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I-Heal Workshop

FREE Circle to Talk About Magic and Spirituality

Unleash the untapped power within you; it’s time to defy the mainstream narrative about healing! Our 90-minute intensive workshop is a battleground for the brave, where you will wield your innate healing gifts with confidence and rebellious finesse. Forget passive learning; get ready for a revolution with hands-on practice that will ignite your intuition like wildfire!

You’ll kick off with a dynamic introduction to the session’s healing practice, where conventional wisdom takes a backseat, and revolutionary insight reigns supreme. Then, in true rebel style, you’ll pair up with a partner, not just to practice, but to master, to perfect, to conquer the art of identifying the healing needed.

With two to three rounds of intense, groundbreaking practice, you’ll leave this workshop not just ready but on fire to take on your clients’ challenges. You’re not just learning—you’re evolving, transforming into the healer of tomorrow. Be bold, be rebellious, and join us to unleash the healer within! 🌟

Embrace this empowerment; own your healing journey.