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Learn How to Use Your Healing Gifts

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Hey there, my dear friends; it is Sunshine, the pink-haired psychic medium, and if you are watching this video, you are ready to ignite your magical psychic gifts. That’s right, my dear friend, we are here to do just that today. So why don’t we get started? 

I’m going to share a couple of things here before I share with you what you will really love. 

Number one is that every single individual has magical psychic gifts. 

Some people recognize their magical gifts, while others recognize their psychic gifts. Everybody has both. Those gifts are also meant to be used. 

Each and every one of us can use those gifts to enhance our own lives. And that can lead us down some incredibly wonderful paths, including potentially the path to leverage and use those gifts to help others. 

The challenge is that only some recognize that they have these gifts; every individual is unique. So how their gifts show up for them will often be unique and different. And this makes it challenging to recognize them. I’ll tell you this, too; it makes it especially challenging for those folks that are neurodiverse. Because how they work, how their brains work, and how they respond to the universe around them are often very different than your neurotypical individual. 


So I want you to get ready for five signs to recognize that you have magical psychic gifts. 


And these are not going to be all of the signs. But the years are absolutely the most common signs. You see, I have clients that sit down with me, whether they’re at events or one-on-one sessions, often talking to me about all these various different things happening in their lives. And I’ve come to realize these patterns. So these are the five most common signs I have recognized to indicate that individuals have magical psychic gifts. Are you ready to get started?


Sign #1: You have a magical gift, and you find yourself always saying “I told you so”. 

Or at least wanting to know that things will happen is called Clear cognizance. That is one of the five primary psychic abilities, or Claire’s, as I call them. And Claire cognizance is often one of the most frustrating psychic abilities because there’s no clear validation. People just have this feeling they just know things. 

And so, take a client of mine by the name of Graham Graham, who had an incredibly successful career in corporate America. for over 20 years. He supported organizations in growing and advancing their operations, especially their marketing operations. He was responsible at some point for generating all the revenue that came into the organization. And he was really, really good at it. He just knew what they needed to do. Right. So he advanced in his career, stepped out of that career, and decided to start his own company. And yet he was struggling to know and understand what he needed to do next. 

After working with Graham, we recognize that one of his strongest psychic abilities was claircognizance. He just knew things. The challenge was when it came to his work; his ego was so readily involved in that because he had no other psychic ability to validate. He was never really confident. And what he picked up as “knowing” was exactly what he should do. So we worked on strengthening his other psychic abilities and gave him the necessary tools. And now, Now, as he’s moving forward and navigating his business, his competence around the decisions he’s making is much stronger. 

Right so that clear cognizance can often lead people down the path of finding they need to say, I told you so, or at least want to, so I have to have you ask yourself right now pause. Has that ever happened to you? Have you ever had to tell someone I told you so? Right, or at least felt the really strong desire to and kept your mouth shut? If so, that indicates the sign of your magical psychic gifts. 


Sign #2: You already identify as an empath or deeply recognize other people’s feelings. 

So you may say to yourself, wow, whenever I walk into a room, I can feel it. Wow, I can feel it right whenever I’m around these people. That means you can easily recognize energy. Human emotions each have their own vibrational frequency. It’s that frequency that highly sensitive people pick up on. So if you are an empath, you’re a highly sensitive person; if you’re a highly sensitive person, you’re an empath. 

And so when you are around individuals with a drastically different emotional vibrational frequency than you, it will feel different. It’s kind you’re going to recognize that take a client of mine by the name of Robert when Robert and I first started working together to strengthen his gifts. He was living with this woman, and the relationship for that part was pretty good. 

You know, he loved her; he felt very fortunate to have her in his life. But something was kind of off. Something was rubbing him the wrong way. And he knew that there was something odd there. And so, because the relationship didn’t feel as fulfilling, we talked about what it would take to see that relationship from another perspective. And he decided to move out. 

Only after moving out did he realize how strong her emotions and insecurities were in that relationship. Once he moved out, he could take this other perspective and see she was there whenever she needed him. But anytime that he needed emotional support, she wasn’t there. Right. So he could take this different perspective on that relationship and understand how her energy and the two of them being together were really impacting him. 

I just spoke to him recently; it was over a year ago. So he moved out to a different state, got a completely new job, and started exploring and dating again. I found out recently that he has met an absolutely wonderful woman and is getting ready to move to the UK in just a couple of months to be with her. Right. 

So I want you to go ahead and ask yourself, are you impacted by other people’s energy? If so, you may greatly benefit by acknowledging that and paying attention to how their energy impacts you. Let’s keep moving. 


Sign #3: You find that you’re frequently surrounded by a narcissist, or what I like to call other difficult folks. 

That means that you can help people heal, not just help them, but help them heal. People who need healing will always be drawn to individuals who can provide that healing to them. It’s just a natural, just this natural symbiotic energetic exchange. 


That means if you’re unaware of how strong your healing tendencies are, you’ll find yourself unknowingly involved with folks needing healing. This is at work and in our personal lives. So let me give you an example. 


A client that I’ve worked with by the name of Kimberly came to me, she’s a social worker, and she was working in an office with many other social workers, and things were getting really uncomfortable and difficult for her. We worked on identifying that energetic exchange that these narcissists, these folks that were really difficult, were impacting your energy. So we put up a lot of great protection around her, which is awesome. 

But once she had that barrier between us, between her and them, and she was no longer, you know, allowing them to cross her boundaries, she started to realize how sick that environment really was for her. So she changed jobs. 

She found herself in a hospital in a position that aligned more with what she wanted to do. It still had its own impact on her energy. She was feeling the sadness and how difficult that energy was. As we talked through it, though, we realized that because she was in an end-of-life hospital, she worked in a hospital unit where people were much more likely to cross over. She was impacted by that.

So we worked on, once again, making sure that she could know and recognize all of the individuals you know, that maybe could cross any lines or boundaries, but also because she was being called To help heal, helped her recognize and establish what she needed to help some of those individuals transition over a lot more comfortably. Right? 

So, are you surrounded by difficult people? Are there folks you need to learn to navigate or even help? Let’s be honest, they may be reaching out, but you might be stumped. Well, that’s because you are a natural healer; they’re drawn to you for that. You need to learn how to leverage your healing abilities to help. 


Sign #4: You’re drawn to crystals, herbs, flowers, plants, and natural products. 

That means that you’ve used those products in a past life. I’ve seen this over and over again. And so many of us are drawn to explore, embrace and enhance our magical psychic abilities that we often have a vibrant history, lifetimes where we have leveraged and used these gifts and worked with crystals, herbs, flowers, plants, and plants natural products. 

For example, a client of mine named Amanda, we did some work where we went ahead and explored some of her past lives. We went back; I don’t even remember at this particular point how many lifetimes ago and found the life where she met her very first spirit guide that she worked with in this lifetime, with many herbs, flowers, and plants. 

We discovered that that particular spirit guide has been working with her and holding on to that knowledge through every life she has stepped into since, which is beautiful. So she has all of these lifetimes, years and years of knowledge and intuitive, intuitive understanding that she can tap into through the Spirit guide. 

This particular client is what I consider one of the most beautifully gifted master herbalists that I know. Though she may not claim that title, I look at the fact that she owns an apothecary and builds her own product, mostly with things that she has grown on her land; she talks to these plants, she talks to these herbs, right? This gift was given to her, so if you are already drawn to any of these things, just as we discovered with Amanda, this means that you’ve used these products in a past life. 

So ask yourself, are you drawn to more natural products and solutions? If so, that’s a sign that you have magic or psychic abilities. 


Sign #5: You happen to have someone else in your family that has these gifts or is practicing magic. 

That means that these gifts have been passed down through your lineage. It is very, very common for ancestral lines to be ripe with magickal, psychic abilities, even if they don’t recognize them as a very strong religious practice is also a huge indicator. 

So if you happen to have a strong lineage of Christian background or any other potential religious background, it is very likely that those magical psychic abilities are also engaged in those. 

I will give you an example; personally, my grandmother, who’s now on the other side, a devout Catholic woman, had magical psychic gifts. She referred to her gifts as talking to the angel; she was a very wonderful medium; she would refer to it as talking to the angels. So she could talk to folks that had crossed over; she’d be able to talk to angels. She was a medium. She was really wonderful at that. 

I couldn’t leverage and use and talk to her about any of her gifts when she was alive. But I know she’s crossed over, and I’ve leveraged my gifts. That yes, yes, this was something that was passed out. It’s been passed on to many of my mom and her sisters; it goes even well beyond if we were to go ahead and look like my grandmother’s mother. 

So if you have folks within your family, these gifts have also been passed down to you. So I’d encourage you to ask yourself, Does your family have any of this history? Was it clearly recognized as a magical psychic ability or a strong religious practice? That’s an indication that’s a sign that you have these magical psychic gifts of course. 

As I said, even just one yes. Even just one yes. When we went through those five, I meant you have magical psychic gifts. I want to remind you that I said this is not all. These are just the most common ones I have found. 


And, of course, you may be wondering:

  • How do you use them? 
  • How do you work with them? 
  • How do you like it? 
  • What do you do? 


Well, the only thing that really limits you is your ego. Right? So you may not know, maybe you just, you’re not confident right now, what you must do. 


But you have ignited your curiosity, started yourself down a path, and seen a door standing in front of you. And, I like to refer to that as you are ready to answer the calling and start using your magical psychic gifts. 


Let’s be real, even if you’re still unsure you have any, I want to invite each of you to my next Live Webinar called The Calling, where I’m not only going to go ahead and teach you five different techniques to tap into all of those signs that we just talked about. 

But I’m also going to offer you the opportunity to go ahead and sign up and be coached for free. In addition to joining that webinar and learning those five techniques. That’s right, the webinar will cost you $22. 

You can set up a sign-up and then submit an application to be one of five individuals coached live during that webinar. So I hope to see your name on that list. Better yet. I hope to see that your name has been submitted to win one of those five free spas. I look forward to seeing you again, and good luck on your journey, no matter where it may take you next

LIVE ON JUNE 21st @ 4:30 PM EST