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Healing Through Spirituality

What does Spirituality mean to you? Is it just the concept that there may be someone up there and we pray to them? Is it a way to make ourselves just feel a little less lonely? Well, whatever it is, it works and it has for centuries. Humans have used their spirituality to keep their spirits up and guide them down the right path. Whether or not they’re actually listening to their Guides or their Ego, well that’s up to them. We see good and bad in everything we do, we can use our spirituality to acknowledge this and allow ourselves to grow, Heck, it could even be our inspiration to grow; I know it was for me. 

If you are anything like me, you work so much that sometimes you forget to take time to embrace your spirituality for weeks on end. Taking time to acknowledge and work with and learn about your spirituality is going to be the best way to build your connection with it. The first step to building this connection is going to be understanding what you want out of it. It’s a question with many answers. It’s important though, to ask this question because next time in society, you will find yourself looking for the answer. 

For people with mental illnesses, one of the worst things is to feel lonely, unloved, or unsupported. These feelings can take us to a dark place, especially if we don’t know how to fend them off. We must always acknowledge that we are NEVER, never alone. Our guides stay with us because they know we need them, they can communicate with us through signs, symbols, and synchronicities. The only downfall here is that if you don’t acknowledge your guides, if you don’t talk to your guides, you won’t know what signs to look for. All guides have a special way of communicating with their person. Ask your Guide for a specific sign and look until you find it, this will bring the wall down and you will realize that you will never be alone again. Not that you ever were. 

It tends to be easier to heal when we know that we have someone to lean on. Here’s what makes you lucky, you have a whole universe to lean on; physical and beyond. You have Guides at your side every day ready to lead you, protect you and love you. Ask them for what you need, Ask them for help. Or you could just talk to them. Either way, Talking to your guides will make sure that you always have someone on your side. 

You can do this, I believe in you. 

So do They. 



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