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Cloaked in the Shadows Episode 7 (June 2023) – Sunshine

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Amanda: Cloaked in Shadows. 

Andy: Okay, Amanda, what are we doing today? 

Amanda: We’re doing Cloaked in the Shadows, episode seven.

Andy: This is gonna be a slightly shorter episode than we’ve been doing recently, isn’t it? We’ve got a number of reps on the goal, and I wanted today to just release this episode. We talked to the awakened mind. And that wonderful lady is called Sunshine, I shall tell people who are on journeys. Sunshine is a Psychic Medium, Soul Healer, Spiritual Advisor, High Priestess, Recovering Alcoholic, and founder of Sunshine Readings. 

We have Sunshine with us today now, Sunshine. We first spoke about what? Two or three months ago? Was it? It was a bit by, wasn’t it?

Sunshine: I would probably say, yeah, it was maybe the end of January or the beginning of February. 

Andy: Yeah, I just can’t always get people on a weekly basis if it was open, like what I’ve got to eat. Now, obviously, Sunshine, I’ll pass the mic over to you now. Tell us first of all about yourself and what your background is? As I always say, who fired the starting pistol?

Sunshine: Yeah, who fired the starting pistol is a very interesting question to ask a psychic medium. So I’m Sunshine, the pink-haired psychic medium is actually when I go by and gosh, you know, now I go. Are you asking the first lifetime I was ever a mystic or a psychic? Are you asking this one in this lifetime, right? I know that one a lot better than, um, you know, I, I believe I have had a lot of these gifts since I was a young child. The question that I think most people are really curious about is when did I start doing it professionally? And so I have professional meaning in my professional doing it in exchange for something of value, you know, can be barter, it can be time or anything can be money for over three years now.


It was in January 2020 that I decided to start doing it professionally. And the reason why right what started that pistol was in October 2019, I admitted that I was an alcoholic. And I could not drink anymore. I couldn’t. And so, on my path of sobriety, I started to step into my own spirituality and started to really acknowledge and accept who I was in a way that I had kind of kept cloaked in the shadows for many, many years. Right. And through that really became this desire to start using my gifts and seeing what was possible with it. And so yeah, that’s what started the gun. 

Andy: respect to you straight away because of it to you alcoholic because I’ve got a band, and there’s nothing to do with Cloaked in the Shadows, but my lead guitarist is an alcoholic as well, and it’s hard admitting that, so respect to you straight away. Amanda?

Amanda: Yeah, I have a question about your Reiki Healing, which, from what I can understand, you’re doing remotely, and I’m wondering how does that work with the person not being there?

Sunshine: So, pretty much any anything dividual that a certified and up to I the version of Reiki is Usui Reiki up to level two is going to be able to do things from a distance. There’s an actual attunement that you get when you’re certified that allows you to reach any distance between you and your client, so to speak. So that is how it happens. You know, there’s a little bit in the mystic and the strange and the unusual that you have to, you know, maybe believe in the impossible, so for me personally, a lot of BS, like literally picturing their astral self right in front of me as though I’m doing the work directly on them in my presence.

Andy: Can you tell us a bit more about these past lives? We should clarify that before we move into our next question.

Sunshine: Oh, my past lives. Yeah, I have, you know, as a psychi and I open up what is referred to as the Akashic Records this written history of past, present, and future, so to speak. And so I know, I have been identified as a witch in my past lives as a healer. As a what would be called someone calls like a medicine woman. I’m always, I’ve seen a lot of lifetimes where I’ve walked an unusual path compared to many other folks. And so yeah, it’s nowadays, the way that I look at it is I basically call to all of the experiences that I’ve had, all of the gifts that I’ve had, all of the knowledge that I’ve ever had, and you can access it right now and here today if that’s what I choose.

Andy: I do believe in past lives. Something that I know we’re both really interested in. It’s interesting because I was told by email that they have a chat room. I know, we both know we’ve looked before anyway, so. So we’ve been told by people we’ve been married before in our past lives. Well, it’s something that’s always interested me straightaway now. There are people over sort of researching the well-known Sunshine readings that are free of involvement. Do you want to tell us how you met your two colleagues?

Sunshine: Yeah. Yeah, I want to go back to, like, I stepped onto the spiritual path after I got sober. And I started to adventure in other places and explore other things. And I found, first off, Robert has been around for a while. I found people want him to be mentored. As I said, I’ve had the gifts for many years. And so Robert reached out to me as a mentor. And so I started to help and started to help him step into his gifts and learn how to leverage and use them. And at some point, as the business continued to grow, I threw it out there you were interested in joining the platform, and joining me in the business? And he said, Yeah, and so he, I can’t wait. I mean, time was a weird concept for me, maybe two years ago, and then Ineisha, joined me just, you know, just within this last like, six months, I met her in a spiritual program, and the same thing she wanted to be mentored, didn’t know how I, you know, got the confidence to step into doing this. And she’d been reading Tarot Cards herself in for people for years. And so yeah, and not on there. But that is a big component of what I do and what my own spiritual calling is, which is to help find these people that want to continue to do this and grow their own gifts. So yeah, that they both kind of stumbled across me through the mysterious ways in the universe and have joined my lovely mission to help the world over here.

Andy: Do they live nearby, you ought to live a bit of a distance?

Sunshine: Oh, Ineisha is actually in New York City. Robert right now is in Providence, Rhode Island. And next month, Robert is actually moving closer to you guys over into the UK. 

Andy: Oh, you’re going international Sunshine Readings International. 

Sunshine: Oh, so I actually say I am internationally known. I have clients from all over the world.

Andy: Really? Okay, I’m sorry. Next question in a minute. Well, tell us about your clients, how do they find you? Are they like all over the world?

Sunshine: How do I find my clients? Originally, I spent a lot of time on Facebook and in social media so people would stumble across and find and be drawn liked my energy, the way I communicated, and I’m pretty brutally forthright and honest with what I say, a little bit of a crass mouth. You know? So that’s how and so people would they would just, they would just stumble across me. And I, you know, lo and behold, I’d find I’d have people from India to Australia. There’s a couple of the islands down in the Caribbean. And then, of course, you know, all over the US and Canada as well. So yeah, it’s the internet’s amazing thing.


With Sunsshine the pink-haired psychic medium


Andy: I’m curious. When you’re doing all these readings people in other countries time zones like, can you motivate yourself if you have to deal with being completed backgrounds aren’t ya? Yeah, does that reflect how you do readings?

Sunshine: Sometimes, so a lot of sessions that I do will hold, like when I’m getting information and insights, there are certain situations or metaphors that come up, right, and I have run into instances that the metaphor I’m being given is not like, culturally reflected in like some of the other areas. So at that particular point, it’s kind of interesting; I’ll ask my guides, how do I better communicate this? And they’ll actually often give me they’ll tell me to go Google something. And lo and behold, it’ll take me down the path of finding the metaphor that actually relates to them. And then we can communicate. So yeah, it definitely it’s the cultures, not so much the time zones and things of that nature, but the culture and their experiences and what they would relate to that sometimes causes those challenges.

Amanda: Yeah. So my question is, is there anything specific that you need to do to prepare for readings or healing sessions?.

Sunshine: I did a lot more when I first started, very intentionally. So I had a ritual that I had written, which included like incense and candles and, you know, calling and working with a couple of deities and things of that nature. And after about a year of doing that, and realizing how much time that took and how it, like, didn’t always it wasn’t always, I wasn’t always able to do it. In all situations, like when I would do, I’d be out and do events when I would actually go to people’s homes like I wasn’t carrying full altars with me. So I went, and I found three images that reflected the prayer and the intention and the deities, and I had them tattooed on me. 

Andy: Wow

Sunshine: I now have multiple of those. Those are the first three, but I have many tattoos that now have ritualistic intentions put into them to allow the kind of spellwork behind them to always be with me and charged.

Andy: How many tattoos have you got on yourself?

Sunshine: Oh, gosh, I don’t know. Probably about 15.

Andy: Amanda’s got one or not like that. So I’ve got about two. Okay. In this next part, we’re talking about kind of moves on from that direction as your website refers to you as eclectic and ritual, which I want to learn more about this next thing. Okay, so can you tell us about how you got this stage? Wasn’t it sort of like, I’ve done level one making various reasons for Level Two while you’re worried about various sorts of training, presuming that stage one? Yeah.

Sunshine: I mean, I don’t have, like, I don’t have outside of the Reiki certification. There are no other certifications on it. Now. How do I claim so I’ve been exploring witchcraft since I was 16. I stumbled into my first metaphysical store and went oh my goodness, there’s a whole nother world out there that I’m not aware of. My own personal beliefs are no more aligned when it comes to magic is that it’s really hard to claim to be white or dark only like, you know, walking in a grey path is a mess. It’s more, in my own personal opinion, a much more truthful approach to life, because life is not all black and white, let’s be real, a right life is just not it’s, it’s better, you know if you kind of recognize there are multiple shades of grey. 

And so, you know, I will not hesitate to, you know, pull in what some folks would say, you know, maybe some darker type of magic, if I feel see real injustice in the world, like, I’m not going to hesitate if I see children, you know, being abused too, you know, try to just, pull in just so I do walking a line that some people get a little bit uncomfortable with too. But its judgments are all based on the scenario and the situation. And eclectic means if you were to go and look at all of the various different forms of magic that are out there, I do not call from one form; I pull all of my work intuitively. And so I may do chaos, magic, Crystal magic, I may do, you know, magic just using the elements or candles or just fire or, you know, so it’s just whatever I’m intuitively called to do. And the ritual portion of that means I believe in the power of repetitive and formal structure behind my magic. 

Amanda: Do you think that anybody can develop psychic or human abilities?

Sunshine: I absolutely do. I absolutely do. Not only do I believe it. I also know that part of my responsibility in this world is to help people recognize that within them, they have the gifts themselves and start to understand how to leverage and use them and strengthen them. So yeah, There’s not a single person that I have met in my life at this point. That I would say does not, that does not mean they all want them. Right. Because there are some challenges with the gifts there definitely are. But yeah, I believe every single individual has psychic abilities in every single person; if they choose, they could strengthen them and use them to help guide them in their own lives. 

Andy: I’ve got a supplementary question. In relation to this, Sunshine, when you’re doing? Can you see these sort of things that people quite quickly? We’re doing readings? For example, does it take time? Can you elaborate now?

Sunshine: Yeah, so I’m not gonna, I’m not gonna look for it. If people don’t ask me to look for it. I’ll tell you that, right. I’m not gonna go and just like walk up on to a random stranger on the street and tap them on the shoulder and tell them, you know, so my first clue is anybody that is curious about it, do I have it like, that is your absolute sign like, yes, that’s an answer. Like, you have no blockages between, those gifts besides the one that you’re putting there right now, right. But when people sit down, and I do this, I actually work a lot of public fairs and events. And I offered a psychic ability analysis, and I asked them, tell me why you’re asking me this. Tell me why you’re interested. And usually, within that one-minute story that they tell me, I can tell them what their strongest psychic ability is, as well as how they need to leverage and use it to help you know to strengthen it and use it in their life. Oh, yeah, absolutely.

Andy: And I’ll say I’m putting a personal question on this now but don’t say don’t name names. Okay. Well, I’ve. Yeah, that must be the strangest one. You’ve seen this sort of thing that affects people’s psychic ability. Have you ever seen someone become anything? Wow.

Sunshine: Aliens, I have lived legitimately seen extraterrestrials. Yeah, I was probably. I started doing these, like, these events, these virtual events, and they’re like, I call them my low-cost option like I will advertise this anybody can stumble across. And so I had, you know, this group of eclectic folks sitting there on Zoom. And this gentleman, I was like, Okay, what’s your question? And I don’t remember word for word what his question was, but The moment he asked it, well, he’s like, he leaves it when he’s like, this is gonna seem really weird. They ask the question, and all of a sudden, I see them, and I’m like, I was like, Oh, my, I was the first time like, I’ve seen ghosts, I’ve seen spirits, I’ve seen like, and that was the first time ever seeing an ET, and I’m like, You’re because they’re like, “I think I have an extraterrestrial that’s hanging around me.” And I’m like, oh, yeah, you do. And so I proceeded to talk to them and ask them about themselves. And so I’ve seen them a handful of times since they are. I have no problem with loved ones’ spirit guides; anything about the ETs always just kind of shocked me. Because they are energetic. 

Andy: If they don’t mind me asking. What do they look like?

Sunshine: These ETs? Yeah. Yeah, they’ve all been a little bit different. All of what they’ve told me is their shape really doesn’t matter. Because most of the time when they’re here, they’re traveling astrally, right. So they’re not like physically here, they’re actually astrally traveling to us. And so their physical shape, like the most recent one, which is totally like, and I just kind of laugh and, and their response back to me was this is what you humans think we should look like, was this like humanoid figure, that kind of just ever so slightly, kind of like glow? And it was, like, translucent enough? And, you know, I, I laugh because I was like, oh, like Slimer from Ghostbusters. And so they’re like, yeah, and they’re like, “We could be anything, it doesn’t really matter”. Because, as I said, they’re here. astrally. But we’ve given shape to them. It’s not their shape. Right. So like, they show up in the ways that humans feel like they should be represented. So I was like, Okay, well, whatever. So they don’t show themselves to me unless somebody else asks because they are strange to me. They’re different Energetic. 

Andy: I wasn’t expecting you to say that one about the aliens or the ETS. Last one question. I know you said on your website, you’re also a practicing magician as well. I’m very, very interested in magic as well. So where did the interest in this part come from?

Sunshine: Yeah, so I’ve not figured out the clearest way to always describe the difference between being a witch or a magician. And they’re very similar, meaning witches themselves are often going to be leveraging and using spell work through like the elements and the external forces of the universe, versus a magician often is going to try to leverage and use those same elements within themselves in order to bring about so magicians tend to focus a lot more on the alchemical processes around magic, where, you know, witches themselves tend to often focus more so on the things that are external around. That’s the easiest way that I’ve been able to kind of describe the two. So from a musician’s perspective, when I started on that spiritual path, it became very obvious to me and getting sober that, that was the like, a very big Solvay, right, that was a huge breakdown of me, right, that was me destroying everything that I once was, and now needing to move into the coagula and rebuild who I was. So that’s the practicing magician. 

Andy: Right. It makes sense. Now, I was wrapping up a couple of two very quick questions, do you have any plans what Sunshine Readings will be going next step?

Sunshine: I love that you asked the question. So we have been active in the background. Beta testing, what I’m referring to now, is illuminating the unschool of magical psychic arts. Yeah, so I’m creating an unschool if you’re familiar with the unschool concept, and unschool is from it from homeschooling; I don’t know where all it exists, but it’s this concept of student-led programming, meaning that the students themselves and in essence get to pick and choose what it is that they truly want to learn and what the programming entails. And so I’ll start down the path of it’ll be introduced here that at the end of the month, to be honest with you, as Illuminate The Unschool of Magical Psychic Arts after four semesters which is a total of one year being in the school itself, you’ll become a certified psychic which healer at that points once you’ll become and alumni, you can actually join the Sunshine Readings platform as an Illuminated Spiritual Adviser at that point. So the same way that you saw Robert and Ineisha up there, anybody else would be able to do that? So that’s what’s coming.

Andy: So where can people see more about you Sunshine, to wrap up?

Sunshine: Yeah, so the business’s name is Sunshine Readings; you can find me at sunshinereadings.com. You can find us on Facebook you can find us on Instagram, and even on Pinterest; I always recommend if you are interested in learning a little bit more, there is a fabulous opportunity called The Witching Hour which is a free live virtual event that I host once a month you can come on and join me live on zoom in a handful of other folks, and I just lead a magical conversation whatever is the topic for the day so.

Andy: I’d love to know so how long does this go? 

Sunshine: All of my offerings operate by the cycle of the moon and where the moon that and so the witching hour I forget which moon cycle it falls on, but I believe it’s that quarter moon towards usually the end of the month. And if it’s a weekday at 7pm Eastern, during the weekend, it’s usually 12pm Eastern so those that are in the UK would be better at being able to find something that was in the unless you’re a night owl that’s the folks my international folks are all these night owls yeah.

Andy: Thank you for today, Sunshine.

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 “Only when we know our own darkness can we sit in the darkness with others.”

Sunshine is a Psychic Medium, Soul Healer, Spiritual Advisor, Shadow Worker, Eclectic Witch, Practiced Magician, Recovering Alcoholic and founder of Sunshine Readings. Her passion is helping others learn how to step into their shadows so they can uncover their magickal gifts needed to remove any energetic blocks to their soul’s enlightenment. You can find more about Sunshine and her offerings on her website.

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