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Message From the Universe- Ten of Wands

Every week I ask the Universe what it is we should be sure to take notice of with a little help from my tarot cards. This week, the Ten of Wands popped out. He tells us to be mindful of our limits, everyone has them. They can be pushed, yes, but never to a breaking point. Emotionally, Mentally, and Physically, the human body can only take so much stress; within this stress is where we find our limits. Listen to your body when it says stop. Listen to your mind when it says there is too much happening and you need a break. Also, take breaks. 

We want people to be proud of us, that’s why we push ourselves. We want to be able to carry things for them, do things for them, and then expect ourselves to be able to do the same for ourselves with just as much energy. When we take too much upon our shoulders, things will begin to fall from them, leaving a mess for somebody else to pick up that you didn’t even know was there. When our load is too heavy, things slip from our grasp, the responsibility we took for someone else, will roll back to them; placing them in an even more stressful state. 

These are great opportunities to practice using the word ‘No’. If there is something that you want to do, explain that at this time you would love to, but are unable because you already have too much to handle. There may be a responsibility switch or a compromise that can be made. You decided what and how much you can carry, don’t try to stretch your limits, you will be able to carry more in time, but that takes practice. 

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