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Message From the universe- Eight of Swords (AGAIN)

This week it looks like we’re being visited again by the Eight of Swords, which tells me; dear reader, that we have lessons gone unlearned. When cards like this keep popping up, there’s always a reason. Has anyone else been feeling stuck, a product of your own doing? Knowing there’s a way out, but not quite sure where it is or how to get there? You’re not alone; feeling stuck, stagnant, trapped even- that’s the worst. Look into that feeling that tells you there’s no way out, find a way to prove it wrong. There is always a way. Sometimes you just have to look a little harder. 

We blindfold ourselves when there are things we don’t want to see. When we feel stuck in a situation or place, we often don’t want to leave because it’s considered ‘rude’, even when we’re wholly uncomfortable. We have a compulsive need to be nice, torturing ourselves and breaking our own boundaries. There is a way past this, but you are going to have to be assertive. Tell yourself and let others know that you are way past your boundaries and that you can no longer take part in it. Assert your presence, don’t let anyone bind you against your will. 

You’re also going to want to have a conversation with your Solar Plexus. This houses your confidence and your ego. When we hear ‘Ego’ we think about someone that tends to be overly confident with a giant head. However, your Ego is that whisper you hear telling you that you’re not a good person if you stand up for yourself. It isn’t always loud and boastful, sometimes, when it’s weak, it can be a cause for depression. It tells us the worst things we want to hear. Practice strengthening it and yourself with the word ‘No’. Seriously, it’s freaking magickal,especially when people don’t expect it from you; when they’re used to walking all over you. 

This week, your mantra will be “I can say No. I have the Power to say No. I deserve to say No.” because you can. You will. Every psychic reader at Sunshine Reading’s is here to help you step out of the dark and into the light. We do through psychic readings, healings or spiritual guidance sessions. To schedule a reading with one of Sunshine Reading’s gifted psychic advisors, click here: https://sunshinereadings.as.me/schedule.php

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