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Divine Your Chakras Program

Take advantage of this limited time offer! This brand spanking new, never before seen shadow work program will help you integrate your shadow through the chakras. Your end result…spectacular changes in your life!

For a limited time only…


Over a $6,100 value!

Life is magnificent. Every desire manifests spontaneously...​

Clients clamor for your genius, and now you’re running a waitlist. Bills are paid, with tenfold left over, and you got sooooo much love on that spontaneous vacation you just took.

AND you’ve been able to do all this without sacrificing fun, sex and self-care.

When you walk into a room, you own it. You’ve got the magic – everything you touch turns to gold, and everyone who comes into contact with you feels it too. 

 If they named a perfume after you it would be, “Rich as Fuck”. Because that, my dear, is exactly what you are – flaunting it, and sharing it with everyone you love.

Delicious, right?

Or mayyyybe it could be that what you’re experiencing right now feels more like...

You suspect nobody really knows what you do

You suspect nobody really knows what you do

You're ashamed that you snapped at the kids in the store.

You fell asleep crying again last night, it's kind of your thing now.

You totally failed on the new diet and its only Tuesday.

You KNOW there is more for you and are just waiting for some direction, a sign, if you will...

Well, here is that sign you asked for...

Life is about to change!

If you’re on the path of spiritual development, but repeatedly coming up against blocks (usually presenting as blocks to abundance or to love) you might have heard that shadow work is the ‘short cut’ to real change.

But you might have found that it’s not as straightforward as some spiritual guides would have you believe.

But I’m here to show you a way:

That integrates your shadow fast and effectively…

… brings all of your chakra energies into alignment as well…

… and leaves you the most powerful manifestor you can be. 

Lots of people think that shadow integration is, by its very nature, scary or sad work. That couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s certainly intense, but so is a great movie or a funfair ride. 

But sometimes, our best attempts can do either nothing at all, or actually make matters worse. 

If you’ve been journaling, meditating, doing All The Things but still not seeing your blocks shift, I want you to take a breath. Most people don’t ever actually confront their demons, so you’re doing great already.

And of those who do try to grow, most give up when shit gets real. That’s a problem, because every time we kind of side-step the issue, we make it even harder to see.

And that’s why I want you to know:

Your unconscious knows what’s up.

And it’s willing to show you exactly what you need to work on, and how.

You just need to ask the right questions, and figure out a way to hear the answers.


Divine Your Chakras Program

This brand new program guides you to integrate your shadow through your chakras. End result? The spectacular change that happens when all your energies are truly aligned!

Hi, I'm Sunshine!

I’m Sunshine!

and I’ve put everything I know from over 20 years of tarot and shadow work into this class. 


In July of 2019 I accepted I was an alcoholic, and a few months later realized I could not stay sober on my own. Through AA I got back in touch with my spiritual side and discovered that my witchy ways were part of my path to recovery. While in the program (its own form of shadow work) I went on a deep, intensive study of the chakras, and included my love of tarot.

And the Divine Your Chakras program was born. 


This course changed my entire life. I use the things I learned, daily, in my readings, my spiritual advisor sessions – AND it is why I now work as a Fear Coach. 


This course changed my life and it will change yours too. 


I’m going to give you everything you need – the information, the guidance, the plan that leaves nothing out – 


so that you can dissolve your blocks as soon as you notice them.

Some of the Love that Has Been Shared…

What do people say?

Client review

Get The Divine Your Chakras program today and get:

+ Lifetime access to Divine Your Chakras program (worth $2,475) 

+ 9 Weeks of emailed divination prompts (worth $315)

+ Exploration of each chakras most common blockage (worth $175)

+ Key considerations for deep chakra work (worth $175)

+ 6 Sense rituals for chakra balance and alignment (worth $315)

+ a NEVER-before-seen Shadow Chakra Exploration (worth $765)

+ Weekly Q&A (worth $525)

+ small group coaching session with Sunshine! (worth $125)

AND you get these special bonuses

BONUS: ALL my other Chakra = based offerings (worth $219)

BONUS: entry to a draw (10/9/21) to win three sessions of Chakra Shadow coaching (worth $1,065)

AND access to

My private Facebook community, the shadow-wrestling, card-slinging badass friends you’ve been craving (Community is PRICELE$)

THAT’S OVER $6,100 - and today you pay just


(a ridiculously low investment when you consider the cost of just staying stuck).

BUT WAIT: That’s not all…

Because when you sign up to The Divine Your Chakras program, you get another entry to the class for a friend.

Yes, you read that right. Gift it to a buddy who needs a helping hand, or split the cost. It’s completely up to you.

Divine Your Chakras Program (One Time Payment)

$ 355 One Time Payment
  • Lifetime Chakra Community
  • Deep Chakra Alignment Work
  • Shadow Chakra Exploration
  • Interactive Sessions
Best Offer

Divine Your Chakras Program (4 Payments)

$ 455 $55 Initial Payment & 4 Monthly Payments of $100
  • Lifetime Chakra Community
  • Deep Chakra Alignment Work
  • Shadow Chakra Exploration
  • Interactive Sessions
4 Payments

This class is for you if you:

  • Know that there is SO MUCH MORE (love, money, sex, vitality) available for you and you’re ready to get it, girl
  • Are into tarot, oracle cards, runes or other divination and want to go deeper as a tool of transformation
  • Aren’t scared of the deep work that looks more like play.


This class is NOT for you if you:

  • Are happy with the status quo
  • What to be spoon fed with answers

Frequently Asked Questions, Yo.

Do I need a lot of experience in divination?


You can be a beginner or advanced. You really just need to have the desire to use divination to explore your chakras!

Can I use oracle cards or angel cards?


There is a reason that I call the course "Divine Your Chakras" because technically you can use any cards or divination you desire.

Is this program just for [blank]?

It's for EVERYONE!

Women. Witches. Men. Warlocks. Anyone that has a desire to really integrate their shadow using the wonders of the chakras.

How much time will this take?

You choose.

Really. I know when I went through it I dedicated 1.5 hours each week and then incorporated little things throughout my days.

Are the sessions recorded?

Not right now.

I have hemmed and hawed on this one. Right now my thought is that when you show up to the weekly Q&A or the private sessions, you're showing up there in that moment. If we get enough feedback though...

If it sucks, can I get a refund?


In order to get a refund I ask that you get on a 30 minute 1:1 call with me to discuss your experience with the program. If you do that - YUP, yup you do!

OMG, you made it this far?

that means that something resonated with you. Even if now isn’t your right time, maybe you know someone for whom it would be the perfect time ? Maybe the Universe is using you to help spread the word to someone that needs to hear it? To find out – give it a share!