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Self trust to take the leap and go from GOOD to GREAT


Drasko Raicevic: Today’s guest is Jen Romanowski, who is a psychic medium, a sole healer, spiritual advisor, Shadow worker, eclectic witch practice magician and a recovering alcoholic and founder of sunshine readings. Her passion is helping others learn how to step into their shadows so they can uncover their magical gifts, especially the ones that are needed to remove any energetic blocks to their souls alignment. So Jen, thank you very much for being here. How are you doing today?

Sunshine: I am good. Thank you for having me.

Drasko Raicevic: You’re very welcome. I’m tend to attract, you know, like a self development spiritual whoo crowd. So this is like, right up the alley as far as like the the more typical, yeah,

Sunshine: I love some of the words you used in your materials and stuff. I was like, yeah, he’s gonna get this

Drasko Raicevic: Correct. Yeah. So I guess as a preamble, I get feel free to get as soon as possible. I have no issues with any of that either. Certainly, we’ve had other guests dive into that. But what I’d love for you to start us off with is, you know, it’s like a long list of things that you do, right. And I know, especially with like spiritual individuals that dive into this kind of healing work. Generally, we didn’t get there by accident, you know, like some stuff has to happen, that really got us to our gift. So I’d love for you to just tell us your story of you know, what went down and how you got to doing what you’re doing?

Sunshine: Yeah. You know, I get I get asked this question, often. And it’s really kind of two parts. It’s how long have you been doing this? Or how’d you get into it. And often people are asking about from the business side. So I’ve been doing this professionally. And I described professionally as taking money for for, for doing this work for two and a half years. But I’ve actually been on the spiritual path since I was 16, which is well over, I think, 24 years at this point where the professional side came about, you notice you mentioned in one of that descriptions of me, I’m a recovering alcoholic. And so I, I hit my rock bottom on my 40th birthday, which was just over three years ago now. And it was pretty horrible and filled with a lot of shame and a lot of guilt. And I was horrified at the human I was in that instance, I really was, and knew I did not want to be that. And so I had that was that rock bottom was actually the second relapse of the year, because I had attempted to stay sober by myself. And so that was on vacation. So as I came back from vacation, the agreement with my partner at that time was that I had to stop trying to do it alone and had to go to AAA. And so I stepped into a 12 step program, and was really kind of shocked and surprised at how spiritual of a program that was. A lot of times people think it’s very Christian based. And yes, if you’re, the area that you’re in has a high, you know, predominance of Christianity, that is going to be the spiritual belief of a lot of folks. But the area that I’m in, which is in Dearborn, Michigan, it’s not all Christians. And so all of the meetings that I would step into were so incredibly respectful of other spiritual paths, that I felt a lot of comfort, being able to embrace what I had been identified as my own spiritual path, which was, you know, I beat my own drum, I explore my own spirituality and you know, I define it myself and who, you know, what I believe in is up to me to define that’s my, that’s even still to this day, a lot of what I teach my clients is it’s up to them to define what their spiritual path is. And so here I was 90 days into finally starting to see some clarity in my mental space. And I knew I needed something to keep me on that spiritual path. Because, you know, Christians or even like, we have a high Islamic population around here and Jewish, they have churches, and they have a weekly type of thing that they often are going to with their community. And though I had my AAA meetings, I didn’t have anything else outside of it. And so I kind of created my own weekly ritual and decided to jump online. Because at that time, too, I had realized that in my alcoholism, I had isolated myself a lot. And so I jumped online and started offering tarot readings. Just just to get my give back to people and to stay in touch with my own spiritual allottee and yeah, in January of 2020, just about four months into my sobriety, Sunshine readings was born through me needing something to keep me sober. Yeah, that’s amazing.

Drasko Raicevic: And I mean, I say this all the time on the podcast, but it’s true every single time, right? Like so many instances where somebody related to this healing work, often times where they end up when like you say, you take it professionally, we start to get paid for it. There’s that recurring theme of like, my message becomes my message, right like that. That was the thing that got me to here. And now that is the thing that I’m passing on and sharing. So thank you very much a for doing that and be I think the addiction aspect on whatever spectrum of addiction you fall into, whether it be something that I you have to go to an AAA meeting for, or, you know, scrolling on my phone, every single entrepreneur deals with their aspect of addiction, sometimes they don’t even know what they’re doing is addiction. So I think that’s also a very important thing to talk about. So in that vein, I’d love for you to then just break down. What are the challenges that you’re experiencing in your business right now that that you wanted to bring here today?

Sunshine: Yeah, well, first of all, I’ve got to say the fact that you’re recognizing addiction, and you’re like, comment, yes, yes, thank you for saying that. Because so many of us don’t realize, right, that what is like distracting us from really living or doing what we want to be doing. And it’s often because we’re distracted by something we’re addicted to, I say I’m a recovering alcoholic, workaholic perfectionism, and control freak, those are actually the four things that I’m in recovery for. If you were wondering, today, what brings me here is, so for the last two and a half, we’re almost going on three years, I have been actively working on growing sunshine readings, aligning myself for what I believe my true purposes in this world, you know, in this incarnation of my life, and I’ve done so while holding a corporate job as well. And so I’m in this very interesting place right now, where I feel a very strong calling to do my purpose. Yet, I actually love what I do in corporate. And so I feel I don’t, that’s why I kind of said, when we were chatting when we started, like, I don’t even know, where I may be stuck, like, I don’t even know what it is that’s prohibiting me from being able to grow the business or, you know, there’s pieces of me that feels like I need to step out of corporate and this big question mark keeps popping up in my head of like, do I really, maybe it has a different view maybe has a different picture? I don’t know right now. So I’m in this very interesting place in both my life and my business, of what happens, what’s what’s prohibiting me from whatever needs to happen next?

Drasko Raicevic: Okay, so, because I know you deal with these types of questions with your clients, how do you think you might answer your own question?

Sunshine: Ah, people often ask to like, do you do this work on yourself? Yes, but I still, I still suffer from an ego. So it’s harder to do it on yourself. Right?

Drasko Raicevic: Amen to that as well.

Sunshine: Um, you know, there are pieces of me that have chattered you know, you call it that head trash. And there’s some of this head trash that goes, Oh, the corporate needs me. They just they just, they need me. Like, they’re not going to be how would they ever survive without me? Right? So there is some of this, you know, story there of like, No, I’m so desperately needed in that role. And on the flip side, there is this in my own business, there’s this piece of Wow. If I step out of corporate I might have corporate like a safety net is gone, you know, and then it is all on me. And I don’t know if it’s, if it’s in the these are really the places that I’ve been at, and this is exactly the work that I would explore with my own clients is like, let’s talk about it. Where does this show up? Where does this end? I don’t know if this is fear right now, because it doesn’t feel in my body. Like how I would normally recognize fear right? Um, or is it actual? You know, not so much fear. But, you know, like, Okay, you just need a better you just need the plan. So I do have I told you I’m a I’m a workaholic and a perfectionist so that that right there is like, am I actually creating this need for perfection in order to avoid even stepping? So I’m really not positive and I have been, I’ve had these conversations with myself for probably about 30 days now. dresscode. Okay, we’ve explored these various questions. And I, I, myself have not been able to get the light bulb to pop.

Drasko Raicevic: Okay, fair enough. So I mean, you’re in the right place, as I told you before. So one thing I just want to ask you from what you said, you said, like, corporate needs me, rather, how would they survive without me? Like, that’s the narrative. So if you were to turn that around and say, I need corporate, how does that land for you?

Sunshine: So there is right now that it’s a true statement. Right, right now, I have I have not switched, be the revenue. Percentage. Right, right.

Drasko Raicevic: So then just, I don’t want to cut you off for the sake of cutting you off it just, if there’s red flags, or anything that I want to explore or get clarification on. I’ll point that out. It’s not that I’m trying to disqualify what you’re saying. Because you just mentioned guys, I haven’t switched the revenue, right? And when you were talking about corporate needs me your follow up where your brain went to was, well, how would they survive without me? So he flipped that around? How would I survive without them?

Sunshine: Yeah, and so this is the really interesting thing is like, I know, I like there is this viewpoint in this picture, where I’m like, Well, I would just I’d have, I’d have all my ducks in a row. And I’d be able to do this and the, the time and the space to go out and get the additional clients or have the space to do the coaching to make up that would be there at that point. Right. And so like, this is where I You’re like spot on in some of the struggle, I can hear that narrative, I understand and see that, but then there’s this piece of like, No, you, you wouldn’t creating that stepping out of corporate would create the additional space that I would need to actually no longer need them. Right. So

Drasko Raicevic: Then just to kind of bring that back full circle, right. So there’s a level of projection in that narrative. Right. Everything that I’m saying, like corporate needs me, they wouldn’t survive without me. It’s actually about me. I need them right now. Because it’s a thing that is gone if I like, so I can’t survive without that. Yeah. Right. So I’m just saying that because words are important, because if you’re projecting it a corporate needs me, you’re not actually like you’re one step removed from where you need to shine the light bulb. Right. So that’s number one. And it seems like that resonates with

Sunshine: You. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Okay, that’s got it.

Drasko Raicevic: So if you then dive deeper into that, so what are you afraid

Sunshine: Of the I need corporate, like what what fear bases up in that, um some of the fear is a bit of there are certain benefits and things that come about with court, like you hearing in the States, you know, our corporate pays for our health care. Right, they pay for our health care, they pay for short term disability, they pay for a number of various different benefits. And so there’s a bit of like, Oh, snap, do I know and understand how to replace all of that. Right? Do I do a self

Drasko Raicevic: Trust? Yeah, I read that. I don’t. Yeah, trust myself to be able to replace that safety net.

Sunshine: Yep. I have started doing some of the looking of pricing out and looking in and doing some of the research. Gosh, now not only given this, it’s like uncomfortableness just settled over. I kind of went you know, like, da if you just wrote down because I’m spectacular at executing a to do list. If you just wrote down the things that you needed to have in place, would things be different?

Drasko Raicevic: Right so awareness isn’t really an issue here like you, you’re very, like, I didn’t even have to prompt that you were like, okay, yeah. So next logical step is like, write down what needs to happen to be make this transition. So it’s not it’s not about the tactics, it seems to me at this.

Sunshine: It’s not it’s not, it’s not about the tactics, I don’t struggle with the ability to execute or anything of that nature. Like when when things are identified, there is really the this place of letting go, like, letting go of the of the corporate job there, there is this just piece of it that for some odd reason, and I, you know, I’ve been doing some of the work that I’m actually right now, personally, trying to change about myself is speaking my truth when it comes to these difficult conversations. Right. So like, there’s also like, I have to now go talk to my corporate job about this, Hey, by the way, and this is like, because I’ve committed to them that I’m not going to be like, here’s a two week notice, I it’s just, I live with very high integrity, and it in the role that I am, if if I was in my manager shoes, and somebody said, here’s just two, I would just be dead, like it would put them in a very hard place. So I don’t want to do that to them. So I I owe and have told them they know about this, they know about my business they know about, you know, wanting to transition I even at the beginning of this year, we I went from a 40 hour workweek to a 30 hour workweek with agreements of them. So like they’re completely aware there’s no like, hiding anything. And so I keep going like why am I not just having these conversations?

Drasko Raicevic: So what’s so scary about trusting yourself to go all in?

Sunshine: I, I’m this i and I’m not I’m not gonna this is this. This is the question I have yet to be able to answer. I’m not joking. This is the question that I’ve yet to be able to answer. Like, it’s like, I’m, it’s like, I’m not answering that question. Because once I do now, I’ll know what I need to change to, like,

Drasko Raicevic: Nowhere to hide. There’s nowhere to hide.

Sunshine: I you know, and this is this is the craziest thing. This is like, like, no joke. Why I’m like, maybe dresscode could help me get through this. Because I can’t come up with the answer. Why am I not? Why am I not having these conversations? Why am I not just taking the leap? Right? And there’s this pieces of me that kind of come into this place of like, well, there’s no going back. And it’s like, well, no doubt, there’s no going you just go forward, like, come on. Now. This is what you’ve always done.

Drasko Raicevic: Right? And again, like you you like, logically, this all makes sense to you. It is the internal fear and kind of like this population, that’s that that’s causing the stuckness. Right? So

Sunshine: There is and I’ll share this because it this is the first like, feared response where my body actually felt fear. In the thought that came through my mind, and I have a very challenging relationship with my parents. I’ve gone no contact with them back in April. So I have not talked to them since then. And I just ran the story through my head of like, I’m horrified at telling my parents I’m leaving my corporate job. And that was where that was the first time I actually felt fear again. And then I went back to this whole place of like, but wait, you’re not talking to them anyways.

Drasko Raicevic: Right? But there is probably, you know, a little girl job there that is terrified of speaking her truth and showing them that she can trust yourself.

Sunshine: Yeah, yeah, very, very much and I did not I didn’t acts like there’s this weird place right now that I’m in that I’m going like, oh my god, did you go no contact? Because you knew that you couldn’t like you. You just could not have that conversation. Like I like not even

Drasko Raicevic: I just another protection mechanism. Yeah, like I don’t

Sunshine: Want to have that conversation with them. Right? Like I don’t want now I don’t even have to have that conversation because I’m not even talking to them about it. But is that creating this whole Weird energetic within me that I just Yeah, another kind of reason to not? I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t even know that I have this this is piece of news like, No, you don’t want to face that, you know, you do not want to even address that like, ooh. But yeah, I’m

Drasko Raicevic: So just from the outside looking in to just reflect all of that back, right. The through line here is creating narratives, structures, obstacles or conditions that really reinforce and enable the current default the current comfort zone to just continue to perpetuate.

Sunshine: Yeah. Right.

Drasko Raicevic: So that resonates with you.

Sunshine: Yeah, yeah. Like I’m watching in my head. God, all of these, like, stories that I’m creating, to not leave corporate like to not like, oh, well, love, I can’t like all of these things like, and not even that I would have recognized them as such. Right? Not as like not even though I would recognize them, like, this whole not talking to my parents. And, you know, like, I can’t really leave like, how, why would that even matter? I don’t, I don’t even know.

Drasko Raicevic: It’s so yeah, there’s probably layers, especially with the parent conversations, probably not just about that. That’s just another projection. But if you were to take all these realizations, and now zoom out a little bit, how are they a problem inside of your business?

Sunshine: Continuing to stay in corporate is challenging my mind space right now, a lot of you know, so I get 30 hours that I’m spending on something every week, that is not aligned. To like, my purpose, my passion and where I want my life to be having an impact. That’s, that’s a problem in my business. That’s, that’s 30 hours, just in a time space, let alone when I shut down for those days, where my head is continuing to spin with that, that my corporate related stuff.

Drasko Raicevic: So then I’m just gonna invite you to get even more specific there. Because technically, what you just described is okay, being in a corporate environment takes up a lot of mental real estate, right, which is more of a description of my state. How is that specifically a problem in or with your business?

Sunshine: I am not able right now. Because I can’t spend that time. I’m not able to grow my team in a fashion that I would want to like spend the time with them to be able to actually grow to support me so that I could not have to worry about certain things. Sure. Team within your current business, referring tenseness? Yep. And I’m just, I’m not able to like it’s like, even though I have time set aside to work with my individual clients, like literally in revenue generating hours. I don’t even have time right now. To identify what’s not working in my business. So I don’t

Drasko Raicevic: Have time, so Okay, so I don’t have time to even identify what’s wrong in the business. So that is, again, a major problem. Right? I think that’s kind of what’s unpacking. Like, these are states that your current setup impacts your ability to do certain things. Yeah. But the business itself, like if you take that one layer deeper, how is that a problem?

Sunshine: That Gemini generating the revenue that I would want?

Drasko Raicevic: Okay, so it’s, I don’t have the capacity to generate the revenue I want. Okay, in terms of both mental real estate and time, correct. Okay. And how does that make you feel?

Sunshine: Really pissed off because for years in corporate I’ve helped corporates corporations make millions upon millions of dollars.

Drasko Raicevic: Yeah, So if like different standards for the other, versus different standards for myself, yeah. All right. So that is also not an alignment. Now, if you look at things like, okay, so I’m not aligned with my best, my passion, my impact how is that? Like, what are the consequences of that to you? Personally?

Sunshine: Personally, there’s a, there’s a, there’s a handful of things that it impacts, you know, the, the personal satisfaction that we that you get just in living, right like that, like life just living in itself, like, gives you the sense of wonderment and awe. And so the less I’m actually doing align, the less Wonderman that I feel in life.

Drasko Raicevic: So basically a lack of fulfillment in what you spend the majority of your week doing,

Sunshine: Yeah, I, I, I’m choosing these that those words carefully. Because I there’s fulfillment that I receive within corporate because I do lead a team and I am impacting people’s lives, and I am changing things for the better there is fulfillment that I received there. It is not in comparison to the level of like wonderment and awe that I receive, when I’m truly watching people transform their like their individual life, right like to see them wake up to see their light bulbs go off. It’s not that type. So there’s still fulfillment, but it is not the level.

Drasko Raicevic: It’s more a difference. Maybe there’s fulfillment on both ends, like I hate my job, and I gotta quit, but I’m not like willing to quit. It is unfulfilled on both areas in different ways. What’s missing is the impact. Right like that, that ripple impact? Have I do X? Here is the impact in person.

Sunshine: Yeah, because a lot of in my own personal business, I look at the impact that I have in these individuals lives, then trickles itself down to impact their lives. And, you know, it’s like, I don’t have children. And I’ve told I’ve answered this question before with people, like, you know, why don’t you have children, I’m like, I’ve never wanted them. But I look at my role in life as being able to help the mothers and the parents and the fathers, right, feel better in their lives, because then they get to benefit their children’s lives. So I actually impact more children in that fashion,

Drasko Raicevic: Than I wait to nurture, right, like, that’s your very nurturing life.

Sunshine: So very much so. And like, I still have these components in my corporate. And that, to me is a big piece of like, that is my biggest struggle of pulling myself out of that is that there is still pieces like I am allowed to still nurture. And to help lead and to grow the team that I have in my corporate. It’s just not at it’s not possible to do at the scale that I ran my,

Drasko Raicevic: I think for you the distinction here. And the typical, quote unquote, story of this is, you’re not going from like bad to something that’s a line, you’re actually moving from good to great. Right, which I think is an added layer of comfort. I think there’s no urgency to actually move because it’s good. Why why like I was I gotta give up good to go through a tumultuous period of uncertainty, facing all the things we’re talking about right now, which, you know, when you get into, like, all those fears related to parents, which in terms of letting go in terms of self trust, especially for somebody who’s gone through addiction, there’s going to be a big wounding, like how do I trust myself, when I’ve had so much evidence in my life where I wasn’t able to trust my own word and to do the thing, right. It’s like, how do I give up Good to really face all of that? So what what lands for you there?

Sunshine: You know, that self trust is really what you know, I don’t know that I necessarily viewed it as as like a lack of self trust. You know, you’ve said it and it’s kind of like, poked me a couple of times when you’ve used those words. And I’m like, Wow, no, I trust myself. And it’s, it’s interesting, because when I see this it’s like the way that that story plays itself out is it doesn’t play itself out of like, self lack of self trust or not trusting the story that’s playing myself out it at the end. Is this like ridicule of failure, right? You know, and it’s really weird to me to even say that because like, I believe in failure, failure is a part of how we get anywhere we need to be in life, right? Like, you have to be willing to fail. You have to be, you know, willing to accept failure. And like I do, but there’s this like, weird story that’s playing itself out of being angry at people for judging me for failing at the end, like, how dare you You never take you never took that risk, like why. And so now here goes the story that I’ve got to share of my, my dad, my dad has told me this story. And I never realized I guess this. playing in my head right now, my dad has told me the story that once upon a time, he had a friend that was an entrepreneur that would always try to pull them into their schemes, right, in every way, shape, or form. And my dad would No, no, no, no, no, no. One of them my dad was, the guy asked my dad to join him at a up and coming franchise meeting. So this is a new franchise that was just looking to come into the Metro Detroit market, and they were looking for five people to buy in. And I don’t remember the exact price, but it was ridiculously low for you know, franchise at that time in the early 80s. And it was like something along the lines of the buy in is probably like 50 grand or something of that nature. My dad decided no, he wasn’t going to do it is too much. 50 grand was just too much. Well, lo and behold, that’s when these now. Right? And my dad turned it down and has has admitted to me, you know, there was regret, but in the same breath has never admitted to me. That, you know, he was bummed that he didn’t accept it. But he’s never truly admitted, like, how his life would have changed if he would have done that, like how things would have been different. And there’s this piece of the story that’s kind of running through my head of I don’t, I don’t know, maybe taking that leap and doing this would be a foolish and crazy thing to do. But on the same breath also. There’s this piece of what I regret it. And I don’t I don’t know if I didn’t. I didn’t take the leap. I really it’s

Drasko Raicevic: That vein, like if you explore that, because your brain went there. And it’s a story about your dad, like ultimately, he’s got nothing to do with you. How are you playing out the exact same story of your dad?

Sunshine: I know. And that’s the that’s the that’s like, that’s exactly like the the kind of the messed up thing that’s popping up into my head right now of like, Wow, are you really going to allow this to happen? You know, I just think about his life being different, our life being different, like everything having been different. And here I am facing like the same exact scenario scenario, maybe not exactly the same. Because I’m building my own business. I don’t have a franchise I’m buying into but I have all the capabilities and competencies to be able to run and operate a business. That’s not a question. I have the money right now to be able to invest in help to grow and potentially, you know, lead myself out. It’s not a bunch. But it’s enough that I could shake off corporate and struggle for three months while it was that.

Drasko Raicevic: Story. Yeah, a through line of even with your dad, right. He but one of the things you mentioned like he never actually allowed himself to envision where that could have gone. He’s just in regret. You are not in regret, because you actually haven’t. Well, maybe I mean, you you let me know. But it sounds to me like okay, it’s I’m seeing the parallels in our story.

Sunshine: Mm hmm.

Drasko Raicevic: I know I have all of the pieces just like you could probably have gotten all of the money. The other parallel here is like, I have not once heard you talk about what is your vision for the business. Right. What is your grand vision of that purpose? Passion, impact? Yeah. How does it feel to even think about your boldest vision right now?

Sunshine: I mean that’s interesting. I don’t even know that I’ve said and it for a while.

Drasko Raicevic: Right? So even just pause right there. Yeah, right. I asked you about what’s your biggest vision for your business? Your body completely shut down, and you didn’t have an answer?

Sunshine: I know what it is. I’m sitting in my lack of answers the shock that I haven’t I haven’t sat in that healing in a while.

Drasko Raicevic: Right. So what feeling? Have you said it?

Sunshine: Yeah, yeah, that’s that’s like, the feeling I’ve sat in is how am I gonna get there? Right, how am I gonna leave? How am I gonna?

Drasko Raicevic: The lack of certainty, right? Yeah, I’ve sat in the doubt, in the lack of certainty of having if I follow X, Y, Zed path, I know my vision will get there. But as you already know, your vision is a unique representation of view that’s going to be built by you. And it doesn’t like it doesn’t have had that as your unique signature to it. Yeah. Right. So you haven’t actually even sat in the vision. You’ve sat in the and vision. You’ve sat in very well, like, wrapped up? Excuse of, well, no, I need the path. I need to sit in that. Like, I need to figure it out. I don’t even know how, you know what I mean? So it’s like another ripple another mask of that fear energy?

Sunshine: Yeah, well, that’s another I think even the fear that addiction energy that perfectionist that control freak that needing to know. Oh, right. And it was just crazy. Because I often tell myself, like, I don’t care how, right it’s, it’s a matter of, you know, following whatever signs you’re gonna get,

Drasko Raicevic: Right, which sounds great. And you know that intellectually, yeah. But you’re afraid to embody that? Yeah. So not kind of sit in this space, right? If we zoom out a little bit again, because, again, they like your business isn’t selling iPhone cases like it is doing transformational work with other human beings? Yes. How do you think your meekness and hesitation translates into the impact of other people’s lives?

Sunshine: You just You just kind of lit a fire there.  You know, I don’t I, and it’s interesting, because there’s so many things that I’ve just jumped, you know, if you’re aware of the Whoo, you know, the fool is not a card that I’m unfamiliar with just taking the leap. You know, when I left my last corporate job, I had nothing lined up, right, even last year, when I said, Hey, I’m going part time, I was like, if you don’t like it, and we’ll part ways, right and so now here, to your to your point of there may be other clients that are actually needing me to make this as well. Right to see to let go to not you know, allow the stuff and I looked at it from that perspective.

Drasko Raicevic: Yeah, like if you imagine the end of your life, and you have to go and you knock on the door of every single person who you could have helped while being in this space of inaction, indecision. And you now have to apologize. I could have helped you I could have given you insights that were needed at that time of your life

Sunshine: What comes up for you. I mean, the only word that comes to mind is the regret of not doing it you know, I’m sorry. I should have been a better example. You know, I should have shown you that taking the leap is always going to lead to something better now. Now. Now. Now I’m even seeing the the mirror of something else in my personal relationship that I have going on right now that I’ve been asking them to like shit or get off the pie. And here I have something in my life that I’m I’m struggling with. So man, what a interesting perspective that you’ve painted.

Drasko Raicevic: And in that space, right? Like I’m sure you have clients where you walk them through how to take a leap of faith as well.

Sunshine: Oh, yeah, absolute lately? Yeah, absolutely.

Drasko Raicevic: So in terms of like, because you said integrity is something that’s very important to me, right? Even though I know you’re not conscious, and I know you’re not intending by any means to, like, be harmful to anybody, and this isn’t even a malicious thing, but energetically, right? That there’s going to be a disconnect and energy there of I’m telling people to do the thing that I myself am at least not willing to do as necessarily mean you have to do it right away, or it’s going to look a particular way. But there’s a lot of head trash and friction and resistance around doing the thing I coach people to deal with. So it’s like a next level of your own evolution there.

Sunshine: Yeah, yeah. Yeah. And it’s a question that pops in my head now is, is why have I because it all starts with a conversation with my managers and my corporate job. Why have I delayed that?

Drasko Raicevic: I mean, ultimately, the thing that I just want to bring to your attention as well, it’s like, right now, it’s evident how much mental real estate is occupied in the limbo. Oh, different versions of like, I don’t know why housing, like, it’s a lot of hemorrhaging of your mental, emotional and energetic resources. And the reason why I bring that up isn’t just to, you know, add another layer to this conversation, it’s also like, you’re in a very unique position to go from good to great. That doesn’t mean I gotta drop everything that I’m doing, go into this crazy, uncertain tumultuous time and move forward. Right? I don’t, I don’t feel like it’s necessary, like what’s necessary is exactly what you’ve described, that you already understand, tactically, I get to know what I need to transition, I’m good at executing, so I gotta know what to execute. It’s like, from the outside looking in. I feel like there’s actually a lot of space for you to build the equivalent or more, let’s just say financially, in terms of like a financial either safety net, or just momentum in what you’re doing right now without having to, to quit it. I don’t feel that energy from the outside looking in. I think the friction point to that, isn’t this binary, I gotta quit or like shit or get off the pot energy, it’s the amount of energy I’m wasting, hemorrhaging around. All of this doubt, at cetera, is what I could be reallocating to making the smoothest transition into stepping into my grandest vision. But it’s going to require facing all these aspects of myself because regardless of whether you quit tomorrow, or you quit in a year, while making this new business, like what it can be, you’re gonna have to face all of these things that we talked about today. And they’re just a matter of do I face it while having a good comfortable position or do I face it while I’m now falling at the same time and you know, there’s other layers of like real survival needs that are there so what what lands for you.

Sunshine: There? Yeah, no, I and I think you’re, you’re kind of hitting on part of why I’m exploring this now. I know I don’t have to like you know, cut off my arm in order to make all this happen I know that there’s the possibility to be able to like step into this in a better way you’re spot on with the mental space I call it crazy making when you get like it’s very common with with folks you know, that have addiction in their their past they get these mental, you know, cycles where they don’t realize they’re spending more time thinking about things and they’re actually taking action on and it just it can make you feel crazy. So that that definitely hits around yeah, like regardless of now or later all of these still have to be faced looked at you know, except you know, rewritten if it’s a story that’s not true and not serving Yeah, so I would agree with that. 

Drasko Raicevic: What’s coming up for you right now.

Sunshine: Um Right now there is the word that comes to mind this disappointment of you know, like, Why do I have to make this so complicated? You know, like, really, it’s just these are Are these conversations you know, I have this tendency to get caught into these mental patterns and make things very black and white around like to have to quit have to not. And so like, right,

Drasko Raicevic: We’re going back into the like perfectionism, it’s either going to be this or it’s going to be bad like that there’s not a lot of room for the middle end of the continuum. Right? So yeah, I think that’s just holding the mirror and the light to those patterns. Right? The part of the reason you got to them is because judgment and inner critic is going to be a big part of your process, right? But that’s very common with addiction. Right? So now that the light is shined, we didn’t want to look, the first default reaction is going to be, well, if I judge myself, then I’ll get better, right. And we all know, nobody’s really judged their way to success. So I think I just stress that to just normalize your reaction right now. I think it makes sense, given everything that you’ve shared. And invaders, consider the reframe like, this is something that you can either put in the trunk and is gonna weigh you down and continue perpetuating this, or it’s something that’s going to go in the tank, and really propel you forward. Right? So that that’s kind of what I bring to your awareness. So what, what comes up for you when I share that?

Sunshine: Yeah, no, I, I would agree with that. I’m not really much of a fan of allowing anything to be baggage to weigh me down, I prefer prefer much more to use things from a, from a fuel perspective. It’s just it’s very interesting to me. Where my head’s going with this is there’s a couple of pieces, there’s like this piece of my head that’s going okay, like now, what am I going to do right with all of this information, and then there’s this other side, that’s going like, stop, right? Like, don’t do, you don’t have to do anything right now. Just recognize that this is what you’re going through that these, you know, these are the things that are like popping up in this conversation. I have spent the last couple of months doing a lot of things. And so these last couple of weeks, I’ve been trying to just create space to not do things. And so that’s really what’s coming up for me is this mental reminder of these conversations are what’s needed for me to be able to stop and to reflect, and to look at these things. But I do not need to take any action right now. Because what I actually need is to come back into some state of like homeostasis, and then see where everything’s at. Because it’s been hard for me to be there. It’s you jokingly said, the addiction of like, you know, being on our phones and stuff, I literally bought a locker for my phone, because that is that is the that is the next thing. Addiction that I have been trying to face has been my phone distraction. I just feel like I haven’t had the space to settle and to be in to feel these things. And that’s really what I think I need to do right now is to feel what we’ve talked about, and not try to like do anything with it besides that?

Drasko Raicevic: Yep, I would agree with you. 100%. So, in that space, why don’t you begin to close us off? And just summarize, in your words, you know, what did you come into this conversation thinking was your business problem? And what was your aha moment as the result of the conversation?

Sunshine: Well, my business problem is not being able to generate the revenue goals that I have set. You know, my aha is really, all of these stories that I’ve created. That is capitalized my mental and energetic space around this, around this whole business versus corporate and the question of like, Why do I even have to have business versus corporate? I think that’s really been a lot of what I’ve been trying to feel into and I think you just during this session, we just kind of really really hit the light bulb on? I’ve been trying to control this.

Drasko Raicevic: Yeah, kind of going into the control freak pattern. So absolutely makes sense. So and it’s beautiful summary. So if you’re gonna just close this off, let everybody know where to find you, who’s the best person to find you.

Sunshine: Well, my name is Jen Romanowski. But in business, I go by Sunshine. So you can always find me on sunshinereadings.com. I’m on Facebook and Instagram as well. Sunshine Readings. So you can go ahead and search and find that and emails are always a really great option Sunshine@sunshinereadings.com as well and if you want to reach out.

Drasko Raicevic: Beautiful. Well, as always, we’ll include that in the show notes app. Jen, thank you very much for coming on. And for everyone listening. We’ll see you on the next one. Thanks.

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