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Hey there, it’s Sunshine, the pink-haired Psychic Medium, High Priestess, and Reiki Master; I’m here to share proof that you absolutely have psychic abilities. As a matter of fact, I’m going to give you five signs that show you your psychic abilities.


But before I do that, I want to make sure that we talk about why it’s important to recognize and acknowledge that we have psychic abilities. 


Why is this so important?

And the reason is that when you recognize and acknowledge these beautiful, amazing abilities, you can also start to leverage and use them to lead you toward a life filled with beautiful relationships, financial freedom, and incredible spiritual health. And when our spiritual body is healthy, we often find that our physical and mental bodies also benefit. So let’s go ahead and get started. 


Here are five signs that prove that you have psychic abilities. 


Sign number one; you get chills, tingles, or some kind of bodily sensation when you enter a room, meet new people, and walk into a new scenario. 

This is the psychic ability of Clairsentience or Clair-feeling of your energetic body; when your body your physical body is moving into that space, your energetic body extends outside of it, and it can pick up and tell it there’s something that you need to pay attention to. 


Sometimes, when this occurs, you may find that you want to leave; you may find that you want to navigate to a certain place. Or you may want to take a step back from a person, whatever that response is, that comes to mind. Know that your psychic ability is bringing this information forward; you need to pay attention to it and act accordingly. So that’s sign number one.


Sign number two; you hear messages in songs or have songs randomly pop into your head. 

This is the psychic ability of Claire’s audience or Clair-hearing; our spirit guides often use music to convey messages. So you could be driving down the road, and a certain song pops on that reminds you to remind you of someone, and you need to call them. Or maybe it’s just a song that reminds you of a loved one that’s past. There may be a very distinctive message in a song. Maybe you’ve never heard this song before. And there’s a message that sticks out. That is your spirit guide’s way of sharing that message to you to pay attention to through your psychic ability of Clairaudience. Pretty cool, huh? 


Let’s move on to number three. 


Sign number three; you find that you pretty regularly have to tell people, “I told you so.” 

Or at least you really, really, really want to. This is the psychic ability of Claircognizance or Claire-knowing, and is what people often call ‘gut feeling’. It is a way to help us navigate situations in life, but even more importantly, it tends to come into play a lot stronger when we provide guidance or advice to other people. So it’s a way to navigate situations in your (or theirs) life based on your psychic abilities. 


The psychic ability of claircognizance is probably one of the most predominant psychic abilities, but it is also one of the most frustrating because there’s no ‘real’ proof. There isn’t this tangible thing that other people can relate to, to lean in and see the truth in what you’re providing guidance on. So unless you’ve got a lot of history of providing perfect advice, yeah, you may find out that people don’t listen. And you often have to say, “I told you so.”. 


Let’s move on to say number four. 


Sign number four, you often have vivid dreams, and lucid dreams have occurred at least once or twice in your life. 

I want to make a few things very clear about dreams. I didn’t know this, but a lot of people do not dream in vivid color; they don’t get the rich experience as though they’re watching a movie or cartoon or anything of that nature like this rich, beautiful, you know, full 4k color. That’s not the most common thing. A lot of times, dreams will become kind of blurry and muted, maybe even a bit distorted. 


Some individuals will have lucid dreams. When you are lucid dreaming, you actually recognize in that dream state that you’re dreaming and can now interact with the dream itself, like living within that dream. That is also known as something that is very common. 


So if you have vivid dreams, remember these dreams, and very, very particularly if you have ever lucid dreamt, at least once, if not twice or more times in your life, then you are experiencing the psychic ability of Claircognizance or Clair-sight. This is your subconscious way of seeing things that you’re not paying attention to in waking hours. So you may be getting messages, maybe even pre-cognitive messages, right? Things that will happen, foresight, or anything of that nature, may appear in your dreams. That’s another sign. 


So we’re now on sign number four; let’s move on to sign number five. 


Sign number five; you occasionally smell things that are not there, like perfume, cigarette smoke, and very distinctive scents from your youth, right? 

And this can be different for everyone. I’ll give you an example: I grew up with my father working on cars; he was a mechanic, and we had a fully working garage. And so there’s this very distinctive scent of used motor oil that will come up that is very, very familiar to me. And so the moment I smell that when I’m NOT at a garage, I know it’s related to somebody that’s worked in a garage, a mechanic, or anything of that nature. This is the psychic ability of Clairalience or Clair-smelling. 


This is a way that our ancestors let us know that they are near and watching over us. We can pick this up, right? This could also be a sense that you’re you smell to remind you of certain memories. 


Our olfactory sense, our sense of smell, is the strongest sense associated with memory. So once again, your psychic ability has some message you are meant to hear, and it’s using this sense. That’s your fifth sign!


Of course, I want to be clear; you may not have resonated with all five signs. Don’t sweat that; just one of these signs means that you have magical powers. That’s it. One of the signs is proof that you have these abilities and can grow them into more. 


The next question that might be running through your head is, “Alright, Sunshine, I get it. You’ve proven it. But what does this mean?” Would you like to know what’s next? 


Well, my dear, even though I have proven that you have these abilities, you must believe you have them. You have to feel deep down in your soul that you have them. Because if you don’t, if you still doubt, then these abilities, powers, and gifts will not be able to help you in the ways they’re meant to. 


But I promise you this, my dear friend, if you choose to write that in as a story that is true for you and put it down into the deep into the core of your DNA, the signs, synchronicities, and next steps on your path will be there the moment you choose to believe. 


If you are digging my energy and vibe, know that I help people every day embrace these magical powers and unlock other gifts they weren’t even aware of so they can create those beautiful, amazing lives I spoke of. Please check out some of the offers below that may support you on your journey!


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