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I’m the Living Tower Card

Do you ever get that nagging feeling in the pit of your stomach for months on end accompanied by racing thoughts and constant anxiety? Do you feel powerless as your life crumbles around you, searching for something, anything that you could have done differently? Are you feeling shell shocked and shaken, unsure of where you need to start rebuilding? Congratulations, your next tarot card reading will probably involve the tower in some way. That’s a good thing though, even though the card looks very frightening. This means you have now been given the chance to rebuild. Now the question is, where to start. 

The first thing that needs to be done is a very serious look at your life. What is no longer benefiting you? Is there a someone that has been holding your emotions hostage? Has a family member been using you as a therapist with no sort of emotional compensation. Have you accepted yourself as your own saviour? Because, you are. You are the person who gets to use this opportunity to rebuild as YOU need and deserve. So, I guess what the major question is, what do you feel you deserve? How you decide to answer this question will decide the next phase of your life. 

The first brick you lay down is as stable as you are. The most important brick, you have to know, really KNOW, what you want and you can build from there. The first brick is indicative of how much trust you have in yourself and your abilities to make decisions regarding your life. This is not a decision you can lay on to other people, although I’m sure many people would love to make that decision for you. This is about you, your life, and what you want from it. The bricks you decide to reuse in the rebuilding of your tower will be around for the next phase of your life. Decide now if you want them there.  

Now is the time to give you the important reminder that your tower will fall again. And again. And again. Every time you need to make serious changes, and you continue to ignore the signs, these moments of chosen ignorance are chips in the tower you just built. This is your reminder to stay conscious in every decision you make, take care of problems as they come. At least next time your tower falls, you have this to consult. 

You can do this! 



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