Ready to unleash your natural abilities? Illuminate is a three-month membership for spiritual folk ready to strengthen their gifts and use their psychic skills to create a purpose-filled, aligned, and magickal life. With Illuminate, you’ll have access to hands on individualized education, expert advice, and community support–all so you can finally live the magickal life you were meant to lead.

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Advance your magickal psychic gifts

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You are magickal as fuck!

I bet this sounds like you:

  • You are the friend that everyone comes to for advice.
    Others know that your “gut feelings” mean something.and yet you can’t seem to put it to work for yourself.
  • You often wake up flooded with strong emotions.
    The visions in your dreams are trying to communicate with you, but you can’t seem to figure out what they’re saying.
  • You keep searching for “more”. 
  • You’re wondering, “Am I crazy… or am I really psychic?”
    Deep down you know that there’s something truly magickal in you, but you alsot feel like you’re making this up.
  • You struggle to follow a consistent magickal practice.
    You know it creates amazing results in your life, but shit keeps getting in the way of practicing magick as much as you want to.
  • You feel disconnected from your friends & family.  
    You’re craving a community where other people take magick seriously + value the pursuit of spiritual growth as much as you do.

You know you have magickal gifts, and you’re ready to cultivate them to create a powerful, purpose-filled life. 

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Here’s what one member has to say

The magickal transformation you can expect

When you become Illuminated, you will go from…

  • Feeling like you’re constantly at war between your logic & your intuition…
    to releasing self-doubt around your magickal skills & trusting your instincts to guide you
  • “Playing” at magick every now and then (with barely any tangible outcomes)…
    to creating a consistent magickal practice tailored to YOU that will allow you to manifest the career, relationship, and life you’ve been craving
  • Feeling helpless about your life circumstances…
    to feeling complete peace because you know on a soul level that you are the sovereign creator of your life
  • Fighting against the current all the time…
    to being so in flow that you experience constant synchronicities
  • Feeling alone and embarrassed about your weird magick because no one else seems to get it…
    to confidently being your whole, wild self within a loving community of other people on the path of spiritual growth
  • Being trapped in the broom closet…
    to never feeling shame about your magick again and allowing yourself the freedom to be your authentic self

So tell me, my dear witchy friend...

Are you ready to wake up every morning feeling energized and excited for what you go after and create?

Do you want a life that feels magickal and aligned with your deepest desires?

Is it time to create your own magickal practices and rituals so that you can cultivate your gifts and make them a part of your everyday life?

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Fast forward to a year from now and imagine

  • Waking up in the morning feeling energized and excited for the magick of the day.
  • Going to work feeling on top of your game and in the flow of massive creativity.
  • Facing a challenge knowing that your abilities have your back and you’ll always come out on top.
  • Being able to support others in healing because you’ve healed yourself first. 
  • Having an overflowing fountain of confidence in your magickal abilities, so you no longer need to turn to external sources to figure out what you should do next. 
  • Knowing exactly how to create a potent magickal ritual that will attract your deepest desires into your life – whether that means loving partnership, wads of cash, or fantastical opportunities in your career
  • Being safe in the knowledge that nobody will second-guess your gifts anymore — it’s clear to those around you that you are magickal as fuck, and people rely on you for your insights and experience.

Illuminate is for

  • Those who know that they have gifts.
    It’s totally fine if you’re not yet sure how to use them…but knowing that they’re there, and having a willingness to grow with them, is crucial to your success.
  • Women who have already gone through their Saturn Returns.
    Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with this phrase…it basically means that you’re over 35, have some life experience under your belt, and though you may not be entirely sure exactly what you want in life, you know what you don’t want.
  • Folks who want more from life, and want to use their magickal gifts to get there.
    You know that there’s a path that’s much more aligned with your unique self, and you want to live in and practice your own magick every day.
  • Individuals who understand the power of community.
    We’re passionate about cultivating our skills and tools for creating the lives of our dreams, and we know that working together helps to magnify our individual gifts.are magickal as fuck, and people rely on you for your insights and experience.

This isn’t for you if

  • You prefer self study.
    Illuminate is a live and active container that involves regular work in group sessions and one-on-one access to Sunshine.
  • You’re not ready to get uncomfortable.
    Expect to grow in your magick and in yourself once you join Illuminate…because we don’t grow when we don’t stretch ourselves.
  • You want specific rules, dogma, or practices to follow.
    True magick and spiritual gifts are individual to each person, so your practices and rituals will be molded to you. Sunshine will offer guidelines and give you peeks into her own magickal workings, but you’ll be creating personalized practices that work with your unique set of gifts.
  • You haven’t dipped your toes into magick or psychic gifts yet.
    Illuminate is for those who have already dabbled and who already know that they possess magickal gifts. We want you to come with a basic, entry-level understanding of the spiritual world and a deep knowing that you belong in it.are magickal as fuck, and people rely on you for your insights and experience.

OMG YES! I'm Ready to Awaken My Gifts!

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What illuminate has brought to others

Illuminate includes 7 live workshops and 12 hours of personal access to Sunshine every month

You won’t find another program with that much one-on-one, personalized contact anywhere else.

When you join Illuminate, this is what you’ll get each month:

On the 1st of every month, all members are invited to join in on a conversation with Sunshine, where she’ll welcome new members and open the floor for anyone (newbies and OGs) to ask questions or share ideas on what else you’d like to see explored in the membership. This is your chance to help mold the program to your specific desires.

At this interactive workshop, 3 volunteers step behind the crystal ball and answer questions from the audience. Each psychic will have roughly 15 minutes to practice their gifts in front of the group and get immediate feedback and guidance. There’s nothing like being in the hot-seat to get real-world experience with using your gifts. Confidence comes from action, and this is a safe space to step up and practice your gifts.

During this seminar, we’ll explore our own personal energetic states, discuss ways to keep our energetic vibration high, and then we’ll all participate in a group healing session to release anything that is holding us back from what you are currently trying to manifest. This serves as a monthly tune up to keep your power at its purest.

At the New Moon, we’ll use the power of planetary magick to shape our lives with our deepest desires. This is a fluid ritual, so you’ll be provided a multitude of ways to participate, including both partnered and solo sex magick. Plus, if you so choose, you can also join in on Zoom as Sunshine fires up the more elaborate ritual at home.

This seminar will have you take a seat at Sunshine’s “Zoom table” for open discussions on any topic relating to witchery, magick, or metaphysics. Think of this as our little fireside chat. You can come up with your own questions, share your knowledge and experiences, or just sit back and enjoy listening to others. This is powerful community time, during which we learn from each other and discuss concepts that you wouldn’t be able to talk about anywhere else.

This is a hands-on workshop that will be used to help prepare all members for the New Moon manifestation ritual. We will spend the time solidifying our personal intentions for the ritual. Right now, we are also creating hypersigils to be used at the New Moon, and we may be exploring other modes of manifestation as we go along.

This workshop is designed to cover all things psychic: Sunshine will teach you about the different kinds of psychic abilities and how they show up in your life. We’ll talk about how to fine-tune them for the clearest messages, and we’ll work through powerful exercises together.

This is where our community stays in touch and deepens connections. Imagine a 24/7 chat with other magickal beings who want to talk about the same things that you do! When we’re not in one of our 7 monthly sessions, this is where we come together, and the conversations are truly life-changing.

Sunshine’s Office Hours are the greatest value and opportunity found within Illuminate. For 3 hours every week, she’s available on Slack to chat with you personally about any specific, personal questions that you may have…which creates a completely unique and tailored experience for every student. This type of specialized magickal mentorship is exclusive and hard to find, so take advantage at every chance you get.

That's over $5000 a month of spectacular offers for $555 a month. OMG YES! I'm Ready to Awaken My Gifts!

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Have you met Sunshine?

She’s the pink-haired psychic medium, soul healer, spiritual advisor, high priestess, recovering alcoholic, and founder of Sunshine Readings.

Sunshine has spent the past 25 years cultivating a deep magickal practice that is heavily sprinkled with witchcraft, spell work, ritual, and constant conversation with her spirit army. She’s been tasked with the mission to awaken and mentor as many magickal and psychically gifted people as possible. 

When you join Illuminate, you get consistent and personalized access to Sunshine, which is something that usually costs thousands of dollars! No other program, course, or membership offers one-on-one mentorship like this.

The Illuminate journey

After Month 1:

  • You’ll have a firm understanding of your magickal, psychic, and spiritual strengths.
  • You’ll become aware of the power of regular magickal practice.
  • You will begin to notice magickal energies and happenings in your everyday life.

After Month 2: 

  • You’ll have more confidence in recognizing how your abilities are working for you every day.
  • You’ll notice your energy shift and things starting to fall into place as synchronicities bloom.
  • The benefits of your New Moon manifestations will begin to emerge.

After Month 3:

  • You’ll be making decisions with your psychic abilities.
  • You will have created and implemented a magickal practice.
  • You’ll have a deep sense of community as you step into your gifts… you’ll know that you are supported in any way that your abilities are developing. 

If you decide to carry on with your work in Illuminate:

  • You’ll establish a phenomenal and close relationship with your spirit guides.
  • Your life’s purpose and long-term direction will become clear, and you’ll know exactly what decisions to make to get there.
  • Your daily magickal practices will feel easy and aligned with your goals.
  • Those around you will notice that you’ve changed and start coming to you for advice and guidance.
  • You’ll have strong boundaries and a sovereignty that makes you feel powerful as fuck.
  • You won’t be stressed about perfection anymore, because you’ll be finding peace and joy in your everyday life.
  • Your relationships will be healthy, and the chaos and drama that once crept into your life will be long gone.


Will you train me how to become a psychic medium?

No, not really. This community is more about dealing with your magickal blocks so that your natural abilities have space to flourish. We’ll unlock and strengthen what’s been under the surface. Then, we’ll build your spiritual confidence. Heal first; train later.

What if I’m scared of my gifts?

That’s totally natural! Especially if you’ve been raised in an environment that didn’t get how it all works or told you that it was wrong. The good news is that it’s not wrong to be magickal. And you can come into Illuminate with your fears because they are also your blocks. We’ll provide you with a safe, supportive environment in which to navigate your scary feelings and then use them for growth.

I’ve never done any type of magickal work before. Can I still join?


Absolutely. We’re working on the premise that there is magick in everyone and that uncovering and nourishing that magick starts with uncovering and nourishing your soul. This is a place to explore the shiny, mysterious parts of yourself that may seem a bit dull and tired right now. It’s a place to tip your toes into the magickal waters.

So is this like therapy?

Well, it may feel like it at times but, I’m not a therapist, and I’m not trained in any type of psychological or medical treatment…this is more like energy therapy. We’ll use Reiki to heal your sticky energy issues, and we’ll engage in workshops and open chats to build your confidence in the gifts that you already have. These are all designed to empower you so that you can move forward and continue your personal healing and magical practices.

What if I decide I don’t like it?

That’s okay. We’re not all the right fit for everything. If this is the case with you, you can email assist@sunshinereadings.com to request an immediate termination of your membership. Then, so that we can learn and grow through your experience, we’ll request an early exit interview. After that meeting, your membership will be canceled.

How much time do I need?

We have about 8 hours of events scheduled throughout the month. The dates and times of these events will fluctuate based on the moon cycle, and you’ll be able to sign up for the events you want to attend to get reminders. So…it’s really up to you! The more you attend, the more quickly you’ll see transformations within yourself.

What if I can’t make some of the calls?

That’s okay! I believe that you’ll make the ones that you’re meant to make. Having said that, most of these sessions are about hands-on, in-the-moment work. They’ll all be recorded, though, so if you’d like access to a replay, you can simply ask the team!

It’s time to step into your power and cultivate your magickal and psychic gifts. Are you ready to align with your purpose, create the life of your dreams, and live every day as the magickal being that you were born to be?

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What you can expect in Illuminate

“The biggest “aha” was my self confidence in my practice. A strong group of supporting and learning individuals have made this an excellent choice in programs to work with to develop my skills. I’ve experienced a shift in a positive manner, in my understanding of my own unique practice while being able to learn from others.” – Kimblery S

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