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Making My Own Runes

I think it was a year and a half ago when I bought the wooden coins I would need to make my own runes. I’m sure I had plans to actually paint and make them back then and just got distracted which is one of the reasons that I am planning to add more dedicated “creative” time into my schedule in the new year!

Since we’re still over a month from the new year, you may wonder, “how did you find the time now???” And its a pretty cool story how. You see over two months ago I met this English woman in an alchemy program that I am in. She expressed her desire to make more friends and offered up a tea date. I decided to take her up on the offer and make it a tea and craft date!

We met last month and had such a fabulous time with each other, that we decided to do it again this month. So this past Saturday as I sat there writing I got the notice that she was waiting in my zoom! I’d totally forgotten about our date so I jumped over. 

After we chatted for a bit I decided I need to find some craft to do while we chatted. I looked around the craft room and stumbled upon the wooden coins. It felt like the right time. So I grabbed the coins, some acrylic paint and my other necessary supplies. 


When it comes to doing any type of artwork, I really try to follow my intuition. I asked what colors I should use and heard, “purple and gold”. Of course, I could have painted them solid purple with the gold symbols but I decided I wanted some character in these so I decide on a technique that I thought would make it resemble marble.

Holding onto those little coins and trying to paint was a bit of a pain. I had paint all over my hands, which I don’t mind, but they were so small and light that they kept sticking to my fingers which I was afraid would ruin the marbling technique. But I did it. Got them all painted, both sides and the edge. 

Sunday morning I sat down and finished by putting on the symbols and I’m ecstatic how they turned out. My belief is that since I made these, they will be in tuned with my vibrational energy. My next steps with this is to conduct a study which means I’ll go through each one and write down my intuitive and guided interpretation. 

Do you like to incorporate art into your spiritual practices? If so, how? Drop me a comment below and let’s hear it.

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