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The Membership that will take your magickal psychic gifts to the next level

You know that you have magick in you. Maybe you’ve experienced knowing something before it actually happens, or a dream that comes true, or sometimes you can just feel what others are thinking. Maybe you know in your core that you are a healer and that you’ve been put on this planet to do something huge. Or, maybe you’ve been magickal for a long time, but you’re tired and blocked and need a place to heal and refresh your gifts.

We all have magick.

We’re just born that way. But things happen in our lives that shut that magick down. Whether it was your own spirit guides who flipped off the switch in order to protect you (that happened to me!), or the religion that you grew up in, or a bad marriage, or a fear of being judged, or a trauma that blocked out a lot of what makes you you…it’s time to step out of the dark and into your magickal light with Illuminate.

Your magick is still there…it’s just been brewing under the surface.

Illuminate is a brand-new monthly membership designed to awaken your gifts so that you can bloom fully into a life that you’re madly in love with. It’s been crafted for psychics, empaths, sensitives, healers, and witches who are ready to heal and learn all about the magickal world inside themselves. It’s for those who want to cultivate their gifts to their most powerful potential.

Are you ready?

You are Magickal as fuck

Not sure that you actually have magickal abilities?

Well you can bet your ass that I’m sure you do. Just the fact that you’re here and curious tells me that your inner badass witch or healer or psychic is ready to bust out and be known. Trust it.

Never actually done a magickal ritual before?

Not to worry. Illuminate has been created to serve magickal folks at every level. Plus, you’ll have direct access to me for personalized learning.

Nervous about unleashing so much power within yourself?

Knowing our power can be a bit scary, but my guides, your guides, and I will have your back. Illuminate has been crafted with deep care, and the intention has been set to develop a gentle, non-judgemental container for your gifts to blossom.

“I learned that I need to be more in tune with myself and put myself first before others. Don’t let what people say or do affect my balance, learn to release bad energy and be more happy!”


Restore. Renew. Rediscover your Power.

Hey, Witch! I’m Sunshine

I’m a Psychic Medium, Soul Healer, Spiritual Advisor, Shadow Worker, Eclectic Witch, Practiced Magician, Recovering Alcoholic, and the Founder of Sunshine Readings. My magick was blocked by my own guides when I was a kid, and it took decades for me to uncover them. Once I did, my wildest dreams began coming true. And now my guides are my best friends and biggest supporters.

I’ve spent the past 25 years cultivating a deep magickal practice that is heavily sprinkled with witchcraft, spell work, ritual, and constant conversation with my spirit army. And I’ve been tasked with the mission to awaken and mentor more of us.

If you’re ready to awaken your magick then

I also wanted to thank you for the opportunity to participate and interact with like-minded individuals. It is truly refreshing to interact with people who do this kind of work.  So, thank you for all the work you put into this.  I hope to be a part of your programs again.”


A Peek into the Monthly Practices

This is your opportunity to uncover the answers to all the questions that you have about your gifts or your life. No topic is off-limits. Bring it.

In the Psychic Power Hour, we’re going to get cozy with my own guides, who have never let me down. And my badass guides will get comfy with your own badass guides. Haven’t met your guides yet? This is the place to do it. Your feelings of safety and structure will bloom with these sessions as you learn that your guides (and mine!) have your back.

This is your chance to get Reiki healing and to ask all of your questions about your energy or struggles as well as to learn techniques to do energy work on your own.

When our energies are aligned and balanced, we are opened up to receive endless amounts of divine inspiration. Reiki healing is powerful. It’s like a doctor’s appointment for your energy fields, and we’ll get you all tweaked and attuned so that you become a well-oiled machine for the good stuff.

Once a month, we’ll harness the magick of the new moon with my powerful Saturn New Moon Ritual. I’ll show you how to perform the ritual on your own, and I’ll also include you in my own ritual work for an extra oomph toward your personal workings.

You’ll take a seat at my “zoom table” for open discussions on any topic relating to witchery, magick, or metaphysics.

Think of this as our own little fireside chat. You can come with your own questions, share your knowledge and experiences, or just sit back and enjoy listening to others. It’s my dream for this time to be when we come together in a relaxed, witnessing community. I want to learn as much from you as you’re learning from me, because we all have our own zones of genius. 

I’ll guide you through the creation of a hyper sigil that will be used for that month’s New Moon Ritual. We’ll also get down and dirty with your big, far-fetching desires so that we can add power to each other’s work.

I’ll walk you through divination exercises that will flex and build your psychic abilities.

This workshop is designed to cover all things psychic: I’ll teach about the different kinds of psychic abilities and how they show up in your life. We’ll talk about how to fine-tune them for the clearest messages, and we’ll work through powerful exercises together.

This is where we can keep the chat going. We’ll build our own, private community for real-time and in-depth connection. We’ll be able to share resources, links, or add files for each other… because I know that questions come up about this work all the time, and I want you to have a place to keep exploring and learning, even when we’re not in an official workshop or session. I know how lonely it can feel while discovering this stuff, and I wish that I’d had a badass group of magickal folks to chat with when I was starting out.

Once we’re all in Slack, you and I can stay in touch with private, discreet, and non-judgmental messages. As we build your confidence, you might have questions that you’re not ready to ask in front of your peers, so I’ll be using my 20+ years of coaching and mentoring experience to answer and coach you through anything.

You could buy them separately. Or you could get everything for one, discounted monthly price.

  • Priceless – Individualized Education
  • $2700 – Weekly Office Hours for 1:1 Mentorship
  • $2000 – 6 LIVE Life-Changing Group Sessions
  • $555 – 1 Magickal Manifestation Ritual
  • $250 – Archive of group sessions
  • $75 – 24/7 Members Chat Room

If purchased separately: $5,580/ month

Now offered for: $1111/month 

“I really resonated with the guided meditation, I was in chills and it brought tears to my eyes b.c I felt connected and that has not happened in a long time. I am definitely a beginner and I can’t wait to get a deck and utilize the tools to help me along. Ty all so very much. ”


Frequently Asked Questions

Now’s your chance to join Illuminate!

The workshop yesterday was transformational! Great awareness. I was able to get a change of perspective. The message -Stop being stuck in the emotion of the situation. It’s actually a blessing. You have strength for the new journey. Let go of the self-imposed sadness and change to a higher perspective. Thank you all for holding the loving space all you fantastically lovely, magical women


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