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Episode 1: Sunshine The Pink-Haired Psychic Medium LIVE with Steve Harper

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Steve Harper: Broadcasting from the business capital of the world, this is the podcast Business News Network.

I get super excited anytime we have a psychic on with us, and I’ve found an amazing one with energy you’re not going to find anywhere else. But then again, when you think about it, the sun harnesses all the energy we need. And she just happens to be Sunshine. That is her name, the pink-haired psychic medium. And she joins us today. Welcome, Sunshine. 

Sunshine: How are you? Hi, see you. I am absolutely wonderful today. Thank you for having me.

 Steve Harper: So great to have you on here. And there’s so much to talk about because you offer a lot in terms of helping people enlighten their spiritual journey where it could be a reading, it could be a workshop, it could be so much more. What are you hearing from people now? Sunshine when they come to you? What are they looking for? What are they? What are they kind of dealing with right now?

Sunshine: Oh, wow, that’s a really fabulous question. What are people? I find that people usually come to me for one issue they literally want to leverage and use my guests, they’ve got questions, they want clarity, they want healing, they want comfort. It says about 50% of the folks just have something in their life that they’re trying to navigate and work through. But the other 50%, which is probably slowly creeping up, you know, 60, and I’m even say closer to 70%. Around the last three months, folks that are wondering how they work with these guests, how they unlock their psychic abilities, or their own intuition, or their healing guests, which has been a

completely wonderful, yes. Surprising. reality for me. Yeah, that’s probably one of the accompanies as far as people wanting to wake up their own gifts. 

 Steve Harper: So you’re seeing more and more people that? Well, let’s let’s rewind here; I believe that we all have some kind of intuition. And there are others who have figured out, like yourself, how to tap into that and how to listen to it. And we all can learn how to do that. If you have the right teacher, am I getting that? Right? 

Sunshine: 100% I believe every single one of us has psychic abilities; we have the ability to heal, and we have magic running through our veins. And most of the time, there are a handful of folks that I can just give show them where it’s showing up in them. And they’re able to run with it. And then there are other folks that are like, teach me how to do more. Yeah, teach me how to do more. 

 Steve Harper: Do you find that people get hooked, you know, once they realize, yeah, I can actually do this, or I figured this out that they just want to learn so much more?

Sunshine: This is me from a personal perspective, and then any of the clients that I’m working with, once you step onto this path, your appetite for knowledge, and like, in that in that spiritual realm is insatiable, insatiable, and the number of things that there are to learn. I mean, I’ve been on this path for well over 25 years, and I still learn things on a daily basis. That can sometimes be shocking.

 Steve Harper: And you know, when I hear the same exact thing, I witness the same thing, people who are healers, or learn to be healers, always have a thirst to learn more; it’s just kind of the way it is.

Sunshine: I don’t; there’s so much vast knowledge in the universe as a whole. You know, I often ask people, like, what’s the purpose of life? And I’ve often said, you know, they hate the answer, but it’s to live, right?

Yep, the list. And I think we just added on a second one, which is to live in and to learn; I always say, like, live and experience it, but it’s really to live and to learn. Right? And that is the meaning and the purpose of life. So yeah, if if you are on this path, if you’re drawn to be a healer or a psychic, anything in that spiritual realm, the probability that you’re going to have an insatiable urge to just devour everything you possibly can get your hands on, is that, yeah, it’s probably one of the most common traits that I see. 

Steve Harper: So let’s talk about the mediumship that you offer. And we’ll talk about mentoring and how to learn how to do this. You do

general readings and mediumship readings. What’s the difference between the two? 

Sunshine: Yeah, that’s a good question because I often have to explain it. So I don’t know everybody.

Everybody will understand this. Some folks will, as a medium, right? You’re going to be leveraging your psychic abilities. Right? As a medium, you’re connecting to other spirits, energies, entities, and things that are outside of the individual cloud.

I often write ancestors spirit guides, maybe even animal spirits.

I had a conversation this morning with the client, aliens. It’s always an interesting one. Right? So immediate is able to pick up energies or entities that are outside of the individual client that you’re actually and you’re using all of your own psychic abilities to do that is psychic, just in general, like you’re doing a psychic reading, you’re typically going to be reading about that one individual and various areas in their life. And so, every psychic has the potential to be a medium, but not every psychic will choose to engage with those external energies

and energy forces, and every media is also a psychic; every medium may not want to refer to that their selves a psychic because they don’t care to do the general type of inquiry

that I’m hoping.

Steve Harper: To break it down even more. The difference between a psychic and a medium is for those who really aren’t sure what it is. 

Sunshine: Yeah, a psychic is going to provide you with more guidance in your life. A medium is going to provide you answers and clarity around entities outside of your place, your ancestors, your guides, your animal spirits, or any other energies that need guidance on your life versus guidance on external forces outside. 

Steve Harper: So I’ve heard. I’m trying to remember what it was that there you can have; you can be a psychic medium, but you can’t be a medium psychic or something like that. I don’t know if I have that. Right. But I’m trying to remember now that we’re talking about this. Does that make any sense? 

Sunshine: You know, I, I am a huge rule-breaker. Is anybody telling me what it is that I can do? And so it’s usually a personal choice when it comes to a psychic medium, every psychic could be a medium, every medium may not choose actually to be a psychic as well, meaning like, it’s like, don’t get me wrong, my I’m usually going to be connecting to other people’s loved ones and providing comfort and clarity and, you know, providing answers from their ancestors and things of that nature. And helping people who have lost folks, that in itself is a very, you know, energetically activating type of work. versus, you know, I may not find my calling to be just answering about people’s love life, or their own health, or their career, or their finance. Right, that might not be my jam. So you can do other I’m not a big fan of anything like, you know, every place it is a medium or can’t like, I believe everybody gets to define their own path in life. But I do find that there are some psychics that do not care to engage in their mediumship abilities. That’s their own personal reason. And some mediums the same thing do not care to engage in just providing psychic advice.

Steve Harper: What’s your preference? Sunshine? Where do you have one? 

Sunshine:  You know, I have learned to kind of turn over my life to my guide, but quite a few years ago, I’m a recovering alcoholic. And so that was one of my big lessons. I don’t have a preference; it’s what my client needs. Right? It’s what is the individual on the other side need. And so sometimes people will sit down with me, and I’m we are literally connecting to grandma or their husband or their father or their brother. And I know that is what I meant to do. And it is like my soul just sings, and it’s filled with joy, being able to provide that comfort healing.

 And there are other times there are clients that, you know, are leveraging me. I’ve one recently that was facing, you know, like one of the layoffs that caught Amis layoff, and they were uncertain what opportunity to really explore next, and so I adored helping them be able to do that. And you know, the response 30 days later was, you know, thank God, we reviewed that because I missed the train wreck with one of the authors, you know, I completely fell apart afterward. So, you know, I, whatever my clients need, I’m here. I’m here to bring comfort, clarity, and guidance. I’m here to share my gifts. I don’t have a preference. I’ll tell you where I learned the most. Because I have an insatiable appetite to learn. I learned the most by opening up about past life consequences.

Steve Harper: Yeah, let’s go down that road. In the last year, I’ve started learning more and more about Akashic records. For anybody that doesn’t know, what are they?

Sunshine:  The way that I explain it is if it’s this belief, and it comes from a philosophical school from many, many, many hundreds of years ago. It’s this belief that there is a written record of every soul’s past, present, and future. I always like to equate it to being the unbelievably biggest Choose Your Own Adventure book for your soul. 

Right? So everything possible is written in there. And so for me, this way, I’ve actually played it. Every psychic is actually accessing the Akashic records of an individual, but they might not realize it; that’s how you’re able to guess, you know, get the information that you need; you’re actually tapping into those records. When you’re sitting down with a client, when you’re intentionally leveraging and using, they are very, very helpful in opening them up. And that my primary purpose is to look at past life, and understand things that have happened in folks past life, in order to provide healing, cutting contracts, you know, maybe clarity, sometimes we’ll just find like, Oh, you were actually one of the witches burned at the Salem witch trials. And that’s why you’re so afraid of stepping into your magical powers in this lifetime.So yeah, the Akashic records are incredible, and the miles that I learned opening up that Choose Your Own Adventure book every time.

Steve Harper:  Is it fair enough to say that the Akashic records are things that have happened? And, of course, things that have happened, no matter where sometimes hold clues to the future, but there’s no future stuff in the records, right? It’s all past. 

Sunshine:  It’s actually past, present, and future. So you can look. And the interesting thing is, if you think about the path that’s ahead of you, because the way that I recently explained it to a client this week, they were asking for a couple of different scenarios, and I could look into their book. And I could say there are 25 different paths you can take in that topic. And every single one of those paths is going to have different outcomes. So you can look, right, and you can say in the future, but trying to have somebody navigate the plan, I’m not the biggest fan of just talking to somebody this morning, I’m not the biggest fan of trying to predict the future, right? Reading energy in the future and saying, like, these paths are really high vibration, if you were to go down this angle, right, you’re going to be in a higher vibrational path is you’re going to probably like the outcome a lot better, and be more happy and joyful for you. But yeah, if they haven’t, that record is past, present, what’s currently going on and happening within the life as well as future. 

Steve Harper: So I’m just gonna throw it out there. If you ever feel anything, get anything on me to use me as an example. Feel free. I’m fully transparent. I got nothing to hide. I’m just throwing it out there. 

Sunshine: Well, we’ve got we’ve got a handful of these episodes speed. And that may happen. I gotta tell you this. When I was exploring, we were kind of talking about getting a setup, I stumbled upon Your name, and I got a hit. I didn’t know what it was. And I’ve asked, I’m like, do I know this guy? Has he been in the Detroit market? You know, I’m in the metro Detroit area. I’m like, no, like, why do I know this name? And I was like; I was just told, like, you know, I’ve asked other people that like, I have no clue just be like, well, I know somehow. So yes, we very well may find something as we continue to get to know each other better. 

Steve Harper: Bring it on, and just just always know that I’m not Steve Harvey. I’m Steve Harper. People say that.

You did not? You did not. But I just threw it out there. Oh, good. 

Sunshine: Oh, my gosh, that’s all right. 

Steve Harper: So as a mentor, you help people. And when I say mentor, that is the color class and session. Do I have that right? 

Sunshine: Yeah, it sure is.

Steve Harper: And where did it start? 

Sunshine: How did it start? How did it start? 

Steve Harper:  No. How does it start? 

Sunshine:  Oh, for like the individual that was coming across. I was interested in engaging in it. So I established, it came out I gave birth to it last year called illuminate the unspools magical psychic card. We’ve been working on it in the background. And I like to call it an unschoolers because it’s what I teach is really determined by the folks that are in it.

I have, as I told him in his face of insatiable knowledge

or thirst for knowledge. So whenever I learn, I always love to be able to share. I find that my learning comes a lot better actually when I can share. And so it starts really by just somebody just enrolling in jumping right in feet first, with the various different, you know, activities, learning sessions, topics and things that we’re, you know, we’re exploring.

And the cool part is we touch on psychic abilities. We touch on healing abilities in me.

Steve Harper:  And what type of call program curriculum? Is it? Is it a one-and-done? Is it a Class A workshop? 

Sunshine: Oh, it is. So I consider this.

I struggled with this for a little bit, and I went back and forth on what to refer to it as, and so I’ve been referring to it as a program. It’s a 12-month-long program. So somebody does walk in, we kind of break it up into like four semesters just to be able to define with people like as you venture into that every three months you’re going to be able to start to see changes and transformations that are happening. We operate about seven workshops that are like working events every month; they are virtual. A big thing for me is to make sure that anything that I offer is accessible to anybody throughout, you know, throughout the world, really. So not only do we have these workshops live, they’re all recorded; anybody can go in and they missed one; they’re able to go in and watch the replay and kind of engage with us. And it’s pretty cool, too. I adore it very much that we have a community group for those that are familiar with this software called Slack that allows for communication. So we actually all join each other in there and enabled outside of those workshops, able to kind of ask questions, engage with me, leave a little messages back and forth, or even share some of the like, people might think it’s weird, I’m using this term, but a little like miracles that show up in their lives because of the work that they’re doing. Yeah.

Steve Harper:  I love it. When you’re working with somebody, do you detect their energy? Like, do you see or feel the energetic blocks? And can that get in the way of your intuition, or call it psychic ability? And that needs to be maybe removed? 

Sunshine: Yeah, absolutely. We are often our own worst enemy when it comes to our own journey. You know, we tend to put a lot of limits on ourselves. Many people throughout life have defined themselves by external maybe like, what their parents taught them to be what the society expected of them. What may be even, I don’t know, there, you know, first husband or first partner thought was supposed to make this perfect life. And so if there are things that are truly not aligning you to live this, I always like to refer to it as a high vibrational state. And it’s very, like this world that is filled with love and peace and hope, right, these really beautiful emotions. So there are things that are blocking your own energy from allowing you to be in that existence absolutely is it’s going to impact your own psychic abilities, it’s going to impact your healing abilities. I often go into Reddit and answer questions, just everyday handful of them on different topics, to be able to share some of the knowledge. One that came through recently was from someone around like, Hey, am I a medium? And, you know, we went back and forth. And they said, You know, I’ve got some mental health issues. And I very clearly said you need to work with your mental health issues first before you start exploring these other gifts, right?

So yeah, absolutely energetic blocks can, can prohibit your ability to really leverage and use your psychic abilities to be able to step into any calling of healing. Those of us that are in this business in this space are typically investing just as much time with their clients. As they’re investing, they’re investing just as much time on themself in their own journey as they are.

Steve Harper:  And I 1,000% Sunshine agree with you. It’s I feel that I have some intuition. Somebody said to me today; you’re an empath. And I said I don’t think I’m an empath. Maybe I am. I don’t know. But I do know that energetic blocks get in the way. Like, I know I can tap into something. But I know sometimes there’s stuff in the way stuff gets in your head, you’re thinking about stuff.

Once you’re able to clear that stuff, and it’s probably just what we’re talking about. It’s probably just that that energy stuck energy that and yes, I’ve done Reiki even in the last, I don’t know, a month or so, you know, chakra balancing and all of that. However, we got a lot of stuff. We all deal with a lot of stuff that can get in the way, right? 

Sunshine: Yeah. And so, I mean, 100% Same thing, you know, somebody reached out again, and they’re asking about keeping all their things open, and they’re like, I meditate I occasionally do you know, Reiki, and I’m like, Have you done it everything on yourself for the last 30 days. I said once you’ve done that, then come back and let’s have another conversation. Right, because you know our energy it’s like our body, right? We literally have to eat every day, sleep every day, had to consume water every day in order to keep our physical body functioning in the way that it needs and the nutrients that we have to feed like you know like, now we get even more complicated not just food but like nutritions to your physical body will not operate well if you are not attending to those things. In the same way that your energetic body is that is required to connect you to the Divine, here is intuition to your psychic abilities. If you are not cleansing it, nurturing it, feeding it good things like good energy, and high vibrational energy, it too will suffer right. It’s a consistent thing that is not just a once in-a-while. 

Steve Harper: Wow. I’ve never heard it put that way. And it’s so important when you think about it, you know, you know by eating hopefully the right foods or at least trying to, but never think of it in the way that you need to energetically because you know, you’re gonna have a problem there. If you put garbage energy in or you let that energy kind of control you, then you’re not going to move forward, right? 

Sunshine:  Oh, yeah, yeah, I mean, some, I find that people, like, have this calling. They even have intuition about that. They will often, though, fight it. And the image that keeps popping up in my mind is being involved in an unhealthy energetic work environment or an unhealthy energetic like friends or social circle, right? And so you keep putting yourself in that you keep getting all of these like pains of like, I don’t want to go in; I don’t want like work. Oh, god, my anxiety overwhelms me on the Sunday. Scary set in, and I can’t. And yet, you’re so paralyzed in making change because you can’t even envision it. He has lived in even energetically disgusting environments for so long. You can’t even envision, at that point, what happiness and joy would feel like, right? And so people are intuitively being called they’re energetic is like dragging and low when they’re experiencing anxiety and depression and fear. So that’s, that’s the energetic body’s way of saying that something needs to change when you’re feeling guilt, shame, fear, anxiety, right? And if that’s your energetic body, saying, you got to change something; you’re not taking care of me. And when you don’t make those changes and continue well, I mean, you can spiral and end up in a very dark place where a lot of people will face it and take the changes that they need, right and learn along the way. So yeah, your energetic body is just as

Steve Harper: You shared a few minutes ago, some struggles that you had a few years ago and confronted them in terms of alcohol. Can we talk about that? Would that be alright? 

Sunshine:  Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. It’s a big part of my story. Yeah. 

Steve Harper: And it seems that all of what we’re talking about helped you get through a lot of that, right? 

Sunshine: Oh, yeah, it did. I yeah. Yes, it absolutely did. I am. Yeah, as far as my recovery story, and anybody that’s ever, I share a little bit of it on the website, too, and various other things, but 2019 in October 2019, I hit my rock bottom. I already spent 10 months of 2019 trying to stop drinking October 9, 2019. And I finally admitted alcohol, and I actually couldn’t stop drinking out. And so I did, I went into AAA.

AAA in itself, everybody has their own personal opinions of it. But I will tell you, the piece of AAA that I will always support is the community behind it and not feeling as though you’re alone. That was a big piece here in the metro Detroit area; I actually live in a city that has a very, very diverse religious background. And so I would sit in these tables at AAA, and I would hear people talk about, you know, God or all our, you know, whoever, and everybody was very respectful for it. And I, you know, he says it’s a spiritual progress I plan on doing like, I mean, I’m crying every day for like 90 days for one right to talk about some incredible physical transmutation that was happening during that at that point, but I’m also exploring and waking up for the first time to go, what is my spirituality? What does that mean? What does spirituality mean to me? What are my beliefs? What am I aligned to?

And so over that, it was really it was like, I’m identified as a witch since I was 16. I’ve worked with energy and studied energy. Pretty much since I was 17. I, I’ve had psychic abilities and have used my mediumship skills since I was 19. And I’m starting to realize all of these things are proponents of my own spiritual path and my spiritual beliefs. And so it was October I decided I hit rock bottom and walked into AAA, and four months later, January 20 of 2029, June, three months before we all shut down, basically, I agree to start offering free readings online is a way of, for me, my version of going to church and getting back.

So once a week, I would jump on Facebook, and I’d offer free readings for an hour as a way for me to really see my own soul. And my spirit and

story after that have been some of the most beautiful, most beautiful, and heartbreaking times in my life. 

Steve Harper: Wow. I can’t believe we’re out of time. I looked up. I’m like, Alright, I want to ask her this. I want to ask her that, and we’re out of time, but I do want to I do want to. So this question to you, based on what you just said, and the timeline and all of that, do you believe that things truly happen for a reason? 

Sunshine: I believe that everything happens for a reason. We do not always understand why. But if we trust in the universe, we will eventually find out that.

Steve Harper: And if I were to say it, I’d say the exact same way. It’s all about the universe, and you have to have trust in it and also yourself.

Fantastic talking with you. What’s your website, Sunshine?

Sunshine: You can find me at www dot sunshiny reading.com. You can also hit the contact form on there; you can drop me an email; I monitor my own email box. And we’ll until I decide to retire way, way future. But yeah,

Steve Harper: I don’t think you’re going anywhere, anywhere, anytime fast. Because it sounds like all sorts of places

are always on this physical plane. No, no, no, no, no, I’m talking about I’m talking about retiring because you have a passion for what you’re doing. And you love helping people and sharing your knowledge and gifts with them. So yeah, it’s all right there, Sunshine readings.com. If you’re looking for any type of reading, and also if you’re looking for a mentor and want to learn how to do this, Sunshine, fantastic talking with you today. I really, really appreciate it. 

Sunshine:  Thanks, Steve. It’s been an absolute pleasure. And I believe we’re doing this again. 

Steve Harper: Yeah, I’m looking forward next time we get a chance to get together. 

Sunshine:  Take care, everyone. 

Steve Harper:Thanks, Sunshine; we’ll be right back.

Broadcasting from the business capital of the world, this is the podcast Business News Network.

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 “Only when we know our own darkness can we sit in the darkness with others.”

Sunshine is a Psychic Medium, Soul Healer, Spiritual Advisor, Shadow Worker, Eclectic Witch, Practiced Magician, Recovering Alcoholic and founder of Sunshine Readings. Her passion is helping others learn how to step into their shadows so they can uncover their magickal gifts needed to remove any energetic blocks to their soul’s enlightenment. You can find more about Sunshine and her offerings on her website.

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