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Throat Chakra and Honesty

Throat Chakra and Honesty

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I would think that when most people speak of honesty or even think of honesty, they first think of what we say to others. And sure, that is one of the ways that we can be honest. But the way that we tend to misalign and close off our throat chakra the most is by not being honest with ourselves. I believe the reason why is because honesty with ourselves is hard and it requires us to be vulnerable.


One the easiest ways to think of being honest with ourselves is to remember that the throat chakra is also about expression. So I would encourage you to ask yourself – are you expressing yourself? Are you acknowledging and facing your fears? Are you setting boundaries with people and staying true to them? Are you clarifying which ego stories are true and beneficial to your life vs. those that are distracting you from living your best life? Are you sharing your love and compassion with those around you?


Often, we will find that we are not expressing all of these things to people which in turn is a very common way that we are not honest with ourselves. When we struggle to be honest with ourselves…to express who we truly are, we will limit our own ability to grow and evolve. We will find that we are overcome with fear, have boundaries violated and fall into the trap of negative self talk. So in order to avoid that and get REAL comfortable being honest with ourselves, I would suggest the following…

Throat Chakra

Acknowledge Your Fears.

Spend some time really thinking about this. What are you afraid of? How does that fear make you feel? Does your body respond by making your heart race? Does your head get fuzzy? If you find that you have physical and mental responses to that fear when you think about it…can imagine the impact it is having in your day-to-day life? Now write that fear down. And write what is the worst-case scenario if you had to face that fear? What would happen? GO INTO DETAIL. How is your life changed…your physical health, your mental health, your spiritual health. Second, write down what the best-case scenario is if you had to face that fear? How does your life change…your physical health, your mental health, and your spiritual health. Last, write down what happens if you continue to hold onto this fear. How does it impact your life? Once the entire exercise is done, I would encourage you to reflect upon how you feel at that moment. You’ve done an amazing exercise in being honest with yourself. *hi5*

Set and STICK to Healthy Boundaries.

It’s one thing to set a boundary and know what you’re comfortable with…it’s another thing to ensure that you don’t allow people to violate those boundaries. This is typically the most difficult part of setting boundaries because those of us that are just learning how to set healthy boundaries often find ourselves (Yes…I’m TOTALLY included in this) overwhelmed with shame and guilt.  But I encourage you to not shy away from that shame and guilt. Recognize it and when it washes over you simply state, “I am feeling this because I am learning how to set boundaries and love myself the way I deserve to be loved. These emotions will pass.”  I’ve been actively working on setting boundaries since I decided to get sober and though I am still feeling pangs of guilt and shame…my ability to bounce back from them has become quicker because of this super honest statement.

Rewrite your negative ego stories.

You know the stories that I’m talking about. They are all the stories that resonate in your head when you’re trying to do something new or trying to get really good at doing something…and totally destroy your chances. They are the stories that hijack your self-worth or your self-esteem. It is time to break up with these stories and rewrite them for how you want them to serve you. A perfect example is I had a story I used to tell myself that “writing is difficult for me” when in actuality…it isn’t. I don’t know where it came from but I know that it absolutely does not serve me. So I’ve re-written it to say, “writing comes easy to me…words flow from me effortlessly”.  Even as I’m writing this right now I realize that I have a few more that I need to start working on. Eventually…as you continue to repeat these new to yourself you will find that you succeed in rewriting the story and your life starts to benefit from it.

Of course, looking at all these things…it MAY be easier to just not lie to others and to speak from your heart when you speak to them. But if you are honest with yourself while being honest with others, you will still feel the impact of having a blocked or misaligned chakra. So where are you at when it comes to being honest with yourself? Do you feel like you are awesome there, or do you need help? Give us a comment below and let’s discuss!

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