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Witch Please! Sunshine’s Guide to the Mystical Episode 2 – Am I a Good Witch or a Bad Witch?

Sunshine – The pink-haired psychic medium:

I guess it helps to make sure that you are unmuted if you are trying to go live. Yeah, so bear with me, my dear friends, I’m starting a little bit before the top of the hour, because I am rocking this event solo.


So welcome to the second episode, of Witch Please! Sunshines Guide to the Mystical. And normally my assistant’s here, but you know, let’s all just be super excited because she is off getting married this weekend. So I’m trying to figure out how in the world to do all of this myself. Yeah, which she has some tricks up her sleeve that I’m not aware of. So yeah, give me a second here, my dear friends. And let’s see if we can figure this out. We should be live. Everyone can hear. I mean, if by chance you aren’t seeing this live aren’t seeing the stream live. Do not worry, my dear friend, we’re gonna save this as a podcast and get that recorded.


So this is episode two. And you know, so welcome back, if this is your second one you’ve listened to, I’m super excited for that. I am even more excited for what we’re going to talk about. So I will be asking every single week as we release the podcasts. In my Facebook Group, I’ll be asking, is there anything that you want me to be chatting about talking about or discussing? But as we get rockin’ and rollin’, let’s be real. Not everybody is going to be like, you know, providing that commentary. So I’ve got to come up with topics each week, which is all good because I live and breathe this shit. And so I’m sitting there. I’ve been thinking about it all morning. And I’ve been wondering what in the world do I do? What do I talk about? And nothing is coming to mind. I’ve got a couple of thoughts, but nothing’s really concrete. Nothing’s feeling real good. Nothing’s really impressing me. So still, again, I cannot find the live video. I’m so I’m so curious about this. So I apologize, guys, I’m just gonna, I’m gonna stop dealing with it, and just focus on you.


So one of the things that I love to do, if I’m going live, or I’ve got an event or something of that nature is I put on lipstick. So I step on over, and I start putting on my lipstick. And all of a sudden, I’m told exactly what it is that I’m going to talk to you about today. And yeah, I’m going to talk to you- Am I a Good Witch Or a Bad Witch? This has been a little bit of a topic of conversation lately. And, you know, maybe you’ve even wondered that. Or maybe you’ve asked other folks, like, are they a good witch or a bad witch? Or am your personal expression in your self? Am I a good witch to a bad witch. And I’ve had to really, really think about this a lot.


In the last couple of weeks and months, as, you know, my own business begins to evolve and the clarity around what I meant to do, starts to solidify, you know, becomes clearer. And so it’s a question that I’m occasionally asked, like there are a handful of questions that are pretty common, when I express that I’m a witch, or I practice witchcraft or anything of that nature. But one of them is, often said, quite cheeky, right? Am I a good witch or a bad witch? So I thought, we are going to tackle this today, we’re gonna get this right out there. We can reference this moving forward, if anybody ever knows, I don’t know, maybe move and maybe even come back in a year or two years as the podcast has been around. And maybe I revisit this because who knows? Maybe it changes? I don’t know.


But right now, I’m going to tell you in this day, this time of this recording, I’m going to answer Am I a good witch or am I a bad witch? But we have to first start off with me explaining my perspective of good and bad, right. So good and bad, these terms these this duality is completely subjective. And what I mean by that is every single individual is going to able to claim what it is they believe is good or bad. There is no hard and fast manual given out when we are each born that says these are the things that are good. And these are the things that are bad, right? That doesn’t happen. So, you may be going like scratching your head there a little bit. That doesn’t mean that cultures and societies don’t have moral norms. It doesn’t mean that there are not moral norms that a lot of folks agree are good and bad. So if you were to go ahead and walk out into a public square and started to survey folks on, you know, is it good or bad, to you know, beat a kitten, you’re gonna get a majority of folks are going to probably be able to provide you the same answer right?


So there there are definitely societal norms, or moral norms that will lead us down the path of good or bad, to kind of prescribe to. So once again, I’m not saying that there are not these societal or cultural or even like religious, let’s be real there’s a lot of religious dogma that will stay good or bad. My background has a lot of Christianity I was raised Catholic, right. 10 commandments, all that kind of great stuff. I’m hearing in my head great stuff, okay. I am stating that at the end of the day, it is up to every individual to determine what they believe is good or bad, right for them, even what moral or societal norms they prescribe to write because every religion or even, culture or society could be very different. If we were to walk into a cannibalistic culture, society, that practice cannibalism, they are not going to see that it is bad. 


And that’s not up for us to judge. I mean, you want to be a judger, be a judger. But I prescribe to a much more existential belief in life that, it’s up to each of us to make our own, you know, kind of create our own realities and our own roles. So, second, we have to talk about that subjective nature definition, applies to what an individual would believe is a good witch or a bad witch. Right? Meaning that one person could say, this is what a good witch is. And this is what about a bad witch is. And some people are gonna describe or prescribe to the definition of a white witch and a dark witch or a Black Witch, or Grey Witch. And I’ve, for many, many years have identified as like, Grey witch, right? Because of exactly what I’m the subjective nature or good of good or bad, right, it’s easier to live in the gray. Life is not so black and white, though many of us love, love to try to pretend that it is. We get caught in that fight of duality.



All right, so if you’re going to be following me and prescribe to what I just already said, right, that the subjective nature of good or bad the subjective nature of a good witch or a bad witch, right, then I am going to share with you next, how I define each of those, right? Because we can’t get me sharing about am I a good witch or a bad witch? And until we understand how I define each I have not given this like hours of thought I haven’t created a doctrine of this, maybe I should know I’m getting shaking my head. No, you’re crazy. You’re silly. Don’t do that. But I’m going to share just based upon some of the notes that I kind of wrote down as I was, came to this conclusion of this topic today. I’m going to share with you some of those things. So what I define as a good witch, right. And there are really three things and we’re going to look at even the opposites of each of these three things on both sides and I’m going to try to give some examples right because let’s be real good and bad is purely one side of the same coin.


So number one, someone who embraces self discovery and evolution like self evolution, right? So this is going to be an individual who is literally calling out their own self, if they are being an idiot, if they’re being stupid, if they don’t know the answer, if they end up with egg on their face. This is literally someone that truly really embraces self discovery and evolution. And I am not talking about someone that states it claims, it just reads the book, but is constantly being their own true vulnerable self in all situations around them. That, to me, is a good witch. Because if we are on this spiritual path in the spiritual evolution, embracing these spiritual practices of a witch, you know, your psychic abilities, these magical powers, these healing gifts, you would be applying them to your own self.And being able to look at to these things and to continue to evolve, and to grow and to learn. But it first starts out with being first starts with being vulnerable, being our true authentic self in all situations, that is a good witch.They’re at the grocery store, they’re standing on stage. If they’re in the bedroom, they are their same self, all over the place. That’s a good witch, they feel really good and comfortable being who they are. 


So if we look at the opposite of that coin, a bad witch is going to be someone that’s more likely to play a victim or to play within what’s referred to as the victim triangle, or sometimes the Drama Triangle. This is somebody that really struggles embracing their own identity. This is somebody who struggles, like feeling like they’re potentially constantly being attacked, that they have to be on guard, that they have to present themselves in certain ways in certain scenarios and situations. Because if you’re doing that, if you’re in this constant state of defense, it’s really hard to grow and evolve. It just is. And I’m thinking back, I’ve been in a corporate environment, like for my job, my corporate career, for us is mind blowing today. Like 25 years. And I’m thinking about all of these instances, in a corporate career in society where people are on defense, let’s go into like the world wars or things of that nature. It is very rare that society as a whole evolves, or corporate or got jobs or anything, if they’re on the defensive. Think about when we were actually in the, you know, just years, we’re coming out of a pandemic, that first year, people were scrambling, everybody was on the defense. And I’m not saying like, there weren’t certain industries or things of that nature, that were able to make money. That is a very true statement. But it is very hard to actually evolve. You’re really just you’re just accelerating, you know, driving revenue and making revenue because you’re able to capitalize upon, you know, it’s, it’s capitalism. It’s not evolution of like a person, a soul or a business. Because even if you were to go ahead and look at some of I’m thinking of here in the in Detroit, I’m just thinking of this-  we had a distillery that decided to turn over and started making sanitizer, hand sanitizer, alcohol based hand sanitizer, awesome, great. The sales exploded, and then it fell flat. They met that problem in that particular market because there was this defensive need, but they weren’t able to actually evolve and it’s not like they’re sitting there still in the hand sanitizer or the alcohol based sanitizer industry. Now, they found that they had barrels and barrels of these, you know, things so being in this defensive state does not always allow us to be in the best position to grow and evolve. So you really have to embrace this state of vulnerability. That’s kind of my first look at defining the difference between a good and a bad witch.


So both of those kind of feed on this next one, and so the second one is a good witch is somebody that is able to operate in high emotional vibrations . They operate in high vibrational emotions, right? That’s the place that they are in their state of genius. That’s it. They know that they recognize that. And so what I mean by this is and I’m not claiming that they don’t have low emotional vibrations that they don’t have, and so just for those of you that may not be aware or familiar what I mean by emotional vibrations, high vibrational emotions are love, peace, happiness, hope, joy. Oh, a wonderment, all these like those things that just make you feel gooey inside. And low vibrational emotions are those that like literally make you want to vomit.  That like paralyze you make you freeze, make your whole body like a twitch, you know, freak out.


These are things like anxiety, depression, fear, shame, guilt,  scarcity, like feelings of like, oh my god, you know, we’re worthlessness things of that nature. And so, the key here is the operates in because every human being is going to be able to is going to experience these emotional states, like we aim and we strive to be in one like, oh, Zen-like emotional state at all times, but we are human, and life happens, right? The difference between a good witch and a bad witch is which state they operate out of. And I’m gonna give you an example, a personal example for me.


When I get into low vibrational state, maybe it’s something hit me and I’m feeling shame about it, and I’m having to process that shame or, or maybe I’m, like, literally trying to, like do something for the first time and I’m scared fucking shitless out of it. Right? Whenever I’m in those low vibrational states, I don’t operate out of them, I don’t try to make decisions, I don’t try to communicate, I kind of go into my harmony type of mode. And I really like pull back and I work through myself. And I try to process those emotions. You know, I’m very blessed that I’ve done a lot of somatic work in the last couple of years. I’ve worked with a beautiful somatic and mentor on this and learned a lot of amazing skills.


And so I see what my body needs, I registered that I don’t operate out of that, where a bad witch right is going to operate out of those, they’re going to tend to make more decisions, you know, once again, because they’re living in that defensive state. They’re living in this defensive state. And again, we’re talking about good witch and bad witch here. And so if you’re starting to feel like, if you think about doing magic, doing work, or anything of that nature, right, somebody that is operating in these high emotional vibrations, right, they’re like, all up here, these people that are constantly in this beautiful, vulnerable, state that they’re really being their true authentic self and everything. Their magic, their work is going to be much different than somebody that’s in this lower emotional vibrations. That is acting in the defensive that, you know, dances in the victim or Drama Triangle.


They may be aware of it too, but they may constantly have to, like pull themselves out of it, because they haven’t learned how to keep that high vibration emotion around them long enough. The third one is really this one to me is probably one day I’ll probably talk about this topic, but magic to me is where science was born. And so science is a lot of hypothesizing, the scientific method includes, stating hypothesis, doing an experiment learning in proving or disproving that hypothesis. And so that is a lot of what makes me a good and a bad witch, are you learning from your mistakes? Are you gathering feedback in order to continue to evolve to shift to adjust? Or are you trying the same things over and over again? Are you and this is both from a practical application like magical application, right? The experimenting, the moving the shaking and the recording type stuff? Did this work? Am I trying it again, so on and so forth? You know, for example, if you try sigil work, and you didn’t charge it and it didn’t work? Are you going to charge it differently?


The next time you’re in that practical application perspective, but also in life, you know, if we’re continuing to have the same behavioral pattern surrounding ourselves with the same people finding ourselves in the same kind bullshit. That low vibe keeping in that, then you’re not learning from your mistakes. And so to me, you’re not taking feedback and life’s lessons and applying it in order to continue to raise that regularity of that high emotional vibration. So, yeah. That’s kind of how I define a good and a bad which, which leads us I guess, to the question that I posed, or the the initial question that was at hand, am I a good witch or bad witch?


I would say, based upon the definition that I just shared, I’m a good witch. I’m a good witch. I have a disgusting, a very disgustingly good relationship with change. I’m constantly trying to learn, evolve, grow. I don’t feel very comfortable if I was the same today, as I was yesterday, that I’m missing out on living. It’s kind of like a little bit of my belief. Because living to me is all about growing and evolving and learning. I already kind of shared with you like I operate, you know, I do what I do in my high emotional vibrations. I try to very strongly to allow my low vibrational emotional states like that, there’s times when I’m experiencing guilt or shame, and it doesn’t happen very often anymore fear. It doesn’t. It happened, but it doesn’t, you know, and they and I get through it in about really like three days. And I’ve had some instances where it’s lasted a little bit longer. But usually like three days, like is a long stint three hours is probably closer to the average.


And I’ve learned how to allow it to somatically process through me, and to learn through it right, once again, goes back into that very last thing that I’m stating all of these things tie in. And I think I’m hoping you’re hearing kind of what I mean by that. All of them tie in. And so that last one, I sometimes beg for feedback, I want people to tell me, you know, what they think how they feel like, how I’m impacting them, how I’m presenting myself to them, whether it’s in a personal life with my partner. If it’s in a personal life with a friend, you know, or somebody that I have a relationship with, if it’s a client, if it’s somebody that I’m helping mentor support, I want that feedback. Because, once again, life is about evolving, growing, learning, being something different tomorrow than we are today.


Now I’m gonna go ahead and share a little something else too. Because what I did not talk about in any of this is the actual magic, and the intention of the magic, because some people will try to define a good witch and a bad witch for based upon the intention of their particular magic.So I’m gonna give you a scenario as a good witch, the majority of of work that I do, is alchemical work, trying to take the things in me and change them. Create inner wealth in order to create this beautiful life that I have around me. Falling in love with myself in order to see all the beauty in the life that I have around me. That’s the majority of work that is 90% of the work that I do. Another 8% of the work well, it’s probably more like spell work where I’ll be like, Oh, shit, you know, I really need to make something happen. I really shit the bed and I missed out on buying those concert tickets. And now everything on resale is like crazy, right? That’s one you know, like, Oh, shit. Just missed out on the sale and neat,  you know, these like little tangible things. So I’m about 8% of my work is there and that’s spell work it’s very intentional. It’s meant to bring about a change something in my favor. Once again, all good there. It’s typically it’s very rare. You know, Even though it’s like without harm to without harm to any now that 2% that you’re hearing me right I don’t shy away from what some people would consider darker magic and I’m gonna give you an example.


I had a dear fellow which friend of mine reached out to me I don’t even remember what it was number of years ago and they they shared they had an ex that they had a restraining order on. That they’ve been hiding from from for like, I don’t know, five years that person didn’t know where they live, where their address was. No way to contact them anything of that nature and they found it out. And this friend was scared they were concerned because that restraining order was in place for particular purposes personal protection order maybe you might know that PPO and they didn’t know what to do and so we crafted a wish. What people would consider is a very dark spell to ensure her protection and that individuals demise so to speak, right? And we’re not you know, demise it was a nightmare spell, and involve nightmares, giving them nightmares, so that they really became too stressed out to to pay attention to anything else. So yeah, I mean, in that particular instance, I felt that it was the right thing to do. And I don’t think that made me a bad witch. So, am I a good witch? Or am I bad? But I am a good witch. I’m a spectacular witch actually. But that being said, lastly, final thing for me to say to you today for any of you that are listening is- fuck labels really doesn’t even fucking matter.


Does it matter if I’m a good witch or a bad witch? What does that what does it even matter? Why does anybody give a shit? What a fucking title is that? I take if I say I’m a good or a bad witch. Isn’t it? What I do? That matters? Isn’t it how I present myself? Isn’t it my energy when you’re around me? Isn’t it how you see me? Isn’t it how I make you feel? Doesn’t that ultimately determine if I’m a good witch or a bad witch? Hmm, I would think so. Well, all right, my dear friends. I hope you enjoyed episode two. I know we are actively working on making sure that this is up on all of the major podcast platforms. So if you didn’t catch this one live or live streamed the video, make sure to check any of the podcast platforms so until next time, my dear friends much love for me to all of you

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