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LEAVES of DISCOVERY PODCAST: Want Sunshine to take your soul into Heaven on Earth?

Matt Lambeau: All right, hey, welcome to the first edition of our new podcast called leads of discovery. And I’m so excited about our guest here. Sunshine, and I’m gonna let her take it from here. Sunshine, please bring us up to speed.

Sunshine: Absolutely. So my name is Sunshine, the pink-haired psychic medium. I’m a soul healer. I’m a spiritual advisor. I’m a high priestess. You know, and if we were chatting a little bit before we started, my purpose in this world that I’ve written, I had no clue. No clue, like, it came knocking on my door, is to really help people recognize and understand, a very, very much so aligned to kind of what you’re trying to do that their journey, though they’re very different than the person standing next to them is ultimately the same, right? That we are all here to kind of explore our own gifts, what we’re meant to do our path, our belief, and really all to align us to living these really wonderful, beautiful lives. And so that’s my purpose. I have been professionally in this space for over three years. And all of this was born out of my recovery from alcoholism.

Matt Lambeau: How long have you been sober?

Sunshine:  So I’ve been sober for over three years. It was the ninth of October 2019. So we’re at about three and a half years now. I don’t know how many days, but I keep track on an app. And yeah, thank you.

Matt Lambeau:  Good, good for you. And the fact that you went through that alcoholism and sobered up now allows you to channel that wisdom and help others through that same portal, correct?

Sunshine: Yeah, when I think of it, I’ve come to realize, and I’ve in the works, it’s probably about a year away; I’ll be on my fifth anniversary, and I’ll release kind of a book that looks at it. But my challenge was robbing me of my happiness; my joy was alcoholism. But in actuality, we can become addicted to just about anything, right? And it can be the cause and rob a lot of, you know, what I look at is not just like folks may be recovering or going through the journey of recovering from alcoholism, but recovering from the things that were robbing them from the joys in life. So it can be, as I say, it can be drugs, alcohol, sex, chaos, violence, drama, shopping, food, sugar, it could be anything that folks are basically allowing through maybe consciously, sometimes most times unconsciously, them to rob from that, that joy of witnessing, experiencing and living life. I’ll tell you this, Matt, here, this is the example, I am walking out of the grocery store at like ten to eight this morning. And I’m overwhelmed by this sense of joy, of just living, and I just shopped and went in there. I felt like, who does this? Who find themselves moved to tears because they just got to witness humanity, like shopping and buying groceries and like, but that is the level of, what I am trying to do in this world is every moment that we have, right a moment.

Matt Lambeau: That is a beautiful place to be. Okay, so I’m just going to elaborate a little bit on that. Um, because it is when you’re standing in a Walmart, the energy of the Walmart will remain the same. All that can change is your perception of that energy. So what you just illustrated to perfection is that we can choose to live in the frequencies of joy at any point in our lives, through our own volition. We can be sitting in a prison cell and have a shitty grin on her face. So it’s all perspective and paradigm, and you’re 100% accurate. Now, in my world, like you list it off, whether it be food, licorice, sex, or what be it. I’m also sober. I’ve been sober for a decade. And now, looking back at that, I formed a small opinion that says, It almost seems like everything’s just a frequency. If I eat a good meal, I’m in a frequency. If I drink alcohol, I’m in a frequency. If I have sex, the whole thing seems to be a frequency, and of those frequencies, my biggest and worst one was fear. So I see you as a spiritual leader in a simple sense. Just pulling people into the light. Oh god. Is frequency my correct?

Sunshine: You know, Matt, you say you didn’t do a bunch of reading. My literal tagline is “helping my clients out of the dark and into the light.” 

Matt Lambeau: Right, like, two peas in a pod.

Sunshine: Yeah, right. You know, so and so much I couldn’t tell you that has been validated, like through things that I’ve read. And you know, like, I’ll get these, like, pokes. But I love that you touched on the choice, right? Because that is you have to choose. Even by not choosing, you are making a choice. Right? And so, like, it is entirely up to us. It’s like some people throw their hands in the air for free will like, No, it’s all destined like, no, there might be destiny, if that’s your belief, and all of that, but you are still given the choice on how you experience it.

Matt Lambeau: Absolutely. And that’s what people fail to recognize that and again, not to push into my agenda at all. But a big part of my agenda is human volition in understanding that that says, Wait a minute. Ah, every in my humble opinion, I believe my research says that every decision we make either takes us into the closer to the darkness of the light. And so to take that a step further, the decisions we make can be divided in terms of get was that decision for my benefit or for somebody else’s. And the moment you put someone else before you, their paradigm ahead of yours, you get swept into the light. Yeah, so yeah,

Sunshine: I would counter some of that. Bring it. I agree that if you do, you have the ability to choose love. Right? And so if you are choosing love, but here’s the challenge that I think people face, you know, and kind of based upon what you’re saying, if you choose to put someone else’s, yes, you can be stepping into the light. But if you are doing that to the detriment of yourself, that you are, you do not love yourself at the same moment. Right. So these are like the rescuers; these are the folks that are constantly people pleasing at their own detriment that are wondering why in the world, am I suffering from fatigue and headaches and migraines? Why have I not felt joy or happiness? And it’s like when was the last time you put loving yourself above upgrading someone else?

Matt Lambeau: Agree. So along these lines, say, for example, my son is doing the dishes. Okay, I go while you’re doing the dishes, I want you to take a moment and experience the joy through giving. Because if you’re doing the dishes and not reaping the joy, you’re missing one of the benefits. So to your point. Yes, there are some people that, in their minds, they believe that it’s not only about other people; they’re not doing their fair share. They feel like even though they walked this planet like Jesus Christ; they’re still not satisfied with themselves as I give with expectation. Exactly. Okay. Right. And that expectation they give should only be joy. Yes,

Sunshine: 100% right. And the expectation is the altruistic feeling of giving, right, of like, literally experiencing the joy, it’s like anything I ever give, and I tell people like, oh, no, no, and I’m like, No, I never give without being able to, like, I’m not offering to overextend. I’m not giving to receive back; I’m purely in the state of giving because I am capable of it; I am able to it right. And I received the joy purely from giving, like, absolutely 100%. But many people give with this understanding of like, well, if I give, that means that I must receive too. 

Matt Lambeau:  Right. And the part they need is they’re failing to miss the reception. They don’t understand that it’s again, when you’re conscious that you’re aware of consciousness like you are and you’re intuitive like that, you can see these things. Now on a larger scale. Again, the reason I was first introduced to this was the first book I ever read about near death experiences was embraced by the light. And in that book, she talked about looking back on Planet Earth, and she could see the energy. And there were these pockets of negative energy, massive negative energy. And those pockets were people who were depressed. Okay, so they, the energy there were in such a dark place and feeling so it was a form of selfishness, truth be told, there. It’s God created this journey for him and they’ve had their fill with this thing. And so they’re in this pocket. And as she looked down, all they had to do was a simple Harry grote not make it about them for one iota, not my plight, my life is my play, son of a bitch. I’m blessed. I’m more blessed than the dude sitting in prison, and positive energy would flow into their lives. So when I read that in her book, I’m like, Oh, I mean, obviously, a million light bulbs go off, because that’s the first time it was. 

Sunshine: Yeah, no, I mean,before even I ventured, you know, got really heavy because I’ve been on this path since I was, I mean, gosh, since I was born. Yeah, we don’t realize it until we, like, wake up, right? But even before deciding to start drinking and all of that, I’ve always been known as, like, an eternal optimist. And it’s like, that is an indication of people, like, how are you though, it’s like because I get nothing out of worry, I get nothing out of fret, I get nothing out of anger. All it does is keep me in a low vibration, right? So I always choose to see the opportunity and the positive and like, in the shittiest, even hardship, right? I’ve come to realize and accept when I’m struggling emotionally with something difficult because it still happens. Right? You know, having to over a year ago, I broke up with a partner of five years who was choosing not to take care of themselves or their mental health anymore. That was hard. Right? It was sad. There was grief I had to go through. And I still knew and understood that the grief and pain I experienced as a human had its purpose. It was meant to be there to heal me. Right. It was meant to be there as part of my journey as, look at what you’ve learned, right? You’ve chosen to love yourself; part of this grieving process includes this pain. And that’s okay. And so, even, you know, people, you say the gentleman I find it I don’t know if you’re familiar with Damien Echols at all? 

Matt Lambeau:  Bring me up to speed.



Sunshine: Yeah, so Damien Echols. He’s an author. Now. He’s a very powerful magician. You may have heard of them, I think it’s like the West Memphis Three is the story. So him and two of his friends at the age of, like, 17, or something of that nature. Maybe they were like 15,16, or 17 and were convicted of murdering little boys. And it was a false conviction. And he was sat on death row for ten years. And use the power of magic and this endless, like high vibrational frequency to get his name cleared basically. I mean, not cleared, he had to accept a plea and was released from prison accordingly. But it is absolutely possible if you are in the shittiest of situations to step into that frequency that vibration truly. And it doesn’t mean it happens overnight. But you must be willing to continue to choose day after day, hour after hour, minute after minute, right? Let’s go down the 12-step path. You have to continue to choose, and every moment that you live to believe in the high vibrational frequency of joy and happiness. Right, in that, and it’s possible, even to be in those moments and still, you know, because he, if you read his story, I mean, he talks about it a lot.

Matt Lambeau: Well, there are zero reasons not to believe him. And the bottom line is what he’s suggesting has been proven countless times. It’s just people aren’t aware of it. So can I run a quick theory by and see what?

Sunshine: Yeah, yeah, absolutely. 

Matt Lambeau: Okay. Quick theory says there are two types of energy, spiritual and physical. Okay, spiritual energy is your thought process that was alive before you were human, and it cannot be extinguished. Okay, just in theory. And again, simple have, you know, and the ease and what be it? Okay? So spiritual energy Yep, been here before you were this beautiful little human being and it will never extinguish physical energy. Okay, that’s our universe, what we see as solids can be brought together anywhere with simple gravity and matter. Okay? And Einstein has proven that if you go down to the molecule, or I’m sorry, down to the quantum level, it’s nothing but space and energy, you know, we only see it as a solid because of our relative size to it. So you got this conscious soul that was alive. So it’s going to come down to the planet into this energy for one purpose or another. I’m going to speculate that that purpose was difficulty because we don’t have difficulty in the light. So we said, hey, I’ll get on or take a few punches. Okay, but once we’re human, we can’t remember that. So now we can’t figure out why we’re taking the punches. Now, a lot of us will come to our deathbeds and look back and go, Oh, shit, I signed up for it. And all I did was bitch. Okay. Again, it’s just a theory. Now, with that said, back to consciousness and decision-making. From my perspective, our spiritual energy is floating through trillions of frequencies, from love to the greatest of fears. And through our volition, we’re shifting those frequencies in this energy. So you went into WalMart, up in the just yet again, I live in a world where if I’m above the ground and breathing, and I still get to fight the fight, that’s as good as it gets. That’s why I’m here. So you can see you and I agree, and this isn’t anything innovative; we’ve fallen into a tank of screws. Yes. Yes. That’s why we’re here. Stop letting religion scare the shit out of you.

Sunshine: Yeah. I’m chuckling because I have a couple of like, long-term clients that I would say I’m helping them like, we’re hands-on. And so the most common question that I’ll get in the beginning, and they hate my answer, they’re like, What is the meaning of life? What’s the purpose of life? And I’m like, Do you really want to know? But I’ve asked him, like, yeah, what is it? And I’m like, it’s to live. And they’re like, What else like it’s to live. That is the purpose, to live, experience, and witness it. All right, to like, get into it to be in it. Like, to your point, 100% as I’ve looked into a past life, I opened and explored what’s referred to as the Akashic records, many, many souls, and so they come, and they make a choice. They make a choice, step into it, learn, and do whatever fight they need to do. And yes, there is like if you want to add the second purpose of life, the second purpose, when we are on the spiritual journeys, it’s actually to get to the point of enlightenment that we actually wake ourselves up our consciousness now just is so woke and connected to the collective, that we are aligned to our spiritual body, we are aware of it so that once we reach the point of enlightenment, the next lifetime we remember everything that we’ve been through, so like, and they typically in the industry, that is the point of an Ascended Master. So Jesus Christ, Saint Germain, Buddha, Muhammad, all of these ascended masters that are recognized are the belief is that they have gone through their spiritual journey to the point of enlightenment that now they remember all of the lessons that they have learned. And so your first purpose is to live life. Your second purpose is to live it to the point that you experience your connection to your conscious, higher self. And now remember every lifetime moving forward.

Matt Lambeau: I love it. Would that be construed if they can get if we can get where you are? Would that be construed as heaven on Earth?

Sunshine: I will tell you 100% day in and day out heaven on Earth. I even though I may witness. I still like the joy and love I have for living at this point in my life. I don’t know how it could be any better. I would say like, I want to experience the pain and why don’t you watch scary movies?

Matt Lambeau: I know. Yeah. So what you’re explaining perfectly is contentment with life on life’s terms. And yes, it’s a perception thing. And the moment you perceive that says, I love everything about it, then yes, everything else is a blessing, even the punches Yeah, so you’re, you’re such a beautiful inspiration. So now again, what matters most is people can find the portal word describing. Okay, and that portal comes through you, that portal comes through you, right? So it’s really no different than a church in this regard that says, All human beings are looking for a foundation. And in that foundation, it typically means like-minded conscious souls that see the world along the same lines. But what’s most important is that we all gravitate to what we need. And that is love. It starts with unconditional love from that portal from you; they come in to you, they learn, and you send them on their way. We got to have a portal to come in and be reaffirmed, Correct?

Sunshine:  Yeah, I refer to it like the number one thing people come to me for is validation. They already have the answers. They already feel it. They already have the tingles. The spider-sense is already going on. They’re experiencing the symptoms of, like, my strongest psychic ability is clairvoyance. So they’re painting this picture of me of, like, they can feel the desire for that higher frequency, but they keep like their humaneness. Something around them keeps pushing it down, like nope, nope. Right? For you, it was the fear, the fears that you were facing in the beginning, like recognizing that was keeping your vibration down. Every individual, though, has something. And so when they come to me, we talk about that. That’s what we explore. And I help to validate the right path that they know. They know they’re feeling it, but they just don’t have the confidence yet. To step into it.

Matt Lambeau: Right. And the thing is, you’re writing validation. But now, in addition to that validation, you also come with a lot of wisdom, which some people have not heard is second nature for you. But trust me, the portal that you describe the conversation we’re having, this is the world I live in, but trust me, most people don’t. And now there’s a bigger reason for that. And that is, this world is a shitshow. There are forces in this world that do not want enlightenment. They don’t want the truth. They don’t want freedom. They don’t want peace. So there is that part fighting on these people who are trying to find wisdom through you. They’ve got a row to hoe.

Sunshine: Matt. Yeah. So last year, I pretty much stepped out. My business is still in social media, but I stepped completely personally out of social media. And the reason why I described this to someone is if I were, you know, “an evil person” hanging out in the universe, like on Earth right now, I would create social media to distract people from giving them false messages to like, polarize that, I mean, what an amazing little evil little tool out there, right, like I would do it. So I, personally, from your point of view, we were taught you kind of mentioned that we want to gravitate towards like-minded folks, and I’ll tell you, those enlightened folks are beating their drum to their own beat. They’re not on social media because they know, they know of what you know, they know of how distracting so much that is there finding the people to follow the Matts with the podcast, the Sunshines with the message, they’re finding their tribes to listen to, and to be in that collective, you know, like-minded community.

Matt Lambeau: So, if I have my goal, okay, again, my whole project is to suggest that listen, social media, we’ve got a planet here. And above, we’ve got a planet filled with human disagreement. So the podcast is Above Human Disagreement. You got it. There’s a bunch of us that see this wisdom, but somehow, we have to raise the conversation up above the fray. Hey, we love to agree to disagree, fight it out, and slug it out. But above here, we’re going to take a step forward, and we’re going to get out of the fight and just start talking about what’s right. This is where I’m going to handcuff myself to you because when I go out and bring them to my portal, you are the piece that I’m telling them. I have. 

Sunshine: I love it. 

Matt Lambeau: I can prove it to you. I’m saying, you come to this portal, bring it in here. I’m going to put you in Sunshine’s lab. And I promise you, you’ll be able to come back to this portal, and Sunshine will affirm. Was that the word you used? They come for affirmation.

Sunshine: They come for validation. Yeah, they absolutely do now.

Matt Lambeau: Oh, yeah. So did not mean to interrupt. I’m new at this. But tell the listeners how can they get in touch? What would you like them to do?

Sunshine: The number one; you can check me out online at www.sunshinereadings.com. You’ll see there’s a couple of other folks too, because I am not the only one out here leveraging our gifts to help folks find and explore their paths to step into the Love Light. I’m not the only one. So you’ll see that a couple other folks are out there working underneath my name, which is spectacular. So the website is the very first place you can find this online. As I said, I don’t hang out there. But my team does. Make sure we’re communicating through those channels. So we’ve got a Facebook page, Sunshine Readings, online, Instagram, sunshine_readings, you can find me on Pinterest, and we are getting stuff up on YouTube as well. Sunshine Reading is going to be the number one place that you go. But if you start on the website, you can find us there. I’ve got a couple of really great, you know, sometimes it can be, you know, when you work with someone one on one, it can be pricey. I make sure that we are accessible to folks who may even be in a position where their dollars are tight because I don’t want that to be a barrier. Right? But come anybody interested finds us. We share a lot of great information that is absolutely free. But if you ever want to work one on one or even strengthen your psychic gifts, you can take a look there, but I love this work; as I said, Matt, we would have rewound me before I decided to stop drinking, and you asked me like would I be doing this now? Never No way. I still have times my guides are like you need to do that. And I’m like, oh please don’t make (Sunshine laughs)

Matt Lambeau: I really love it, Sunshine, and what better name for a portal into unconditional love than Sunshine? I’m going to let you go. Okay. And listeners, again, if you want to look into my project, the website is selfishtruth.com. I know the word selfish can be derogatory, but I’m telling you, that type of conversation can lead to the Sunshine and joy of unconditional love. I love you, Sunshine. Thank you for taking the time.

Sunshine: Thank you, Matt. Bye bye

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 “Only when we know our own darkness can we sit in the darkness with others.”

Sunshine is a Psychic Medium, Soul Healer, Spiritual Advisor, Shadow Worker, Eclectic Witch, Practiced Magician, Recovering Alcoholic and founder of Sunshine Readings. Her passion is helping others learn how to step into their shadows so they can uncover their magickal gifts needed to remove any energetic blocks to their soul’s enlightenment. You can find more about Sunshine and her offerings on her website.

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