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Mission & Values -Our Mission

Albus Dumbledore once said “Happiness can be found in the darkest of places, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” Our mission here at Sunshine Readings is to help you find your light switch. We have all gone through difficult, dark times and sometimes they can be all consuming. It can be difficult to crawl out of that hole by yourself, sometimes you need a little help; and you should never be afraid to ask for it. We want to be the ones to help you take your life back into your own hands and create the future you’ve always wanted. 

We have an array of readings, healings and paths for spiritual guidance at your disposal to help you pinpoint where we can help you best. All of our Readers have years of experience dedicated to their art and pull on a team of Spirit Guides and Deities to help them clearly communicate where you can be adjusted to live your best life. We deliver each reading in a concise, no nonsense way that allows you the comfort of honesty and an empathetic environment. Every reading and healing is tailored to show you how to design the life you desire. 

We offer 1:1 and Emailed Readings because we know that life takes no prisoners and not everyone has time to sit and chat with a psychic. We offer classes for those that want to deepen their connection with Spirit and enhance their relationship with Tarot and free pdf files for those that prefer the DIY approach. With our arms open we offer you your chance to persevere. 
Every psychic reader at Sunshine Reading’s is here to help you step out of the dark and into the light. We do through psychic readings, healings or spiritual guidance sessions. To schedule a reading with one of Sunshine Reading’s gifted psychic advisors, click here: https://sunshinereadings.as.me/schedule.php

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