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Message From the Universe- Eight of Swords

This week the Eight of Swords reminds us to be aware. There are too many times where we see it fit to turn a blind eye and forget to really observe what we notice. When things are difficult, it can be hard to admit and at times we really don’t want to admit WHY things are difficult. The Universe this week reminds us to keep our eyes open, there will be no more turning away from things we don’t want to admit. Heed this warning: if you keep turning away, the Universe will find a way to force you. 

It can be too easy for us to lose ourselves in the moment, too easy for us to forget to notice red flags or signs that you maybe shouldn’t be where you are. These are the moments that make life important, these moments show you where you can break any self fulfilling prophecies or generational curses that may have been set. At times, this may feel like an internal battle. An important reminder is to trust your instincts, there are things that our eyes can’t see that our gut can feel, believe your first instinct first. Right now it is very important to trust yourself. 

When you find the ability to trust yourself, you will then find the way to secure yourself. You will discover boundaries to be made, ways to improve your self care, and best of all you won’t second guess your decisions. In certain instances, it’s important to know how much control you have, which is usually slim to none. Acknowledge when things are out of your control, this will take some of the pressure off of yourself, thus allowing you to control what you can.
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