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Hey there, it’s Sunshine, the pink-haired Psychic Medium, High Priestess, and Reiki Master; I’m about to share solid proof that you have natural healing gifts. But before I start that, I want to make sure that we take a moment and talk about why it’s important to recognize and acknowledge our healing gifts. 

Why is this important? 

These gifts are meant to help us discover how to love more deeply, both ourselves and others, and how to really feel confident about our relationship with money and our place in life. And to also feel just overall healthy and good in our spiritual self. So we must recognize, acknowledge, and embrace these beautiful gifts to benefit from them. So let’s go ahead and take a look at the five signs that you, my dear, are a natural healer. 

Sign number one; you’re a highly sensitive person. 

That means movies, music, and even other people’s emotions could bring you to tears. Sometimes, if I’m watching a movie or a TV show, or in a certain scenario, it doesn’t matter if these are happy or sad or upset or anything. Just any powerful emotion can invoke a strong somatic response in me. 

Highly sensitive people are often given the ability to feel beyond our physical world, right? So we pick up on vibrations that may need to change or shift, or that are just different and distinctively different, right, especially vibrations that need to be uplifted. So if we see sorrow or sadness, right, they will move us, and we will feel them because we are called to uplift them.


Sign number two; you’re overwhelmed by gatherings of more than three folks and overwhelmed by large crowds, right? 

One-on-one, you may be perfectly fine with one or two really good, but natural healers are overwhelmed if you have more than three folks within a group. Especially if you’re in a large crowd when you aren’t familiar with your healing gifts, you may get dizzy or nauseous in these crowds, maybe even feeling weak in the knees or as though you’re going to faint. This is your natural ability to read all of that energy coming into play. 

If you need to become more familiar with your healing gifts, you might not know how to take in all of that messaging you’re receiving to know and understand what you can do with those gifts and how to help those situations.

Sign number three; you’re drawn to natural products.

This will be anything you typically put into or onto your body or the body of those you love. Let’s be real; if we are mothers or parents, we may find that we are very, very diligent with even our children or our offspring and maybe not so much on ourselves. 

If you are drawn to natural products, I’ve found that healing gifts are passed down through our ancestors or even through our previous past lives, and that means you’re going to be drawn to things that you’ve experienced in these ways and know that they will help the energetic body. 

You may be naturally drawn to certain teas, certain herbs, certain spices; you may be very, very strongly drawn to more holistic products made with real simple ingredients because you know these things work. Right, so that’s natural; your natural gift is drawing you to these products that you know are going to work. 

Sign number four; you find toxic folks are drawn to you. 

I know some people aren’t a big fan of this word, but that’s the easiest one that people understand. This could be a partner. Let’s be real, right? You woke up one day and were like, “Oh my gosh, how in the world did this happen?”, right? A partner, friends, family, or even strangers. You may wonder why you sit down in the subway, and you know the person that just seems to be maybe grumbling and in a bad mood is the one that sits down next to you.


Well, the fact is that the vibration, the energetic vibration of a natural healer, is often much higher than a typical person; that vibration is subconsciously felt by those that are maybe, you know, sick or toxic. And folks that need healing are drawn to it, right? It’s like a moth to a flame; you’re drawn to the light, they see that light shining within you, and they actually have to heal that they need to do. And so they are drawn to you. 

But unfortunately, if they’re not willing to accept the fact that they need to heal, and they have a responsibility in that healing, they’re going to come across as toxic and impact you in ways that you probably don’t desire. 

Sign number five that you have healing gifts; you have a deep desire to be of service. 

This means you likely already have a job within the service industry; you’re already finding yourself in a place of service. And this may even be in a corporate sense. 

I will give you an example of this because I have been in the corporate world for the last 25 years. Even though I might not have been in the service industry, I took my client service very, very, very seriously. Because of how I showed up for those people I was helping in my job, they trusted me; they felt that I communicated well and could accomplish what they desired. I served them; my role and place in their lives were to be of service. 

Those of us here to heal will naturally gravitate towards a position where we can be of service; we may even shift and adjust our position to be of service further. You’re fulfilled by helping others and are motivated and driven by how much you can help. 

Of course, I want to be clear; you may not have resonated with all five signs. Don’t sweat that; just one of these signs means that you have magical powers. That’s it. One of the signs is proof that you have these abilities and can grow them into more. 

The next question that might be running through your head is, “Alright, Sunshine, I get it. You’ve proven it. But what does this mean?” Would you like to know what’s next? 

Well, my dear, even though I have proven that you have these abilities, you must believe you have them. You have to feel deep down in your soul that you have them. Because if you don’t, if you still doubt, then these abilities, powers, and gifts will not be able to help you in the ways they’re meant to. 

But I promise you this, my dear friend, if you choose to write that in as a story that is true for you and put it down into the deep into the core of your DNA, the signs, synchronicities, and next steps on your path will be there the moment you choose to believe. 

If you are digging my energy and vibe, know that I help people every day embrace these magical powers and unlock other gifts they weren’t even aware of so they can create those beautiful, amazing lives I spoke of. Please check out some of the offers below that may support you on your journey!

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