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Healing Through Self Talk

I’ll be the first to admit that whenever something goes wrong, I look for a way to make it my fault. I am just so used to taking on the responsibility of the happiness of the world around me, thus making any unhappiness my fault as well, right? Does anyone else struggle with the way they talk to themselves after they do something wrong? I can’t be the only one to beat myself up and down the coast when I feel like the world is capsizing. Even though, most of the time, it’s definitely not my fault. I allow myself to view the world like it is my fault, this can allow my depression to rear its ugly head. 

 Now, I am conscious of how to stop this, the question is Do I? Logically, I know that all I have to do is flip my script to change my perspective. However, when the big bad Ego starts shouting louder, against my intuition, it makes it easier to want to listen to it. It takes a lot of energy to battle everyday against your Ego, and most days, I won’t lie, I hardly even try. I don’t feel like I’m worth it, but again, that’s my Ego talking. The things your ego will tell you are designed to make you no longer want to battle with it, you’ll start to think that maybe it is right and that maybe the world is on your shoulders. 

Unfortunately, the only way passed this is to acknowledge the reality of the situation. Try your best to take an objective step back and look at the situation as if you were new to it. In times like this, I find it best to use Logic against the Ego. I’ve noticed that every time I have a definitive fact that I can use to my advantage, my Ego quiets down just a little more. I would suggest even having a One on One conversation with your Ego to discuss why you may be feeling so insecure and maybe decide on what can be done to help yourself. 

I’m serious though, a little positive self talk never hurt anybody. You deserve to feel good about how you live and the world you live in. You are a strong and independent human, times will always be hard, but if you have the ability to fight back against your Ego, you will make it through. 

You can do this. 



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