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Healing Through Love

I’m pretty sure that the world does not totally understand how powerful a force love can really be; then again looking at the world, it doesn’t seem like there is a whole lot of love being given. I guess being raised watching Disney movies and being encouraged to fall in love and break my own heart over again left me with a special outlook (Thanks, Grams!). My secret special ability is to find ways to love everyone. Literally. But this gave me a chance to learn what love really means to me. When we accept what love is to us, we start being able to accept it into our lives and even giving it away. 

Love can be so good. Love can be smiles and laughter or time spent yelling in excitement over your huge family. Love can also be so hard and trying. Covering up your person in a huge fluffy blanket when they have a case of the sads or even just leaving them alone to have time to themselves. I’m not saying that you have to love everyone, that would be stressful, but holding the ones you do love and showing them love in their own unique love language is so important. 

I firmly believe that there are more love languages than just the usual five that are ever given as examples. I also believe that people are unique and everyone has different ways to express and give love. So the best way to give love, I’ve found, is to pay attention. Sometimes people need a little less hands on love or a lot more. I tend to be the kind to get overwhelmed very easily so, when someone knows that I just need to be secluded for an hour before I even realize it myself, not only do I notice myself loving that person just a little more than I did before, but the amount of trust I have in them is on a steep incline. 

I know you must be reading this thinking, “But Kai, I’m giving out an awful lot of love here, how is that going to heal be” and to be totally honest, it took me a while to get there, but I found it. Ultimately, when we find ourselves giving love, it tends to be so much easier to love ourselves. It becomes easier to see ourselves as good people, strong and loving people. Which is how it should be, right?   

You can do this. 



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