A Podcast to Explore the Depths of “Why”

We Are Looking For Podcast Guests

That’s right folks; we are looking for super interesting, deeply curious, spiritual as fuck folks to join us on our podcast. We’ve created this fabulous opportunity for you to explore the spiritual topic of your choice! We will engage in a rich and insightful conversation during each recording session. And Sunshine and Devin
may pull out any of the following gifts to further discover the answers you seek…

1. Remote viewing to observe other locations,
2. Channeling of other folks that may have the answers,
3. Dimensional travel to seek answers from beyond our realm,
4. Hypnosis to explore answers from within yourself, or
5. Past life regression to gain guidance from your past selves.

Each podcast recording takes two hours, and no worries, all you have to do is show up. We will navigate you through this exploratory journey into the depths of where ever we need to go. So if you’ve got questions that you’ve yet to find answers to…then we can’t wait to hear from you.

How To Know You’re A Perfect Fit

The number one criteria to know that you’re a perfect fit – you are spiritually open to the Universe. On top of that, you will be a spectacular guest if you are one of those people that are always asking why. 

You may even annoy the shit outta folks around you because you’re always waxing philosophical. And instead of getting up to your level, they just label you a know-it-all…or worse yet, “the crazy friend that’s a tad bit too much to take some times.” This causes you to keep some of the wilder topics to yourself and let’s be real, lately you may also have started considering finding a whole new circle of friends that ‘get you’.

Well, consider this our first friendship date! We can’t wait to explore the deepest, and maybe even darkest, parts of spirituality with you.

Here Are Some of Topics We Love To Explore

Knowing Yourself

The Elements



Non-corporeal Beings

Human Design

Akashic Records

Expanded Consciousness

Multiple Dimensions

Alternative Healing

The Nature of Reality

Concept of Encounters


Ascended Masters


Free Will


Energetic Fields

Space & Time

Plant Medicine

Wanna know a bit about your co-hosts?

Devin - The Mindful Mage

Devin Ryback, also Devin The Mindful
Mage, is a Coach and Certified Consulting
Hypnotist who helps people make their
mind their greatest ally. As a gateway for
Joy, Love, Healing, and Magic, he offers
himself and his service to those with a
*burning desire* to live in alignment with
their truth, and create the reality of their
dreams. With over 500 hours of
hypnotherapy training, and over a decade
of mindfulness practice, Devin is a
grounding, healing presence in the world.

Sunshine, the Pink-haired Psychic
Medium, is a Psychic Medium, Soul Healer,
Spiritual Advisor, Shadow Worker, Eclectic
Witch, Practiced Magician, Recovering
Alcoholic and founder of Sunshine
Readings. Her passion is helping others
learn how to step into their shadows so
they can uncover their magickal gifts
needed to remove any energetic blocks to
their soul’s enlightenment. In addition to
owning and operating Sunshine Readings,
Sunshine is also an award-winning
software product manager and business
operations expert that is helping
corporations revolutionize their internal
structure and processes in order to adopt
a more innovative culture. In her spare
time, you will find Sunshine dancing,
cooking, painting, and hanging out with
her five kitties in the suburbs of Detroit,