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Hey there, it’s Sunshine, the pink-haired Psychic Medium, High Priestess, and Reiki Master; I’m incredibly excited to be here and give you some solid proof that you absolutely have magical powers. But before we touch on five signs, I want to make sure and share with you why it’s so important that we recognize the fact that we have magical powers. 

Why is this important? 

And the reason is that when we recognize, acknowledge, and really embrace our magical powers, we can use those to create a life filled with love, happiness, money, wealth, and even an incredibly beautiful relationship with spirits outside us. But the universe as a whole, let’s be real, right? So our magical powers can gift us with many beautiful things. Let’s see if I can prove to you that you have magical powers yourself. 

Sign number one; you’re drawn to crystals, right? 

These could be raw crystals, crystal necklaces, or different home decor. But if you look around in your jewelry box, or hanging on a bookshelf, or on a shelf, somewhere, you’ve got some kind of crystals, or maybe even some rocks. Something of that nature, right? 

Crystals have natural energetic vibrations that witches tend to pick up on. We’re naturally gravitating towards them. Folks that are drawn to crystals can quickly benefit from the high vibration within them. Even though you don’t always know or remember exactly what you’re supposed to do with them, or what their meaning is, or their best purpose. Or you may even find that this purpose over here is different. I often find that people just say, “I just really love them!”. 

That is one sign that you have magical powers. 

Sign number two; you’re a whiz in the kitchen, right? 

This could be because you have a natural tendency to just find really great recipes and be able to follow them. And everybody’s like, “This is amazing!” or “I need this!” and you’re like, “I just whipped this up today!”. Maybe you like to go into the pantry and fridge and pull anything that you’ve got out, and you’ve just got this amazing masterpiece of a meal that’s available for you, just ready to sit down to dinner, right? 

That’s a sign that you have magical powers. 

Spellwork is similar to cooking. You often need ingredients, the right tools, instructions, and how to put it all together, right? If you’re making a meal, you’re conducting a spell. Folks with natural talent in the kitchen are often natural spell casters. 

Sign number three; you follow astrology and probably know some of your top three as well as the top three of some of your closest friends, right? 

You may be familiar with the top three and follow the sun signs. But you know a bit more about more than “I’m a Libra” or “I’m a Gemini”, right? Do you know what that means? You know what you follow. You know how it changes. If you’ve got some level of knowledge around astrology, that’s a sign you have magical powers. 

Our innate magical powers are greatly influenced by the astrological movements that our universe experiences. And our ancestors have been following the stars for centuries. Folks familiar with astrology often have past lives where they have deeply studied it or have had to leverage and use it to invoke their own magical powers. That’s sign number three. 

Sign number four; you’re drawn to the elements, right? 

This could be water, fire, earth, or even wind, and I mean really, really drawn to it. You know, you just love the water. You can’t get out of the water. You know, you are a water baby. You know, Mom could never get you to come out when you’re a kid. You know, you’ve hurt yourself countless times. You’re the one that’s tending to the fire to ensure it’s stoked or if there’s a bonfire nearby. You know, you love putting your hands in the dirt, taking your shoes off, and walking barefoot on the ground. Or you know you just love the feeling of the wind in your hair, holding your hand out the window and feeling that wind go over it as you drive, or being on a swing and feeling how that breeze just comes back and forth. 

The elements are the foundation of many magical practices, and folks drawn to the elements will find that their magical powers are often aligned with those magical elements. 

So if you’re drawn to fire, you may have magical powers that are more associated with regeneration; think about the Phoenix regeneration, bringing things back and putting new life into things.

Air can bring out things very quickly if you’re a manifester. For me, I’m drawn to the wind. I always have been. I’ve dreamt of tornadoes. And so, logically speaking, I find a lot of my own magical powers show up in my mind with the ability to see, individualize, and bring things about that way. 

If you’re powerfully drawn to the elements in some way, shape, or form, that’s a sign number four. 

Let’s go to that last! 

Sign number five; you have to own some tarot cards or oracle cards. 

You’re drawn to divination in some way, shape, or form. Let’s be real, my dear friend, divination is one of the longest-standing practices of the witch outside of healing. Witches were called upon to provide guidance and answers in uncertain times by kings, queens, emperors, and empresses. It was not uncommon for royalty to keep an Oracle on staff to be able to provide guidance. So if you are drawn to divination in some way, shape, or form, that is your fifth sign; you have magical powers. 

Of course, I want to be clear; you may not have resonated with all five signs. Don’t sweat that; just one of these signs means that you have magical powers. That’s it. One of the signs is proof that you have these abilities and can grow them into more. 

The next question that might be running through your head is, “Alright, Sunshine, I get it. You’ve proven it. But what does this mean?” Would you like to know what’s next? 

Well, my dear, even though I have proven that you have these abilities, you must believe you have them. You have to feel deep down in your soul that you have them. Because if you don’t, if you still doubt, then these abilities, powers, and gifts will not be able to help you in the ways they’re meant to. 

But I promise you this, my dear friend, if you choose to write that in as a story that is true for you and put it down into the deep into the core of your DNA, the signs, synchronicities, and next steps on your path will be there the moment you choose to believe. 

If you are digging my energy and vibe, know that I help people every day embrace these magical powers and unlock other gifts they weren’t even aware of so they can create those beautiful, amazing lives I spoke of. Please check out some of the offers below that may support you on your journey!

Ignite Your Magickal Powers

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Ignite Your Magickal Powers

Join our newsletter to get access to 5 signs that you have natural magickal poers and offers shared only with our magickal AF community.