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What is Passion and How Does it Play a Role in Our Lives

I always love exploring how to share new topics with you because I find myself knowing what I want to say but still going out and exploring some other way to look at it. So let’s start by checking out the literal definition of the word “passion”. According to the Cambridge Dictionary…


a very powerful feeling, for example of sexual attraction, love, hate, anger, or other emotion.

I really liked this definition because it aligned so perfectly with what I wanted to share with you. Passion is a VERY powerful feeling. It is often thought of in a sexual sense, as the passion between lovers, but it can really be represented by any powerful emotion. And every single one of those powerful emotions can be the catalyst for change and growth. THAT is why passion is so important in our lives.

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 For example

  • Passion for a Cause. You may have a non-profit, a special project or something that really fires you up inside. You know the one that you would literally fight someone over. Maybe its animal cruelty, maybe it’s your spirituality…maybe it’s just that new book that you’re determined to finish writing so NOTHING else matters. This passion keeps you on point, focused and determined to accomplish what you’ve set out for.
  • Passionate Rage. Okay, not my favorite example but it is still example. You may have something that invokes incredible rage in you and that would be passion. Maybe this is super healthy, but it is still a HUGE indication of an emotional response over something. It can indicate a boundary that needs to be set or a major change in your life that you should begin to work on.
  • Passion-filled love. And I don’t mean just sexual, let’s get it on type of love. I mean that love that is so deep, warm, and inspiring that you would do anything to ensure that you get more of it. Or you would do anything that brought you  more of it. This could be showing you a deeply healthy relationship that could provide you the support and love you need to grow.

Passion, that deep emotional response that it is, is so important because it helps you identify what else you should be doing. Passion comes from our sacral chakra which is the same chakra associated with fertility, birth, and creativity. 

So tell me, my dear friends, what are you passionate about lately and why do you feel that passion exists?

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