprits:



The need to control our surroundings is a major problem when we are trying to tap into our intuition. We may find that we have a picture of how things should go and when it does not go that way we get upset. We may also try to use control to reduce anxiety and fears. Anxiety and fear are unpleasant feelings so we will often turn to ways we managed it in the past. And those decisions may not always be the best for our current situation.



We know ourselves the best. We will work hard to set boundaries and make sure that people respect us. And then, sometimes…even though it is a detriment to us, we will let people violate the exact boundaries we set up to protect ourselves. This is self-sabotage and it can be a vicious cycle to be stuck in.



Almost always our own self-doubt will get in the way. Believing that we are intuitive beings is a choice. Trusting in our own intuition can feel kind of funny and weird. It may even seem a little bit kooky. If you happen to read the article about our ego sometimes there are stories that we tell ourselves. One of those stories can be that we are not intuitive or that our intuition is not strong. 

Third Eye Chakra

By recognizing the actions we are taking that are blocking energy from flowing through to our third eye chakra, we can actively work towards opening and aligning this chakra. And once those blockages are removed, we should find that our intuition becomes much stronger. So let’s take a look at some tips on removing those blockages and how you can start to create your own intuitive toolbox.

Give Over Control to Your Spirit Guides

Our Spirit guides are there to do just that – guide us. Instead of constantly spending energy trying to control the little details of your life, give the keys over to your Spirit Guides and ask them to drive. Ask them to lead you and take you where it is that you need to go. And begin listening to them! How do we know if it’s our Spirit guides trying to talk to us? Your first thought is always going to be your intuition. It is only upon your second thought that your ego will start to creep in. You’ll start to second-guess or question what it is that you just thought. “Oh, that’s just silly.” or “Well that’s a crazy idea and could never work out”.

Become Familiar with “The Clairs”

Our psychic abilities are aligned with each of our senses and are better known as “The Clairs”. This includes our sense of sight, sound, taste, smell and touch. Each one of these senses have a psychic ability that is attached to it like clairvoyance (sight), clairaudience (sound) and so on. It is a common occurrence that we will have one or two clairs that are stronger than others. Read up on different psychic abilities and find which one is your strongest.


Create an Intuitive Sign in Your Strongest Clair

My strongest clair is my clairvoyance. When I first started to work with Spirit Guides I asked for them to give me some technique to help me better trust my intuition. So if I am in a situation (or even picturing a situation) they will cast a color over that situation to help me recognize if it is good or bad for me. This technique is an intuitive tool that I now have in my toolbox. And I would encourage you to create a tool that will work for you with your strongest Clair. Maybe you get a certain image…maybe you hear a certain sound…maybe you feel a touch. JUST this exercise of creating your first tool will do wonders for strengthening your third eye chakra.


Each and every one of our chakras is beneficial to our lives. But if we are truly looking to lead our best life possible, then leveraging and working with your intuition is absolutely essential. So I highly recommend always checking in with your Third Eye Chakra to see how strong it is and creating habits and rituals with the tips that I’ve shared. That being said – which one of the culprits do you find invades your life? And which one of the tips will you try first to reverse it? Share with us below!

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