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Healing After Walking Away

Walking away from someone or something you love for your own benefit is one of the hardest things anyone could ever do. Walking away won’t solve every problem, but it allows you to create a barrier where there weren’t any before. There are three steps that I find particularly helpful when making this decision, Three little steps, that I use as a list to tell me when walking away may be the safest option for me. Walking away will never be easy, but it allows you a clean break from an unwelcome situation, and when we have a clean break, it’s easier to heal (both physically and mentally).

The first thing I do when I feel like I may need to create a barrier is acknowledge the situation I’m in. What part of it or who may be making me feel uncomfortable and I always try to figure out why is it that I’m feeling uneasy. I also try to pay attention to where my discomfort has made its home, is it sitting in between my shoulders? Is it a wave of nausea when a stranger passes by? Do I feel like curling in on myself and falling into the earth? All of these questions must be answered because the location of discomfort can tell you why you’re feeling this way and where you may be prone to experiencing stress in the future. 

Secondly, I rarely go anywhere by myself so my second step is finding something or somebody that does make me feel comfortable and I tell them how and why I am uncomfortable. Not only is this a practice in clear communication but it allows you a comfortable barrier in between you and your discomfort. You’re also practicing an exercise for your throat chakra by speaking your truth, this may also result in you being safely removed from the situation because you are no longer hiding within yourself and spoke up for what you needed in this situation. 

Finally, I write it all out, in excruciating detail. This helps me process and allows me a creative way to express and understand whatever just happened. This also is an outlet for my Sacral Chakra that often requires creativity to create a sense of understanding so that I may allow my wound to heal naturally. 

When we walk away without closure, we rid ourselves of a way to healthily acknowledge that eventually everything comes to an end. Instead of celebrating a life of happy memories and laughter, we focus on the hurt and pain caused. When we focus on our hurt, that hurt will carry itself with us, it will worm it’s way into the happy memories and leave them tainted. Don’t taint them, let your happy memories bring you joy, especially when it hurts. 

You can do this



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  1. Absolutely LOVE this and love the connection to the chakras. You’re right, writing this down is a great exercise for our sacral chakra!

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