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Eight of Swords and Our Week

The Eight of Swords took the time out of it’s week to teach us the importance of acknowledgement. We often forget how important it is to see things as they are and trust our gut, especially in situations that we have no control over. We put on what I call Emotional Blinders. These cover up everything that we don’t want to see, we often wear them with Rose Colored Glasses. An example of this can be when a friend asks you how you are and you tell them that you’re great then go on to list the highlights of your week.If you’re not doing great and are instead having a lousy week, even if you feel like you have no reason to be feeling this way, say so. This will instruct other people how to love you properly for the day, and also let them decide to maybe open up to you as well. 

Journal Prompt #1: Locate where you may have put on your Emotional Blinders this week? What about that situation didn’t you want to acknowledge?

Journal Prompt #2: How are you feeling? Like, Really feeling. 

This week we were instructed to take these blinders off, and the world made us if we didn’t want to. A great way to practice removing these blinders is finding a companion (a friend, partner, or even Spirit), and having an honesty policy. So, obviously, this has to be with someone you can really trust because feelings, like glass, must be handled gently. Someone you can trust to let you feel your true feelings and allow them to be acknowledged like they should and maybe you will gain answers from a wiser perspective. 

Journal Prompt #3: What is your plan for removing your Emotional Blinders?
Every individual has psychic gifts. By doing deep work, like these journal prompts, you will begin to naturally tap into those gifts. If you’d like to further your gifts, join the readers of Sunshine Readings in Sunshine’s private Facebook group by clicking here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/sunshinesscholars

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