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Healing Through Intuition

Are you the type to trust your gut and listen to it, no matter what? I know that I’m the worst when it comes to listening to the things I know. I’m always doubting myself, especially when I feel like I’m right. I would much rather be quiet and observe instead of trusting in the things that I know. I was even by a reader of the Akashic Records that I ‘fold in’ on myself, trying to make myself as small as possible because I have limited self confidence; my Sacral Chakra has a lot of work to do, and I figure, I’m not the only one having troubles here, so let’s figure out some fun ways to practice healing while using our intuition.

 My favourite way to practice with my intuition is by stating, either mentally or out loud, everything that I am seeing. If you are in a situation that is making you uneasy, take stock of your surroundings. Look around and acknowledge everything that is around you, feel it out, literally. How is each object or person making you feel? The next step is the last and hardest part of this exercise, but now you have to believe it. Don’t allow yourself to second guess anything; the second guessing is how your ego builds its power over you.  This exercise is a connection between your Sacral Chakra and your Throat Chakra. 

You’ll notice that when you’re working with your intuition, you’re going to need more than one chakra at any given time to help you through it. My advice is, when you’re working with your intuition, along with your Sacral Chakra, you should also engage your Crown, Third Eye, and Throat Chakra. These will strengthen your intuition and allow you to trust in yourself, which is the most important thing for you to do. 

I guess all of this is a long winded way of saying, the true way of using Intuition as a healing tool is by believing what you hear and what you see, and believing it the first time. Don’t allow yourself to say ‘well, maybe…’, Trust the things that you know, that’s how you learn. Trust the things you feel, that’s how you keep yourself out of some shady situations. Trust yourself, you are smart and capable and you know more than you think you do. When you trust yourself, you learn how to ignore your ego and will feel much happier. 

You can do this! 



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