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Message from the Universe- Page of Cauldrons

Hello Friends, this week for us I’ve pulled the Page of Cauldrons. She tells us how the enlightenment from this month can come from reflection. We must really come to terms with where we have been, what has occured to us, we need to reflect on our reactions as well. This is a reminder that humans are emotional creatures, we react based on how we feel about every situation. We are also social creatures, we long for companionship, often at the expense of our own well being. This week will tell us the best way to find those that we should keep in our life and those that no longer serve us. 

We should also acknowledge that we do get to pave our own path. We acknowledge those that we have had to leave behind us, knowing that we have done so to take care of ourselves.A great thing to do during this time is recalling all of our treasured memories from those people we have let go. Happy memories remind us that they, too, are only human, but we have had to part ways for whatever reason. This is a completely natural part of life, we often find people we think will be there forever; it’s a shame when they can’t be, and that can be a very real pain. 

Working through the pain, knowing it’s for the benefit of your spirit, causes a large amount of growth. Within that you will find your boundaries, your limits, and what you are willing to go through for another person. We have to pounce on every chance to learn about ourselves, this is what makes us spiritual warriors. This teaches us how to bond with people, correctly, and shows us who we can benefit from and who has us carry more than we can handle. It teaches us to trust our instincts, which will guide you for the rest of your life. 
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