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Message From the Universe- Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups fell from my deck today as I was shuffling, asking what it was the Universe needed us to focus on this week. It took me some time to really figure out what the Universe needed us to know. This week, we have a lot to look forward to, the main themes being Empowerment and Knowledge. 

This week, I see for us a drive from within to be better than we are. Most of us have been struggling with our sense of self. Are humans innately good or bad? We are constantly questioning ourselves and our decisions, this is left residual from last week; we were struggling with the world around us and how it affects our sense of self. We also learned that all that really matters is who we feel we are. This week, we take the time to ask who that is. 

What is it about ourselves that makes us who we are? How is it we can turn into who we want to be? The answer is quite simple; ask the very people we had trouble with last week. Asking how people perceive you may change your perception of yourself. They don’t see us with the eyes of our trauma, self depreciation, and loathing. They see who you present to the world, the truest version of yourself. 

The question then becomes, What if I don’t like what they see?

Well then, at least you know where to start on the journey to becoming your best self. 

Please keep in mind, that yes, it is great to know how other people see you. Even if they don’t like you, or what you do, if it is something that causes no harm and makes you happy- you keep being your bad self. 

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This week is going to be amazing! 

You can do it! 

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