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Mission & Values- Fill Our Own Cups

Energy Healing can take it’s toll on a Reader, which is why here at Sunshine Readings we really emphasize the importance of Self Care. This way you are secure in the fact that your Reader is there because they WANT to help you, not because they feel obligated to. We are here because we have all come to the realization that helping you all in our special ways makes us feel good. This really is a way we help ourselves, you, as a client, can help us put things in perspective on our end as well. You help us too, if you can believe it!

We want to lead by example, making sure that you leave each session with a multitude of ways that may help you fill your own cup. This is a way that we ensure both you and ourselves are living our best lives. The world can feel like a huge weight on our shoulders sometimes, when we feel this weight, it means that we really need to take time for ourselves; because the world is not a burden we have to carry. The only baggage we really have to worry about is our own. We want to make sure that you are caring for yourself too. 

We will always encourage you to be the best and brightest version of yourself, in exchange we will give you the best and brightest version of ourselves. With every reading you will be one step closer to being the you you’ve always wanted.  Every psychic reader at Sunshine Reading’s is here to help you step out of the dark and into the light. We do through psychic readings, healings or spiritual guidance sessions. To schedule a reading with one of Sunshine Reading’s gifted psychic advisors, click here: https://sunshinereadings.as.me/schedule.php

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