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The Elements of Creativity: The #1 Book to Own for Inspiring Authors

Calling all creatives, aspiring authors, and word warriors! I am more than thrilled to introduce you to a book that is destined to be your guiding star on your creative voyage. This golden key to your next venture is penned by none other than Nikki Starcat Shields, a luminary in the literary world and a truly trusted companion on my own creative journey.


Nikki is not just a spectacular author, but she’s also my book coach and a cherished friend. Her innovative creative play dates and immersive retreats have been a part of my life for over two years now. Each interaction with her creative genius has sparked breakthroughs that have shaped my work in ways I’d never imagined.


A testament to her brilliance is her latest book, a treasure trove that perfectly encapsulates her ethos – you don’t need any formal qualifications to create, only the passion to express and the will to persist. She’s here to guide you, uplift you, and remind you that you are fully equipped to embark on this exciting journey of authorship.


But before I introduce her book to you, I thought I would share some insights into why I have chosen to work with a book coach rather then just winging it on my own…


Guidance and Structure: Navigating the vast seas of the creative process can feel like sailing without a compass, especially for a first-time author. A book coach provides this much-needed direction, helping you chart a clear course from the nebulous idea to the concrete manuscript. They ensure structure in your narrative and coherence in your plot.


Don’t get me wrong, Nikki’s book will help get on on the path to writing your book, it will help spark your creative fire, but what I’ve loved about working with Nikki is that I can ask her questions specific to MY situation and she can provide that guidance and structure for me personally.


Accountability and Motivation: It’s easy to lose momentum or veer off course when you’re working alone. A book coach serves as your accountability partner, keeping you on track and motivated throughout the journey. They’re the cheerleader who celebrates your victories and the coach who pushes you when you’re stuck.


The entire first draft of my first book was written through her parallel playdates. These are creative containers that she creates that allows people to steep in the creative energy of others. I’ve found that this often gave me the push that I needed to keep trucking on my first draft even though I often thought about just throwing in the towel.


Objective Critique and Feedback: As authors, we’re often too close to our work to see it objectively. A book coach provides crucial outsider perspective, offering constructive criticism to refine and enhance your ideas. They’re not just proofreaders; they’re strategic partners, helping you see your work in new light.


I find that I’m much harder on myself when it comes to the content and NOT hard enough on some of the editing. Having someone from the outside that can balance out my strengths and weaknesses in the writing and editing processes is priceless.



Industry Expertise and Connections: Navigating the publishing world can be as daunting as writing the book itself! A book coach brings industry expertise and connections that can help you approach the right agents, publishers, and marketing opportunities. They can guide you from manuscript submission to book launch.


I have no flipping clue what it to publish a book beside the need to sit down and write it. I am 100% leaning on Nikki to guide me through this process. She has yet to steer me wrong. We are approaching the editing phase and that means the date of my launch (and those kinda details) is coming up!


Emotional Support: Writing can be an emotional rollercoaster – elation one moment, despair the next. A book coach is there to lend a sympathetic ear, provide encouragement, and remind you why you started this journey in the first place. They’re your safe harbor in the stormy seas of authorship.


Not only does Nikki offer her own support, she also has created a community of fellow writers and creatives that can help you along the way. It’s probably my favorite part of this writing journey so far.


In the spirit of continuing my candid conversation about Nikki and her role as a writing coach, this brings me to what I adore most about working with her: her unwavering commitment to help you, yes YOU, flourish. This isn’t about Nikki imposing her style or dictating the way you should write; it’s about your unique voice, your distinctive creative expression, and your individual story taking center stage. Nikki’s approach is refreshingly different; she has a genuine interest in your success, absent of hidden agendas or veiled expectations.


She doesn’t push you to conform to a specific mold or sway you towards a particular style. Instead, she deftly coaches you to unlock your own creative potential, helping you find your rhythm and articulate your ideas in your own unique way. Perhaps one of the most liberating aspects of working with Nikki is that she doesn’t measure your worth or potential by the length or prestige of your academic background. Nikki sees beyond formal qualifications and focuses on nurturing your inherent storytelling ability.


She offers continual encouragement, building your confidence and helping you believe in your capabilities as a writer. Her goal? To help you give birth to a book that is as unique and individual as you are. She’s not just shaping writers, she’s cultivating authors, empowering them to express their creativity in its purest form.


Now, dear friends, I urge you to embrace this opportunity and unleash your inner author. Whether you’re yearning to pen a spiritual guide, a soul-stirring piece of fiction, or any other genre that calls to your heart, Nikki can be your guiding star. I highly recommend her latest book, ‘The Elements of Creativity‘, as your first step on this exciting journey. It’s more than just a book; it’s an invitation to embark on a life-changing creative adventure. So, don’t hesitate. Dive in, and let the magic begin!

Get your copy now!

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