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Message from the Universe- Ten of Shields

The Ten of Shields has revealed itself to us this week, in a reminder how important other people can be in our lives. It comes as no surprise that humans are very social creatures, whether we want to be or not. Even the most secluded person has at least one other someone to rely on. Since the dawn of time, humanity has stuck together, separated only by ‘tribes’. We long to have connections, not only that, but to have these connections reciprocated. We tend to feel whole when we are surrounded by those that we love and are sure love us. 

This card is also a reminder to allow yourself to accept that love. When we feel alone, we tend to push away the idea that anyone could love us. We refuse to accept love and the secure feeling that comes with this because we tend to have this habit of embracing the chaos that comes; allowing us to wallow in our own self pity. We love any reason that allows us to complain, but we never take into account what that does to our psyche. We can all say we want out of the dark, but the only way to get there is to physically and consciously take the first step. 

We are reminded that other people crave the same sense of security we do. The same anxiety during relationships and the same intrusive thoughts when those that are close to us are away for too long. This is a great time to reach out to those that you might not have heard from in a while and tell them that they’re on your mind. Odd’s are you are on theirs too! 

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