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Witch Please! Sunshine’s Guide to the Mystical [ Season 1 Episode 5 ] The Evil Eye and Curses


Sunshine – The pink-haired psychic medium:

All right. Welcome back. Again, it is Sunshine, the pink-haired psychic medium. We are with Episode Five today on Witch Please! Yes, so excited. I had a couple of things I could have talked about today. And it was a little bit hard to pick, especially when I literally just got off a call with one of my clients. And we had this fascinating discussion. And maybe I’ll have to wait and save that for next week, because I’m still digesting, and have a couple of things that I need to research. So what are we talking about today?


As I said, Welcome to Episode Five, where we’re going to talk about the evil eye and curses. Maybe that’s of interest to some folks? Well, I’m going to start first, let’s level set here. And do they exist? That might be the first question Do they exist? Do does the evil eye exist as a cursed exist? Let’s revisit, for something to exist, you have to believe that it exists. And so if you don’t believe that it exists, it would never be it just it’s not possible. So for a perfect example, there are a lot of children that believe in Santa Claus, he exists for all intensive purposes until the time and the point in that child’s life, that they find out that it was mom or dad that was putting all sliding the gifts underneath the tree, that child believes that Santa Claus is real. You can’t argue it with them, maybe they waver at some point. But if you went and asked a bunch of three year olds to talk about, you know, every single one of them is going to believe that Santa is real. So in order to exist for him to have existed, these children have to believe. That it’s the same thing with the evil eye, or the curse. So if you don’t believe in it, it’s not going to really exist. And you can go ahead and contribute anything that’s happening that might have been evil eye or curse related to something else. But if you believe that an evil eye or a curse exists, then yeah, it’s true. And I believe it. So I believe that the evil eye exists.


And so for those of you that might be uncertain about what it is, I always like to make sure to kind of educate if I can. So evil eye is literally kind of like a you could maybe consider it like a little tiny mini curse. The evil eye is when an individual literally is going to “look at” you know, or you can even say like, “look at remotely”, maybe they’re visualizing it, right remote viewing it or something, but they’re going to look at and cast a kind of like I said that mini curse. And usually I think a very common kind of evil eye that people would be more familiar with is like somebody throwing shade. Right? Somebody’s throwing shade would be like casting an evil eye.  You know, you look at and you say  yeah, they always have everything, like, I can’t wait until you know, shit hits the fan for them kind of stuff, like these little kinds of things, but it’s often done in just a look. It doesn’t even need words associated to it. It’s just the way that an individual look and then their own thought processes. Are you invoking, you know, or setting the intention of some kind of ill will on the receiver. I like to think of these as like energetic darts.


So someone is just kind of throwing this etheric energetic dart at you being as little poisonous dart that just heading your way. Curses and the evil I think the evil happens all the time, I think it happens a hell of a lot more than people even realize. It just might not be impacting you. So just think about all of the people that you run across or meet throughout your day, some of them are going to know you and love you, some of them aren’t going to know you and aren’t going to give a shit about you. Then some of them might kind of know you or might not know you and just you still rub them the wrong way. Any of those would be possible kind of throwing you the evil on curses. I do believe in curses, I believe that it is very possible for someone to curse someone else. Now the power and the impact of that curse definitely depends upon the recipient. But I don’t believe that this happens very often. Meaning the evil eye all the time but a true curse like somebody with magickal power or magickal intentions literally setting forth and you know, intentionally cursing I don’t thinking happens very often. But I like to consider this either an energetic cord or an energetic cloth, meaning in the same way it is actually kind of like wrapping itself around your energetic or piercing your energetic, you know that that dark pierces your energy self. But that curse is either going to rap a chord or kind of like a whole cloth around that energy, right?


The whole point of both of these whether we’re talking the evil eye or a curse is to lower the energetic vibration of the recipient. It’s to lower the energetic vibration because if we have our living in a high vibrational emotional state at all times, our life is going to be feel really wonderful and lovely. So they’re really when they throw the evil eye or they curse you they are, they’re in essence trying to lower your energetic vibration, right? Because the lower your vibrational state is, the more shitty things your life is going to feel. Low vibrational, like emotions are, you know, guilt, shame, fear, anxiety, worry, suffering, overthinking, paralysis, not even being able to act is also a low vibrational state. So that your life is gonna feel really shitty if that’s the state that you’re constantly in.


Which got me to thinking, when I was kind of thinking about this, what happens? If you are a badass, powerful witch, and you’re working to keep your vibration high on a regular basis? What happens if you have all of this protection up? And you have literal high vibrational activities that are trying to keep you in these really beautiful state. What’s going to happen if somebody sends an evil eye your way? Or sends a curse your way? Yeah, so you know, podcasts- really lovely. I’m used to often working with a lot of audiences. So I’m like, I want to ask this question and see what people have to say. So who knows? Maybe you’re listening, and you want to drop me a comment on this. What do you think is going to happen? 


Well, I have been exploring in the last couple of weeks. This fact what I have discovered is they manifest differently, they still are going to impact you, but they manifest themselves differently. Because you have a lot of protection up and you have intentional activities as that badass powerful witch that you are, you have intentional activities to continuously raise your own energetic state. And so life is very much more beautiful when we’re in high vibrational states. So here are some signs my dear friends, if life seems pretty decent to you, but yet like there’s something nagging like maybe you’re not quite sure what it is. Or like, maybe you’ve had this thought, like me, I was like, Oh, shit, I literally think someone’s casting some evil. I like some deep intense, like, I don’t know, I’m like, because everything else, but I would get these thoughts. I’d look around. I’m like, No, things are good. Things are great.



So here, here is some of the ways and I would say this probably started, I would have to speculate maybe three and a July for me. Maybe it was middle of July. And so the first thing that it can it can potentially start with is like an infestation of some type. So you know, maybe you’ve got an infestation of spiders, centipedes, ants, bees, you know, something like annoying and aggravating. It’s not like a it literally looks just like it’s a natural occurrence that happens. But you’re just like, where did this come from? This is so weird. And so I’ll explain mine. And there’s often some very logical reason to it. And so this one that I didn’t think anything on when it first happened, an infestation. I had a bag of bird seeds sitting at my, my landing, you know, going to go outside into the backyard, and had been sitting there for a while. Well, I didn’t know that there’s such thing as grain moths. I had no clue what these little buggers are grain moss will literally kind of like find their way into grain. And they like to eat the grain and then they continue to reproduce right there.


Well, I’ve no clue. And lo and behold, I just wake up one day and I’m like, What are these weird little dots on my wall? And I’m just thinking they’re dirt, right? No, it’s all of these little tiny fucking moss. They somehow managed to get into the bag and then came out right and I don’t think anything of it because I’m like, I do the research and oh, wow, this it can happen. So I go and I dumped this big gigantic bag of birdseed out in the yard and you know the birds and the squirrels and the animals love it. So it’s great. So I don’t think anything else on it and we keep going and you know then at some point I end up with like a really strange rash very strange rash and once again there’s there’s some rational explanation for it right it happened to be kind of like on my chest. My partner loves to like rest his head on my chest when you know we’re like hugging or laying there and so I was like, Oh, it must be his new beard oil like once again, right?


So you might have some like unexplained physical ailments that pop up maybe little rashes maybe you maybe your allergies are acting up you know same thing once again easy to kind of rationalize another thing that you may have is you may have fruit or food that rots quicker than normal. So I this was probably three weeks ago now. And this actually happened right after I made the realization that somebody was casting this and I will share kind of you know what I’ve done because it takes a bit when someone’s like, casting an evil eye at you, they very well may be continuing to do it right so you kind of have to do some some action there. I had bought literally went to the corner market and bought a bunch of fruit blueberries and a couple of other you know, fruits and things like that. Two days later I go to make whatever it was for breakfast toast or something of that nature. And there’s mold all over that fruit I go grab the other fruit mold all over that crazy right then come to find out thought we had handled whatever that was that month ago that the grain moths and come to find out that no they in fact gotten into the cabinets and into some sealed containers and that was a realization this week.


So this is these are some of the signs and the things like if you if you have a you know good high vibrational and everything else seems good, these other weird things are happening. It could actually mean you’ve got the evil I mean, sent your way or you’ve been cursed. Right? And you know, curses don’t show up in you know, in all the ways that people think that they’re literally low vibration, they lowers your vibration, and then you do all the shitty stuff to yourself. It’s really what ends up happening because that low vibrational state. But of course, you know, the question comes, I’m not going to just share these stories and tell you this, that you know, evil eye and the curses are real and that you should you know, be aware of them without giving you some help and some advice here, right. You’re always going to want to make sure that you’re protecting your energy that’s the very number one thing so the reason why I you know, still feel a lot of joy and happiness and love and all this kind of really, like lovely and wonderful stuff is because I do I protect my energy on a regular basis. You know, whether it’s through very intentional ritual, whether it’s through you know, cleansing showers, whether it’s removing connections, anything of that nature. Always make sure to protect your energy and I think we talked about this even you know, two episodes back.


The second thing don’t hesitate to cast some spells around backfiring or return to sender. And so the one that I did I literally I do a lot of my work my magical work in the astral plane. So I’ll share this in case you happen to be interested in and if any of you are fans of The Lord of the Rings, this may feel very, very, you know, comfortable to you from a visualization perspective, once you have put yourself into your astral plane where you do your magic or wherever that is you literally will visualize the erecting of the tower of Sauron for you over your entire domain so you in essence erect that entire tower and that’s literally the way that it looks for me so it shows with that large orange glowing eye at the very top to watch and pay attention and to be aware of anything that may be coming in essence.


In addition to that, the other intention that was put with that is when it is noticed it actually returns it right back it doesn’t even allow it to come to it it basically makes it do a complete one ad and sends it right back to wherever it came from. So that myself was done probably I think it was about three weeks ago within I think three days the rash had completely cleared as I said we just found that the the last remnants I believe of this, the infestation so hopefully that is done and I have not had fruit spoil as fast um as I once did so yeah, you know make sure that you’re protecting your energy and make sure that you know don’t hesitate, you know do some spell work for some backfire or return to sender don’t allow other people to send you that that evil eye or that that those curses without so to speak paying the price so all right I hope that you enjoyed this week’s episode as usual we’ll be back again next week who knows what the topic is? I cuz I decide pretty much when the guides tell me I get to talk so Yeah, we’re good. Until next time, my dear friends. I don’t know I need to figure out a really cool closure on this. Take care much love for me to all of you.

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