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Message From the universe- Five of Discs

The Five of Swords fell out of the deck this week and decided to let us know where our focus should lie. From an initial glimpse, we can tell that this week’s theme is looking into what makes us feel restricted. We need to look into the binds that tie us down and those that keep us grounded and then we need to differentiate. This week might be hard, emotionally, we are going to really be feeling those things that drag us down. Spirit is begging us to listen, and listen hard, during these times- these are the times that, if given the correct Cycle Breaking additude, can have the strongest outcomes in our lives. We are being called to untangle our webs. 

We all spin webs every single day. Every connection and conversation we have is a web string that we create. This also allows for other people to stick their strings to us. Take some time this week to think about your web. How big is it, do you often get lost trying to organize it? Take one string, one connection at a time, whichever is the most prominent in your life right now. What does that connection look like? Are there parts of it that make you feel heavy or give you a nauseous feeling in your stomach? These are the web strings that you need to disconnect from and create a barrier, also known as a boundary. 

These webs we weave have a direct impact on our everyday life. These are the energies we give out and accept from others, half the time we don’t even realize that we’re creating these connections. Not until they’re affecting us and our mental health. These connections allow us to carry other people’s emotions for them, you are only responsible for your own. Every psychic reader at Sunshine Reading’s is here to help you step out of the dark and into the light. We do through psychic readings, healings or spiritual guidance sessions. To schedule a reading with one of Sunshine Reading’s gifted psychic advisors, click here: https://sunshinereadings.as.me/schedule.php 

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